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The little fox had used illusions to mask her true face ever since attaining kinghood. Even if someone could detect the presence of illusion, they wouldnt be able to see through it. Not to mention, she was a supplemental king of illusion.

So when Lu Yun dismissed her illusion, a face that could launch a thousand ships appeared in the open for the first time.

The Finepure and Fineheart Kings stared, bewitched by the sight.

“No wonder, no wonder the Windcall King wanted her at all cost…” Fineheart swallowed gently, then sized up Lu Yun with suspicion. “Little brother Immortal King, is there something wrong with your body” she asked, all business.

“Huh” Lu Yun blinked. “What”

“Your stunning lover is a virgin! …were you born with erection problems” With an impish grin, she was back to her previous charms.

Immense embarrassment flooded Lu Yuns face and the little fox rolled her eyes at him, struggling free of his grasp.

The atmosphere turned a bit awkward.

“Alright, no more of that, Fineheart.” Finepure cleared her throat. “That was just our initial offer. Theres always negotiations in doing business. If the Immortal King doesnt like it, you can give a counteroffer.”

“The thing is… I dont need protection.” Lu Yun shook his head gently. “Its only the Colosseum, and the Blood and Human Kings dont dare show up in person. Theyre sending out cannon fodder, so what do I have to worry about”

He unfurled a ripple with a slight wave and depicted what was currently taking place in front of the Immortal Pagoda doors.

A snarling Windcall King furiously rammed the great formation around the pagoda, trying to force his way in. The marvelous formation was a work of art and bounced the king away whenever he drew near, despite Windcall being a third step king. It was like a massive ball of cotton and there was nothing he could do about it.

His expression twisting, Windcall howled and growled with indignation.

“Immortal King! You go too far!” he roared while killing intent burst out of his body like it was almost tangible. It swirled around in the air like a tiny storm. “If youve sent the Colosseum an invitation, why dont you let me in!!”

He furiously brandished the invite that Lu Yuns messenger had delivered.

Windcall was here with a death wish and planned to take the entire Immortal Pagoda down with him. But hed never imagined that he wouldnt even be able to set foot through its doors!

It was enough to drive one crazy!!

There was a mountain of Earth Light Magneticus on him; it would release the light when it exploded and annihilate everything in a blaze of glory. Since the Immortal King was just in the common realm, there wouldnt even be a single bone shard left of him when everything was said and done. The same went for the hundred some kings at his command!

As for the guests here… Windcall didnt have the thought to spare for them.

The light within his mountain was stronger than what had once trapped Hua Fengwen. Once it exploded, half of Multitude City would be caught in the blast zone. Plainly, this version of the Windcall King was much more terrifying than the one thatd died previously.

But now, he couldnt even enter the building! He was so enraged that he was about to spontaneously ignite with fury!

“This king accepts the Colosseums present, but the Windcall King is too bloodthirsty by nature and cannot enter the building,” came Lu Yuns voice from the pagoda.


A large hand reached out from the Immortal Pagoda and grabbed at the kings body, extracting a mountain sparkling with dense Earth Light Magneticus.

Windcalls eyes grew wide.

“A sixth step king!” shrieked the crowd when they saw the hand. There was a sixth step king inside the Immortal Pagoda! And it was a foreign sixth step king that wasnt one of Multitude Regions!

Complicated expressions played out over faces as people subconsciously weighed up the pros and cons of this new revelation.

The formation outside of the Immortal Pagoda was so bizarre. The Windcall King had stood in line with other kings when he arrived, but when the rest of those in line smoothly walked inside, he was firmly barred from entrance!

Even more incredulous was that hed concealed a mountain of Earth Light Magneticus on him that was a hundred kilometers across! Once it exploded, it would erase any beings beneath sixth step king!

“Everyone, you have seen for yourselves how the formation around my Immortal Pagoda utilizes the strength of emotions. The Windcall King comes with a mountain of Earth Light Magneticus to destroy my faction and himself. For this, the formation denies him entrance!

“This king is the inventor of the emotion formation. Not only can it be used as a standalone formation, but it can also be incorporated into any other great formations that you already have.”

His words set hearts racing. An emotion formation was displayed on the first floor of the pagoda and priced at ten premium crystal veins. No one had seriously looked at it and most mocked it for its ridiculous price.

The Windcall Kings visit was a walking advertisement for its uses, and the formations worth now readily apparent.

“An emotion formation for ten premium crystal veins per instance” someone asked.

“And no haggling allowed,” Lu Yun replied merrily.

“Very well, this king wants one!” shouted a fifth step king.

“This king as well!”

“And I!” Purchase orders immediately rolled in from the guests.

Wrath and indignation surged in the Windcall King; his eyes rolled back and he fainted dead away from anger. Hed never imagined that not only would he fail to destroy the Immortal Pagoda, but that the other would seize his mountain and use him as free advertisement for their wares!

“Its a long and complicated process to set up an emotion formation, so we will only be taking pre-orders today. The deposit is one premium crystal vein and delivery will be made in three days,” Lu Yuns voice sounded out.

“Thats fine!”

“I want one!”


“What do the two big sisters think” Lu Yun merrily sank back down on his soft leather recliner and grabbed the little fox, placing her in his lap. Finehearts words from earlier seemed to have stung.

“Hoi, aint this the amazing Immortal King Youve certainly carved out a fine enterprise for yourself in Multitude City. I‘d thought youd create a litter of foxes, but here you are with two more stunning beauties at your side,” rang out a supercilious voice before the two sisters could respond.

A dreamlike figure bathed in hazy purple light walked out from a tiny ripple—a young girl with a slender and delicate body.

Lu Yun bounced up from the chair like hed been electrocuted, staring fixedly at the visitor in front of him.

“Who goes there!” Fineheart and Finepure jumped. They were both sixth step kings and much stronger than that Beast King, but they hadnt noted any signs of someone arriving.

Lu Yun rushed up to the newcomer and wrapped her in a tight hug, then bent his head down in a fierce kiss.-

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