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Qing Yu left soundlessly upon the air. She couldnt stay too long as her every movement and gesture was under surveillance, given her identity as overlord of Hopeless Major.

Though ninth step kings wouldnt eavesdrop on their conversation, the longer Qing Yu remained in the Immortal Pagoda, the more attention itd draw to Lu Yun.

A lost Lu Yun stared blankly at where shed vanished, his forehead furrowed in a deep frown.

The little fox walked up to him and gently pulled on his hand. “Well continue to grow stronger and one day, well be able to help her!”

“Mmhmm.” He nodded.

“Im a supplemental king of illusions, I can create formations, arts, and items of enchantment,” she suddenly said. “Theres a lot of new money and layabout children of wealth and power in the city, they should like that kind of stuff. Their crystals are the easiest to earn.”

“Theres no rush, all in due time.” Lu Yun shook his head. “We cant charge forward too hastily, or well definitely attract a close look into us.”

The true movers and shakers of the Hongmeng were the ninth step kings. They appeared to be wholly uncaring of secular matters on the surface and completely focused on attaining the fourth realm, but in reality had long since plotted around the immortal dao. Anything that happened in the third realm came under their surveillance, and there were eleven even more terrible existences above them.

There were ten factions who opposed them; for that, the kings listed them as unholy, depraved groups—the Valley of Ten Evils. All sorts of rumors, gossip, and blame were assigned to the ten. The moniker of the Valley of Ten Evils was incontrovertibly engraved in everyones heart now, and the fact that these ten were cruel, nefarious organizations part of Hongmeng reality.

“The Valley of Ten Evils is too strong for the ninth step kings to erase, so they redefined the ten as villains. If they learn that Im connected to the ten, theyll kill me without bothering to define anything!” Lu Yun tugged up a corner of his lips. “No matter what, I need to raise my cultivation level so I can begin to help Little Yu!”

Five hundred thousand premium purple crystal veins, fifty thousand karmic fruits, and Quiet were enough to alleviate Qing Yus pressure for now.

To facilitate communication, shed given Lu Yun a tiny transportation formation before her departure. The ten factions were of one heart, so the treasure vaults of the other nine would continuously stream through the formation for Lu Yuns usage.

Naturally, he would respond in kind with items prepared for Qing Yu. Violetgrave was the hand behind this formation, so there shouldnt be anyone in the Hongmeng who could see through it.


The Six Paths Reincarnation Pill—a heaven-defying pill nurturing the power of reincarnation unique to the Tome of Life and Death. Lu Yun had derived it through that power and the use of karmic fruits.

Though it wasnt a king level pill, the strength it nurtured within rivaled pills of that level. When Lu Yun first created it, itd been a difficult pill for him to refine since hed yet to become a supplemental king.

Now that hed ascended to kinghood, the pill was a piece of cake.

Each successful cauldron refinement produced six pills that contained the power of merit, reincarnation, and utmost Hongmeng qi. It could instantly supplement ones potential and propel a common realm cultivator into the superior realm without any side effects.

Of his latest attempt, Lu Yun took one, the little fox took one, and Jin Gushen took one. That resulted in three heavenly tribulations arriving at the same time and breaking through to superior realm within Multitude City.

The breakthroughs became a walk in the park when Lu Yun brought out his speciality lightning rods. He redirected the heavenly lightning in full public view, ascending to superior realm without mishap and taking out the most effective ad there was for the lightning rod.

The Immortal Pagoda became a household name after that.

All sorts of odd, newfangled, yet also bizarrely useful items opened the eyes of the Hongmeng beings. When the pagodas shelves stocked Lu Yuns Eight Treasures Return Pill and Six Paths Reincarnation Pill, the kings of the realm flocked after them like a raft of ducks.

As strong as a kings bloodline was, it was extraordinarily difficult for them to bear children. Each precious child was the apple of their eye, more dear to their heart than could be put into words. The Hongmeng was dangerous and cultivation difficult. It was very tough for the second generation to break through their own limits.

But now, the Immortal Pagodas three bestsellers—Eight Treasures Return Pill, Six Paths Reincarnation Pill, and lightning rod—seemed tailor-made for those unambitious neer-do-wells who pursued their own pleasure without heed for the consequences.

Although they were incredibly expensive, with one Six Paths Reincarnation Pill going for one premium crystal vein, demand was relentless and any king who managed to obtain one was highly grateful to Lu Yun.

Pills such as these were the exclusive handiwork of premier supplemental grandmasters, and oftentimes only supplemental kings. They rarely attempted refinement so as to create scarcity, causing the pills to be highly priced but rarely transacted.

The situation changed with the Immortal Pagoda—anyone who could pay the price could have whatever their hearts desired, even king level pills! The kings of Multitude Region had no shortage of purple crystals, but they did lack treasures.

Of course, Lu Yuns actions ruined the profits of many supplemental grandmasters and kings. All of the cultivators in the Hongmeng rushed to Multitude City instead, traveling a hundred million miles if they had to. Supplemental grandmasters no longer had supplicants calling upon them, which elicited general fury from these august personages. In the three months since the Immortal Pagodas grand opening, more than a hundred supplemental grandmasters came to Multitude City with towering ill will.

A gathering of more than a hundred supplemental grandmasters and some kings was a momentous occasion thatd never taken place in the Hongmeng before!

However, none of them undertook brash action after their arrival. There was a sixth step king in residence at the Immortal Pagoda who was very likely to be the Immortal Kings backer. As plentiful as the grandmasters methods were, it was still a tall order to defeat a sixth step king. These supplemental grandmasters and kings had also ascended to kinghood through cultivation level, but they were more first step kings. Very few of them were even second step kings since they focused on studying the supplemental paths.

Currently, they were convened at the new Colosseum in Multitude City.

After the Colosseums headquarters were destroyed, its remaining forces didnt have the face to sweep everything under the rug by setting up a new one. The new location turned into the private residences of the Human and Blood Kings, as well as the remaining Colosseum cultivators. Their kings were gathered with the supplemental grandmasters and deep in discussion about something.

“The Alchemist King has hit upon a marvelous plan!” A fifth step king of the Colosseum, the Knifepoint King, applauded heartily when he heard a red robed elders suggestion. As a fifth step king, he was one of the pinnacle experts of the city, but he treated the first step king in front of him with courtesy and respect.

The Alchemist King!

A supplemental king whose status and identity were far greater than the Knifepoint Kings.

“Since the Colosseum has no opinion, well proceed according to plan. Well borrow your location to host a supplemental convention and invite all of our brethren to attend.” The Alchemist King buoyantly stroked his beard. “We naturally must invite the two from the Immortal Pagoda as well. Id like to see by what right that Immortal King has to break the rules of the Supplemental Dao Alliance!”

Supplemental kings could also refine what the Immortal Pagoda was selling, but they would be far less valuable if they became mainstream. The pagodas current method of operations was a blatant violation of the alliances rules.

Since there was an Enforcer Alliance in the Hongmeng, there was naturally a Supplemental Dao Alliance as well.-

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