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“Head manager Jinse of the Immortal Pagoda!” The crowd remembered what the Tiger Butcher King had said when he arrived. He was here under orders from Head Manager Jinse, who was now here in person!

“Shes… the other voice in the pink ball!” someone called out.

“Thats right, its her!”

The Jinse in front of them was exhibiting the aura of at least a fifth step king, potentially even a sixth step king! Yet shed hailed the Intrance King as her mistress in the pink ball! What kind of people were the Immortal and Intrance Kings to subdue a king such as Jinse!


“The head manager of the Immortal Pagoda Jinse What do you mean by destroying the formations of the Supplemental Convention! Do you want to make enemies out of all of your peers” The Alchemist King stepped out with angry questions.

“Alchemist King Ive heard of you.” Jinse inclined her head. “Apart from some minor accomplishments in refining pills, nothing else you do is worthy of consideration.”

“You…” He flushed beet red. One at his cultivation level possessed very few desires or needs. It was very difficult for words to disturb the equanimity of his heart, but for some reason, this head manager was able to do it just with a line or two.

“Jinse Do your words and actions represent the current attitude of the Immortal Pagoda” demanded the Blood King.

“My master has given me oversight of the Immortal Pagoda, so I naturally represent it.” Jinse nodded. “As for why I destroy your formations…” A vicious sneer appeared on her lips. “One of our third step kings just died here, so why do you think Im here!

“He was only a third step king, so what would my pagoda care about his death But he was here as the envoy of the Immortal Pagoda and beaten to death despite it. If I didnt come after that, all of you would think of the pagoda as an easy target!”

The Tiger Butcher King hadnt really died since his name was written into the Tome of Life and Death. Hed already resurrected from the treasure, but the Blood King slapping him to death in front of everyone was a slap at the Immortal Pagoda.

And so Jinse had come.

The Immortal Pagoda and Colosseum shared a death feud and the Blood King had killed the Tiger Butcher King. She was here for revenge.

“So it looks like you were the one who took Windcalls mountain of Earth Light Magneticus and humiliated him in public.” The Blood King released his aura.

Hed been a genteel and refined man dressed in clean blue robes without a hint of blood. Upon flaring his aura, it was as if a Blood Sea had risen over him and he was a blood demon climbed out of hell. Bloody shadows flew out of his body.


An enormous formation appeared out of thin air and isolated everything happening in the main hall.

“Blood King, please do as you will!” called out the Wild Formation King. “Ive sealed off this part of the venue, so nothing here will raise ripples elsewhere.”

He had egg on his face after the little foxs pink ball; now was the perfect opportunity for him to show off his abilities to all of the kings present. Supplemental kings lacked not for purple crystals or treasure, they wanted only face and status.

Another supplemental grandmaster stepped forward and added his formation to the Wild Formation Kings. He wasnt displeased by this as it was a prime chance for them to showcase their own capabilities as well. He would also choose a few disciples from the supplemental grandmasters after the fact.

Jinse ignored the formation and focused only on the Blood King pouncing on her.

The other sixth level kings on the scene were absorbed in their clash, eagerly welcoming a chance to observe a fight between dragons and tigers. A keen light sparkled in the Luminous Kings eyes; he was equally unwilling to miss out on any detail.

Sixth level kings had long since polished their dao rules to flawless perfection, but it was almost impossible for them to coalesce a seventh rule and vault into the ranks of seventh step kings.

In the Hongmeng, first to third step kings were lower level kings, fourth to sixth step were common level, and seventh and above were high level. There was only a step of difference between sixth and seventh, but that delineated the difference between a common and high level king. The gap between them was so great that the two couldnt be compared.

However, seventh step kings rarely showed themselves in the Hongmeng. Their goals were very different from the common and lower level kings; another vaster world within the realm was open to them.

Jinse was naturally the seventh step king that Qing Yu had brought, and her mindset had long since surpassed these people. She ordinarily wouldnt be bothered with such tiny ants, but since they were enemies of Lu Yuns and wanted to harm him, she had to begrudgingly pay them some attention.


A blood sea churned and leapt to the skies. Howling demon upon demon frothed in its waters, a terrifying strength unfurling in all directions and collecting as six bloody dao rules.

Such was the dao of the Blood King.

A battle between two sixth step kings, particularly one out in the one like this, very rarely came with opener moves. There was no mutual probing or testing, everything was fatally decided within the first couple of exchanges.

The Blood King was a perfect example as he opened with displaying his six dao rules and seeking to kill Jinse with one move.

She leaped into action at the same time, not a trace of smoke or leaked presence to be found with her movements. It seemed like a black shadow flashed across the crowds eyes before the towering blood sea and bloody demons vanished.

The Blood King returned to his previous appearance of an elegant young man wearing a clean blue robe.

However, he was now tied up by a rope of unknown material and hung in the air. Jinse held a small leather whip and carelessly took a few thwacks at the Blood King whenever she wanted to.

Hanging him up and beating him

Hanging the Blood King up for a beating!

Jinse didnt employ her whip with much force and didnt even break the Blood Kings defenses, but each crack of the whip proved more arduous to endure than actual physical injury.

“Fuck you! You bitch, kill me if you have what it takes!” cursed the Blood Sea, thick despair suffused with mortification in his voice. He had no idea whatd occurred in their exchange before he was suddenly tied up by a rope!

“You need to wash out your mouth.” Jinse raised her whip without emotion and viciously cracked it across the Blood Kings mouth. Swelling instantly, his lips resembled two sausages hanging off of his face.

“Fellow daoist! You should exercise leniency when possible!” Unable to bear the sight any longer, the Luminous King stepped forward to defuse the situation. “The Blood King is a sixth step king and a personage of great reputation in Multitude City. Humiliating him like this is humiliating yourself!”

“What, do you also want to be hung up there for a beating” Jinse paused and looked at the other king with a smile. “Ill let him go if youre willing to take his place. How about it”

“I—” Luminous paused and remained where he was standing.

In ordinary times, even peak sixth step kings would show him some respect and cease their actions. Hed never fathomed that Jinse would raise this kind of condition!

The Luminous King cared very much for himself and would never permit others to embarrass him for a beating. Though it would be a glorious story if he did something so self-sacrificing for the Blood King, the shame of being hung up and whipped by another would be something that remained on his mind forever.

Unless… he could personally kill this woman in front of him.

But for all intents and purposes, Jinse was at least peak sixth step king to defeat the Blood King in one move. Shed already seen the threshold of high level kings. As great as the Luminous Kings reputation was, his strength was far below the Blood Kings.

“Impertinent witch, how dare you blasphemy against the Luminous King!” a third step king shouted. “Let me take his place and you let go of the Blood King!”

He spoke with noble self-righteousness; a heroic air of going to his death danced between his brows. He was plainly the king thatd once greeted the Luminous King before.

Luminous expression grew uglier. He wouldnt be able to escape this situation no matter what today, and the third step kings words had driven him into a corner. Have someone else suffer the beating for him Though the third step king meant well, permitting that to happen would make the Luminous King the one to commit an injustice.

A third step king had the courage to take the Luminous Kings place, but it was the Luminous King who didnt agree to the arrangement to save someone That would make others pause and think him to be a hypocrite, that he wasnt the perfection he appeared to be on the surface.

“That works.” Jinse smiled with a nod. “You take the Luminous Kings place and Ill release the Blood King.-

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