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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1279: Jinse

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The Blood Kings sudden appearance and killing of the Tiger Butcher King took everyone aback. Frowning, the Alchemist and Luminous Kings were also dissatisfied with the Blood Kings actions.

“This Supplemental Convention has long since pivoted from its original intention of targeting the Immortal Pagoda and become a true distinguished gathering of supplemental dao. Yet, that Tiger Butcher King seeks to proselytize the good people with his perversion. He wanted to overthrow this wondrous assembly that will bring good to the lives of Hongmeng beings! Thus, I was just eradicating a pestilence.

“On that note, I hereby announce that the Colosseum will sponsor this assembly with a thousand premium crystal veins. Whatever supplemental grandmasters wish to buy, the Colosseum will shoulder part of the burden.”

The unexpected generosity started an uproar in the venue, instantly sweeping away the disgruntlement thatd formed at the Blood King murdering Tiger Butcher.

A regular kings wealth could be summed at a hundred premium crystal veins at most. He who has wealth speaks louder than others, and the Colosseum was speaking the loudest to the tune of a thousand crystal veins.

This was a perfect opportunity to win over public feeling, a gesture that Multitude City heavyweights could find no fault with. After all, the addition of these thousand crystal veins would decrease the price of the treasures displayed at the Supplemental Convention to a more affordable range.

That was very good.

“Hmm Whats that” Someone noticed a tiny ball of pink light hovering where the Tiger Butcher King had stood.

Another person wanted to bring it closer for a look, but found it impossible to touch the fist-sized ball of luminescence.

“The Tiger Butcher King mentioned that hed brought a random bauble from the supplemental king of the Immortal Pagoda…” A third person recalled what the king had said when hed first arrived. Since this was the Supplemental Convention, he naturally couldnt show up empty-handed since he was the envoy of the Immortal Pagoda.

“I want to see how skilled that Immortal King is to belittle supplemental dao!” A supplemental grandmaster jumped out and grabbed at the ball of pink light.

The Tiger Butcher Kings words had indeed been degrading supplemental dao. Listing it as auxiliary and all of it being in service to cultivation would impact the status of supplemental masters everywhere. What he said about the Hongmeng Tower, in particular, stabbed like a knife into the hearts of all supplemental cultivators present.

Indeed, the tower did not send a projection when one became a supplemental king.

If it wasnt for the Blood King killing the Tiger Butcher King before the latter finished his words, the status of supplemental masters in the Hongmeng would be immensely lowered right on the spot. Even so, the attitudes of many cultivators present had shifted slightly when they now thought about supplemental masters.

It wasnt like those supplemental masters, particularly the haughty grandmasters and kings, would ever deign to sell large quantities of treasure to them. So what was the point of seeking their favor

“Eh” The supplemental master whod grabbed at the light blinked. Hed closed his hand on nothing. “Theres nothing there”

He frowned slightly and closely observed the ball of light. It seemed to be embedded in the void, but according to his touch, the air was empty. Despite that, it plainly existed as it registered to the eyes and consciousness.

“This is an illusory formation, most likely from the Intrance King.” The Imagination King padded over. She was a woman who appeared to be sixteen years old, but her entire body was shrouded in a layer of dreamlike radiance that obscured her true features.

Within the Hongmeng, every supplemental king possessed their own unique methods. Though their cultivation level was far below those whod reached kinghood through battle strength, that didnt make them weaklings. Killing someone above their level was as easy as taking a sip of water for them.

While supplemental dao may be an auxiliary path in the eyes of others, to serve and support cultivation, it was the one and only to supplemental kings, their truth in life.

A fragrant wind brushed by and the Imagination King walked up to the ball of light before the other supplemental master had a chance to take a good look. Frowning slightly, she closely assessed the fist-sized ball of light with her own eyes.

At the same time, the Alchemist King, Wild Formation King, Talisman Adept King, and Prime Weapon Kings also approached the curiosity. Apart from the Wild Formation King, no one else could tell that the ball of pink light was a formation.

“What a strange formation this is, to incorporate illusions with space!” he suddenly sighed.

He appeared to be a clean-cut young man with incalculable layers of formation covering the space around him. It was an effect very similar to the Formation Orb that Lu Yun had obtained in the world of immortals.

However, those around the Wild Formation King were a hundred million times stronger than the Formation Orbs. A connate treasure of that level would just be a useless marble to him that he wouldnt even bother to pick up from the ground.

“Can you break it” The Alchemist King glowered.

The Tiger Butcher King had already clearly pointed out that this was just a toy the Intrance King had refined on a whim. If they couldnt even break a toy, then this Supplemental Convention would truly become nothing but a joke.

“The Intrance King is very strong and cant possibly have created this only when the urge struck her. Not only does this contain her dao of illusions, but it includes a bit of Mirage Sand! The Immortal Pagoda is aiming to humiliate us with this!” Hidden behind her own formations, the Imagination King considered the ball of light with a grim look. Shed brought out three taels of Mirage Sand to lure the Intrance King here, but who wouldve thought that her quarry would seek to test her with a bit of the sand in a bizarre formation

“The Intrance King isnt skilled in spatial formations, so I can undo the one in this formation,” the Wild Formation King suddenly offered. “This formation would be inconsequential if the Spacetime King was here.”

He looked at the Imagination King.

“Im not skilled in spatial formations either, but I can break the illusory formation within this if you can handle the spatial one,” she nodded.

Their discussion left the Alchemist King rather displeased, the wordless Luminous King heaved a long sigh as well.

“It looks like weve underestimated the Immortal Pagoda in the end… A formation that the Intrance King set up requires two supplemental kings to break.” All attendees were focused on the happenings around the ball of light; murmurings spread through the crowd when they heard the conversation between the two kings.

“Perhaps the Intrance King really did casually create that pink ball.”

However, the Imagination and Wild Formation Kings didnt care about what others thought. To them, it didnt matter how many it took to break the formation. Everyone specialized in different areas, and it was common to see multiple supplemental kings work together on a problem that couldnt be handled by one person alone. They also often explored the forbidden zones of the Hongmeng in groups and sought out treasure together.


“Open!” The Imagination and Wild Formation Kings pointed at the ball of light at the same time.


The ball of light deflated and dispersed as a strand of smoke.

Standing nearby on high alert and wary of ambush, the Alchemist King, Talisman Adept King, Prime Weapon, and Luminous Kings blinked with incomprehension.

“Ahhhh, Im so bored!” A lazy voice traveled out of the smoke. “One, two, three…”

“Mistress, what are these pink balls that youre refining” came another female voice.

“Nothing, Im just bored,” yawned the Intrance King. “These things can record sound, listen. Tralala, lalala~”

She hummed an unknown ditty, her voice pleasant and sweet. Many people lost themselves in the beauty of her voice.

“Take it, have fun with it,” she said.


The snippet of conversation caused the attendees to look at each other. That had plainly been recorded when the Intrance King created what she called the pink balls, and crushing the ball released the recording.

“Did she really refine that for fun” Many were stupefied by the exchange between the king and an unknown female voice.

“It doesnt seem to have any other uses than to record voices…” Someone scratched their head.

“Her voice is so nice, I wonder how she looks”

“Thats right, the Windcall King once threw everything he had into trying to get her, resulting in the Immortal King flying into a rage and destroying the Colosseums headquarters with a huge mountain. Thats where the current Immortal Pagoda sits now.”

“When the Windcall King brought a mountain of Earth Light Magneticus to the Immortal Pagoda, he couldnt even make it through the front doors…”


“That pink ball is indeed no offensive or defensive formation, but she combined an illusory formation with a spatial one to retain sound within…” The Wild Formation King looked so ominous that it seemed a thundercloud sat on his face. That toy had required the joint efforts of himself and the Imagination King!


The Supplemental Convention venue shook violently as an ugly crack extended through the air. A delicate young girl in purple robes walked out of the crack and destroyed a formation with each step she took.

Her footfalls were too heavy.

“Who goes there!” The Blood, Luminous, and Knifepoint Kings sprang to their feet and roared at the girl.

“Why do you destroy the formations of my convention!” The Alchemist, Imagination, Wild Formation, Talisman Adept, and Prime Weapon Kings rose at the same time, but no one made a move. The aura around her was too frightening.

Of the Multitude heavyweights who were present, such as the Fineheart and Finepure Kings, they also looked darkly at the girl in purple robes. Fineheart and Finepure had long since forgotten what had taken place in the Immortal Pagoda.

Though this Supplemental Convention was a scheme against the pagoda, it would also benefit the sixth step kings of the city. Theyd be able to purchase some goods that they wouldnt normally be able to lay their eyes on, but the girl was plainly bent on destroying the assembly.

“Head manager Jinse of the Immortal Pagoda greets my fellow daoists,” the young girl said coolly as she scanned the kings present.-

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