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“This, this!! We wont stand for this!” The Colosseum cultivators nearly lost their minds as a collective after the Immortal Pagodas messenger departed. All of them petitioned the kings to let them duel the Immortal King to the death.

The Human and Blood Kings looked at each other, deep frowns etched on their foreheads and no responses forthcoming.

“Elder brothers, let me go take care of this Immortal Pagoda.” A figure in white walked through the doors, resolving itself as a genteel young man in a long white robe.

The Windcall King!

“The Colosseums current troubles have arisen because of me, so I should naturally be the one to settle them.” It was another one of his replicas that was also a primary body. In this version, however, soaring killing intent replaced the previous lustful air. This Windcall King seemed to live only for killing.

“Windcall, all of your replicas have a different personality flaw due to the innate talents of your race. Weve understood the ins and outs of the matter and dont blame you for it.” The Blood King looked like a regular young man, despite his title. There was nothing on him that suggested a connection to blood. A mild-mannered expression on his face, he was clean cut and dressed in olive robes.

“Regardless of that, we must avenge Brother Beasts death and that of hundreds of thousands of other brothers!” Windcalls killing intent deepened “There is no need for further words, Brother Blood. Didnt the Immortal King send us an invitation I will answer it with a mountain of Earth Light Magneticus for mutually assured destruction!”

The light in his eyes glinted with increasing madness. “If my elder brothers dont agree, then Ill have all of my replicas self detonate right now to keep Brother Beast company!”

The Blood and Human Kings looked uncertainly at each other, but a destructive ripple from Windcall made up their minds for them.

“Alright, well let you go!” The Blood King inclined his head. “But after this, your last replica must stay quietly in Origin World and take not a single step out of it!”

“Anything is fine after vengeance is had!” Windcall pounded his chest.

Origin World was one of the Valleys of Ten Evils.


Opening day of the Immortal Pagoda saw the names of the two supplemental kings graced by the Hongmeng Tower become public knowledge.

The Immortal King and the Intrance King!

No one had fathomed that the stunning young woman next to the Immortal King would also be a supplemental king bestowed with a title! Two supplemental kings favored by the Hongmeng Tower and a hundred and nine other kings instantly propelled the new factions reputation to inconceivable heights.

As the invitations denoted, the Immortal Pagoda was open for business. All manner of supplemental treasures, formations, pills, talismans, and other items could be found within. They were premier items of their category and far outstripped similar treasures, whether in terms of quality or rank.

Some exceptionally precious items, the kind that only supplemental kings could refine, were easily found within the Immortal Pagoda as well. King level pills, formations, and treasures were all on display and marked with a price tag.

Custom dictated that only kings had the right to own these items, but now if one possessed sufficient purple crystals, superior realm cultivators could also own them!

Multitude Region quickly boiled over with excitement. Countless cultivators traveled throughout the land to share the news about the Immortal Pagoda.

When had this ever occurred in living memory!

Supplemental kings valued every broken twig that was theirs and rarely refined king level treasures for others. Value was created in scarcity, and thus they were able to inflate the value of king level treasures to astronomical figures by limiting the number of available items.

This also served to highlight the worth of supplemental kings.

But now, those infinitely precious items were everywhere to be seen in the Immortal Pagoda!

Those with invites poured into the building for tours and purchases. Only those on the guest list enjoyed the privilege of perusing the Immortal Pagoda on the first day.

In an elegantly decorated pavilion on the third floor of the pagoda.

The little fox warily considered a pair of sisters in front of her. One of them was as if a lone orchid in an empty valley—her beauty chilly to the extreme. The other brimmed with ravishing magnetism, her every look and smile ready to lure ones soul away.

They were sixth step kings and the owners of Sublime Pavilion, one of the four dens of crystal consumption in Multitude City. The arctic beauty was the Finepure King, and the embodiment of womanly charms the Fineheart King.

“We have long heard of the young hero that is the Immortal King. Now that we meet today, it is indeed better to meet a man face to face than to just know him by reputation!” All of Finehearts gestures perfectly illustrated the true meaning of dainty elegance. She was also a breath away from hugging Lu Yuns neck and sitting in his lap.

Lu Yun sat ramrod straight, his posture almost at military readiness and completely unmoved.

“Hmph, damned vixen!” the little fox forced out through grit teeth.

“Hmm Little sister, how do you know my true form” Fineheart giggled when she heard the muttered words. “This big sister is indeed a fox spirit.”

The little fox glared right back at her. “Im also a fox!”

“Then werent you also talking about yourself, little sister” Fineheart giggled delicately.

The little fox settled for trying to glare the woman to death with her big baby blues and refused to respond.

“What does the Immortal King think of my sisters proposal” Finepure asked in cool tones, seemingly unconcerned by everything. “Though you have roughly a hundred kings beneath your banner, theyre just cats and dogs to sixth step kings. They wont be of any use if the Human or Blood King arrives.

“If you work with us, well handle the Colosseums incursions for you.”

“Ladies, you want thirty percent of the Immortal Pagodas profits for just a verbal promise” Lu Yun smiled and shook his head. “If I was afraid of the Colosseum, would I have delivered an invitation to them”

Finepures breath hitched.

“Little brother Immortal King,” Fineheart drew close to Lu Yun. Her breath smelled of orchids and the fragrance burrowed into Lu Yuns nose. She seemed so fragile and in need of protection. “Your big sister really is poor and in need of money… Little brothers purple crystal mountain is at least a hundred thousand premium crystal veins, right You dont look like someone who lacks money.”

She tilted her body toward him, almost gluing herself to the young man. The little fox pouted and muttered something incomprehensible.

Lu Yun suddenly grabbed the little fox and brought her between him and the Fineheart King.

“Big sister Fineheart, do you know what Miaos title stands for” he asked merrily.

“Eh” She blinked.

Lu Yun swept his hand over the little foxs body and removed a layer of disguise.

“The Intrance King is so exceedingly beautiful that she can entrance entire cities and nations with her face alone. When it comes to beauty and charm, there is no one in the Hongmeng who is her match.”

The sisters stared dumbly at the little fox, unable to find any words.

Trying to seduce me Your daddy here spends every single second with a world class beauty. My dao heart is completely unassailable, and you want to seduce me with these puny beguilement tricks Lu Yun sneered inwardly.

And of course, Qing Yu didnt count as a Hongmeng being.-

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