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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1271: Empyrean King

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“An eighth step king!!” Fineheart and Finepure quailed when they took a close look at the newcomer. It was an eighth step king!!

And the Immortal King, a supplemental king in the common realm, was hugging her fiercely and raining kisses down on her face!!

The two sisters felt the world spin around them.

“Is he a boytoy A concubine” They looked at each other.

No wonder this kid was so cocky as to not respect the Colosseum and establish the Immortal Pagoda on its grounds! He was the lover of an eighth step king!

And no wonder the indescribably beautiful Intrance King was still a virgin. She was absolutely rivaled by this eighth step king!


Qing Yu was here.

The one whod haunted Lu Yuns dreams was finally here.

He couldnt control his emotions or cared that the Finepure and Fineheart Kings were present. Wrapping his beloved in a tight hug, he expressed his endless pining with ardent kisses.

The little fox sat off to the side and quietly watched the couple without any trace of jealousy or dissatisfaction on her face. To her, this was how things should be. After all, thered once been no trace of her to be found in Lu Yuns heart.

It was only after shed sent a soul force replica to keep Lu Yuns past self company and they weathered an unceasing litany of events together did her form gradually eke out a space in his heart. She felt neither disappointed nor bitter about the current situation; it was already very fortunate that she could stay by his side.

By the time the lovebirds reluctantly parted, blushing shyness had replaced the trace of derision on Qing Yus face.

“You… there are other people here,” she pouted charmingly.

Finepure and Fineheart both trembled. The eighth step king was acting cute in the Immortal Kings embrace That didnt seem to be a sign that he was a trophy companion. With unspoken accord, the two focused on their toes and were completely oblivious to whatever was taking place around them.

“Dont worry, theyre doing a good job of being the newest furniture in the room,” Lu Yun coughed.

“Id thought youd create another kit with the little fox, but I see you havent taken her to bed yet” Qing Yu questioned with an inscrutable smile.

Beet red, the little fox fidgeted like a child having done something wrong. Meanwhile, Qing Yu happily skipped up to her and began chattering away.

“Ahem!” Grinning, Lu Yun walked up to Fineheart and Finepure. “Allow me to introduce my dao partner, the ruler of Hopeless Major.”

“Also known as the Empyrean King.” Qing Yu turned around.

“The ruler of Hopeless Major!”

“Empyrean King!” Both sisters shuddered violently, finally understanding what kind of strength the Immortal King had at his beck and call.

Hopeless Major of the Valley of Ten Evils! That could easily raze all of Multitude City—nay, the entire region—to the ground, much less a mewling Colosseum!

As strong as the city and region were, that was because they benefited from the Endless Reaches to the north. Hopeless Major happened to be the overlord of the Endless Reaches.

Compared to the reaches, Multitude Region was so insignificant that the two could never be mentioned in the same breath. That was the true dwelling of experts within the Hongmeng and a death zone for all below sixth step kinghood.

What terrified them the most was that the young girl in front of them appeared the very picture of ethereal innocence. Yet, she was the dictator of Hopeless Major—the Empyrean King!

“We uh, we have urgent matters at home. Im afraid we need to take our leave!” Finepure grabbed her sister and the two quickly scuttled off into the distance.

“Then about the partnership you mentioned…” Lu Yun called out after them.

“We wont force the issue since the Immortal King is unwilling!” The two doubled their pace, like hungry ghosts from hell were after them.

“Are you annoyed that I got in the way of your womanizing” Qing Yu smirked at Lu Yun.

“How would I ever be annoyed If it wasnt for you, theyd probably eat me alive today and not even leave the bones behind,” Lu Yun chuckled ruefully.

“Eat you alive Why do I feel like youre still the one who got the better of that” grumbled the little fox.

Lu Yun rolled his eyes while Qing Yu stifled a laugh.

“Youre finally here, Little Yu! Id thought youd run into some trouble!” His expression fully relaxed when he looked at his beloved. It was the first time hed felt so carefree since arriving in the Hongmeng, as if all of the pressure weighing down his heart had suddenly lifted.

“I have indeed run into trouble!” Qing Yus expression shifted to seriousness. “I need your help and you need to grow into your strength as fast as possible. Only when you become a titled king through cultivation level can you help me!”

“What trouble”

“It has to do with the world of immortals!” Qing Yu took a deep breath and spoke with uncharacteristic solemnity, “Violetgrave didnt send me to look after Hopeless Major on a random whim. She wants me to protect the world of immortals through the Hongmeng!

“The various heavyweights of the third realm—the most powerful ninth step kings—are hatching a plot. They want to take advantage of the world of immortals in its infancy and refine it through the void!

“All of the so-called Valleys of Ten Evils are trying to stop them, which is why theyve been labeled dens of evil!”

“Refine the world through the void” Lu Yun jumped with shock.

“Thats right!” Qing Yu inclined her head. “The valleys are battling those ninth step kings as we speak, so I cant expose the relationship between the two of us. If they knew, the ninth step kings would come for you.”

“Then what about the Fineheart and Finepure Kings who just left…” Lu Yuns mind raced. No wonder Qing Yu had stayed away from him all this time; shed been afraid of bringing trouble down on his head.

But with the great disturbance that the Immortal Pagoda had caused, it was normal for someone from Hopeless Major to come take a look.

“Dont worry, Ive erased their memories. They wont remember a thing after leaving.” Qing Yu smiled confidently. She was an eighth step king now, one of the highest levels there were. Dealing with two sixth level kings was as simple as turning her hand over.

“Little Yu, who wouldve thought that youd be an eighth step king upon reaching kinghood!” Lu Yun smiled proudly as he looked over his beloved.

“I was actually ninth step when I first ascended!” She shook her head, still solemn. “I destroyed one of my own dao rules to go down to eighth step!”

“What” Lu Yun paused.

“Youll be the same when you reach kinghood, but if you ascend directly into a ninth step king, youll be attacked by an unknown existence. The Hongmeng wont accept you, so you must destroy one of your dao rules and retreat to an eighth step king!”-

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