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Jinse left with a turn; she couldnt be bothered further with the Luminous King.

At a loss of what to do, he remained where he was and shuffled with a bit of anxiety. But he quickly noticed that everyone was once more focused on the mountain of Earth Light Magneticus; no one cared about him.

It would seem that the perfect reputation of the Luminous King was rather feeble when compared to a great treasure that stoked a maddened frenzy.


The Alchemist, Imagination, and Wild Talisman Kings stood in front of the mountain with grim expressions. They were the true hosts of this Supplemental Convention and now the real jokes at the end of the day.

“This mountain of Earth Light Magneticus didnt come into the Immortal Pagodas hands until half a year ago. The Immortal King refined it during this time,” the Alchemist King intoned. “His grasp of refining items has reached a height of wondrous perfection. It will require the Dao King to counter him!”

The Dao King was the publicly recognized foremost expert of supplemental dao in the Hongmeng.

Whether it was supplemental or cultivation dao, the Dao King had attained flawless excellence in both. No one knew what level he was currently at. They only knew that he preferred a hermits life and hadnt appeared in the Hongmeng for over a hundred million years.

“Not necessarily!” The Wild Talisman King changed the topic. “Its said that the Immortal King controls the order of time, once releasing ten inches of time to destroy a hundred thousand Colosseum cultivators and the Beast King.”

“If this is true, then its very likely he utilized the order of time when refining the mountain. Only time can give rise to a spirit inside a treasure!” the Imagination King added.

Alchemist lowered his head to muse over their words and nodded. “Both of you are right. The Immortal King is very heaven-defying and can create all sorts of supplemental items, including treasures, pills, formations. This is certainly not the work of his hand alone. Its very likely that hes been chosen to represent a group!

“His organization counts a large coterie of supplemental grandmasters and possibly even kings among their numbers. He dares be this brazen simply because he grasps the order of time!

“The order of time… heh. Legend says that whoever holds it will be subject to misfortune and turn into a large fish. The Immortal King wont be long for the world. Im sure the bad luck will be soon forthcoming if he dares become a titled king through cultivation level.” A slight smile appeared on Alchemists face. “What we need to do now is discern how to dismantle the Immortal Pagoda. A day in which it exists is a day in which our Supplemental Dao Alliance will be suppressed!

“The Immortal King is nothing to worry about, the most important task at hand is to defeat the Immortal Pagoda. Otherwise, even if the Immortal King dies, the pagoda will just bring out some sort of God King or a Ghost King to be their new representative. Our sights should be set on the organization itself, not a pathetic Immortal King!

“Granted, since he is their representative, anything that happens to him is also a slight to the Immortal Pagoda!”

The three supplemental kings began discussing their plans. This was of paramount importance given the alliances great prestige and Lu Yun being the first to challenge it since its inception. Since he was trying to break its monopoly on supplemental dao in the Hongmeng, it would naturally see him as the number one thorn in their side.

The Immortal Pagoda possessed a seventh step king

So what The Supplemental Dao Alliance also had high level kings! In fact, there were several seventh step kings holding down the fort in Multitude City.

“Isnt the Immortal Pagoda mass refining Eight Treasures Return Pills” the Alchemist King suddenly cackled. “The most important ingredient for that pill is the crystal core of an arcane beast king! If they continuously refine the Eight Treasures Return Pill, that means they have to keep killing arcane beast kings…”

He exchanged conspiratory grins with the Wild Formation King.

“Thats not enough, we need to have that hypocrite the Luminous King speak up as well. Though not many paid attention to the treasure spirit, what it said will become a stain on his record. He will not go quietly into the night.”

“Thats right, well join hands with the Luminous King and ruin the Immortal Pagodas name!”


Lu Yun stretched thoroughly in a secret chamber on the ninth floor of the Immortal Pagoda.

“Jinse, how is business these days” A yawn almost split his face.

“We spread our name far and wide during the Supplemental Convention and our foot traffic over the past couple of days has been thirty percent more than usual. We are sitting solidly at three hundred billion premium purple crystals a day for our top line!” Jinse materialized to report to Lu Yun.

Three hundred billion premium crystals was the equivalent of three small premium crystal veins, and everything that Lu Yun was using came from Qing Yu. He wasnt incurring any costs for his goods sold.

“Not enough, its not enough.” He shook his head. “While these purple crystals are a stunning wealth for regular Hongmeng beings, theyre far from enough for Hopeless Major!”

Jinse swallowed hard. Shed been in charge of financial affairs in Hopeless Major and oversaw its resources, which was how shed stymied Qing Yus plans and caused the latter to want to kill her.

Hopeless Major had established many trading guilds throughout the Hongmeng, but all of their daily revenue combined was only one hundred billion premium crystals. Three hundred billion a day was no small sum. It would shock the entire realm if it was made public knowledge.

“You have to know!” Lu Yun jerked his head up. “Im using all of Hopeless Majors resources to make my money! This is pure profit for me, but its minuscule for the major and not worth mentioning!

“Although you no longer oppose Little Yu, shes under great pressure after giving me all of Hopeless Majors wealth. If I dont send her large amounts of purple crystals, pills, medicines, and treasures in due time, theyll come down hard on her.”

Lu Yun rose and walked over to a window overlooking all of Multitude City. Hed ferried countless treasures, pills and medicines, purple crystals, and all sorts of war resources to the Hopeless Major over the past half year. But in his eyes, all of that was just a drop in the bucket.

“Ask the Redbud King for more money No, thatll attract attention if I do so again and itll land her in dangerous circumstances.” He shook his head.

The Redbud King had gifted him with five million premium crystal veins when the Immortal Pagoda opened for business. Thatd caused some change to the Redbud Mountain and elicited notice from certain parties.

Being the foremost dragon of the realm, the Redbud Mountain was under constant surveillance. Though Lu Yun had set up a layout around it and utilized the dragons strength, making the Redbud King feel invincible when she stood within it, that was only among sixth step kings. She would still be in danger if seventh, eighth, or ninth step kings moved against her.

“Master, all of the pressure on Mistress Empyrean will be resolved when you send her the puppet army of a hundred thousand half step kings in another six months,” Jinse said quietly as she looked at Lu Yuns expression. “Mistress Intrance has also transported over many illusory formations. Its completely changed the layout of the battlefield.”

Lu Yun nodded gently. Hed gotten a clear handle on the war between the Ten Valleys of Evil and the Hongmeng ninth step kings. He wouldnt be able to make a difference even if he became a ninth step king himself, as the valleys didnt lack for peak kings.

This was a prolonged war in which the ten valleys needed an unending stream of resources and war treasures the most. One or two additional personnel wouldnt affect the outcome of the conflict.

Lu Yun wasnt short on resources anymore; all he had to do was to fully deploy their power and turn them into real treasures and purple crystals.

“If I could recruit some more supplemental grandmasters…” The thought occurred to him unbidden. “But given how Im directly impacting their profits, theyll probably openly attack me if I blatantly recruit supplemental grandmasters.”

He stroked his chin. He didnt want any further clashes with the Supplemental Dao Alliance for the moment, that ran counter to his goals. All he wanted to do now was to quietly make money and refine treasures.

“Hmm” His expression suddenly changed.

“Young master, young master, help!” Zhuo Bufans voice echoed in his mind. He wasnt one of Lu Yuns Infernum, but answered to the young man because Lu Qing had planted a restriction deep within his true spirit.

Though Lu Yun hadnt communicated with Zhuo Bufan since departing from Starcloud City, the two maintained something of a connection.

“What is it Whats going on” Lu Yun frowned.

“The Moon, Moon King suddenly turned into a ghost king and is rampaging through Starspace Region with incredible strength! She killed the Starspace King and the entire regions turned into a ghost region! Shes attacking Scorching Sun right now, so please save us, young master!” Zhuo Bufan was very frantic and worried.

“Is Starspace City gone too” Lu Yuns expression darkened.

“Its gone… Almost all of the regions cities have been destroyed. Only Scorching Sun and a few others are left…” Despair suffused Zhuo Bufans voice.

Lu Yun sent his senses out and discovered that the formations in Starcloud City and others hed left behind had indeed been destroyed. Miao Qimiao, Luo Shanshan, and the others were all dead.

“Have the Scorch King hold on for a moment, Ill send people there immediately.” Lu Yun nodded. “Beast King, take your men to reinforce the Scorch King at Scorching Sun City!”

“Understood!” Stationed at the City of Immortals, the Beast King and others immediately set out when they received their orders. Infernum couldnt stray too far from Lu Yun, but since these kings were all written into the Tome of Life and Death, they could freely move about at will.

“Lu Yun, Lu Yun!” Dusksnow Morningstar suddenly wailed. “Lu Yun, Im going back to Starspace Region! Vicious ghosts have overrun it and my master, my family—”

“Calm down for a moment, Morningstar.” Lu Yun flashed to where the genius was. “Ive already sent men to the region, dont worry. Though the Starspace King is dead, your family may not be in danger.”

Dusksnow Morningstars eyes reddened. “Im not one of the Starspace Kings men, but I owe him a great debt of gratitude. I cannot stay here when hes been killed by vicious ghosts!”

“Since youve decided, I wont stop you.” Since Dusksnow Morningstar was a half step king, his every decision impacted his dao heart and future achievements. “Take Old Eight with you, Ill feel much more comfortable that way,” Lu Yun mentioned.-

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