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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1282: Hypocrite

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Though Lu Yun wasnt the type to seek revenge for every small grievance, neither was he the sort to turn the other cheek. The mountain of Earth Light Magneticus immediately became the focal point of the convention and the center of attention.

Thus spelled the official failure of this Supplemental Convention.

Just the mountain alone was far more valuable than anything on display from the Supplemental Dao Alliance, including the one thousand premium crystal veins that the Colosseum had sponsored earlier. In fact, that particular gesture now seemed ludicrously insignificant.

A mountain of Earth Light Magneticus in its raw form wouldnt be worth that much since the light within would be unmanageably violent. Even a supplemental king skilled in refining treasures, like the Prime Weapon King, would have to slowly whittle away at the energy.

The light was so unstable that the Windcall King couldve ignited it and gone down with the Immortal Pagoda in a blaze of glory.

As for refining an entire mountain of it to bring it down to a milder state That was an extreme waste of time in most supplemental kings eyes. Itd take those who specialized in refinement at least a hundred million years before they could accomplish the deed.

The mountain in front of them, however, had been redone into a complete treasure; the Earth Light Magneticus within could be commanded at will. If a sixth step king obtained it, it would be adding wings to a tiger!

“Immortal King, do you mean that That whoever picks up the mountain will be its new owner!” roared a sixth step king whod appeared out of nowhere.

His name was the Elysium King and he was the owner of the Elysium Atelier, one of the four dens of crystal consumption in Multitude City. His organization was the biggest casino in the city and averaged daily revenues of millions of crystals. He was the richest man in Multitude City and his net worth only slightly lower than the Redbud Kings.

“Every word from this king carries weight. I will gift this mountain to whoever picks it up,” Lu Yun chuckled. “Its not necessarily strength that will manage the deed, some things are best left up to fate. The treasure is sentient as its given birth to a flawless treasure spirit. Whoever shares a destiny with it will be able to pick it up.”

“A treasure spirit! Theres a treasure spirit in this mountain!” The Prime Weapon King jumped up and rushed to the mountain of Earth Light Magneticus, closely inspecting it all over. He breathed out a long exhale. “There really is a treasure spirit inside, as pure and innocent as a newborn baby. It hasnt been tainted by anything, and this treasure is indeed ownerless.”

He couldnt help but reach out a hand and attempt to communicate with the spirit inside. However, the spirit was like a haughty princess and turned away from him, its nose in the air.

The snubbing didnt bother him, the Prime Weapon King gently caressed the mountain with great enjoyment.

He and the Talisman Adept King had come late to the Supplemental Convention, and their goal wasnt to oppose the Immortal Pagoda. Now that hed encountered a king level treasure with a spirit in it, the Prime Weapon King completely gave up the notion of being enemies with the pagoda.

He could also refine king level treasures, but to create one with a spirit inside of it was almost impossible in a Hongmeng that was more like a prison.

One had to reach the paragon of perfection for supplemental dao in order to do so.

The orders of the Hongmeng werent complete as it wasnt a true world. There were endless shackles here restricting the development of life, which was why Hongmeng beings bore an unusual fervor for the fourth realm.

Though they were immortal and undying, they still yearned to be the denizens of a real world.

There were two ways to achieve this goal: one, to break the barrier between the Hongmeng and fourth realm and ascend beyond their world, or two, the immortal dao of the world of immortals.

“A masterpiece of the gods and a treasure of the great dao… Immortal King, I bow to your capabilities!” the Prime Weapon King tutted with appreciation as he brushed the mountains surface.

The Alchemist, Imagination, and Wild Formation Kings wore less than pleasant expressions. That mountain of Earth Light Magneticus overshadowed anything they could bring out, and the Immortal King had gone further in for the kill—whoever could pick it up would own it!

For free!

The Supplemental Convention was still ongoing and the number of attendees would continue to grow, but they would only remember the Immortal Kings name after this!

His reputation would also reach unprecedented heights thanks to this assembly. Their original mission had been to pull the Immortal Pagoda down, but now everything theyd done had been for its benefit!

The Alchemist King wanted to spit blood, but it was too late for any of them to stop things.

Almost all of the cultivators in the Hongmeng had received word of the mountains existence. They rushed to Multitude City with the fastest speed possible, as if the mountain would be claimed by another if they were one second slower.

People inside the convention venue were already attempting to lift it. However, it remained solidly unmoving, like itd grown out of the ground. There was an inconceivably magnificent spatial formation around it, providing ample space for as many cultivators who cared to try their luck at the same time. It never felt crowded, and the spirit inside the treasure could identify its master to prevent unnecessary conflict.

“Gross, dont touch me, you hypocrite!” The treasure spirit suddenly materialized outside of the mountain and shouted angrily at a person.

That caught everyones ear and they subconsciously looked in the relevant direction. The Luminous King was standing there, his face flickering through a variety of expressions.

The Luminous King! The Luminous King of Virtue and Integrity had been cursed out as a hypocrite by the treasure spirit of Earth Light Magneticus!

No one could wrap their mind around this.

“It hasnt been long since the spirits birth, its as pure as a blank sheet of paper. It can determine good from evil and detect the truth of a heart. No lofty morals are required to obtain its approval. If one shares an affinity with it, then even one of the devils from the Ten Valleys of Evil can refine it,” said the Prime Weapon King. Hed researched treasure spirits for hundreds of millions of years and naturally knew their nature well.

“But if someone says one thing and means another, attempting to deceive the spirit…” He frowned at the Luminous King, who was now brooding ominously. There was none of his usually refined, genteel manner to be seen; a strangely fiendish expression crossed his face.

“Hmph! Everyone knows what kind of person I am. It is not the place of a minor treasure spirit to judge me!” the Luminous King declared in chilly tones. “Immortal King, did you create this mountain to target and defame me”

Lu Yun didnt respond; he didnt seem to be paying attention to the proceedings anymore.

“Hmph!” Jinse snorted back. “My master is a very busy person and doesnt have time to fuss with little people like you. I repeat what weve said before, that whoever can pick this mountain up will own it, no matter their method!”-

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