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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1284: Continuing Troubles

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The sudden development took Lu Yun completely off guard.

The Moon King had suddenly killed the Starspace King and turned all of Starspace Region into a ghost region, plunging the land into misery and suffering

Even the Starcloud City that hed worked on before had been destroyed.

Lu Yun had known long ago that the Moon King was a ghost king, but had always thought that she was a second step king. Hed thought that she would have to keep a low profile and wouldnt immediately expose herself, so hed thought nothing much of her.

Who wouldve thought that shed suddenly rain fire and brimstone down on the land, taking all of Starspace Region Lu Yun blamed himself for the oversight.

The Beast King has taken the Colosseum kings to Scorching Sun City, so they should be able to save the Scorch King and Zhuo Bufan.

Lu Yun would feel rather anxious if Dusksnow Morningstar returned to Starspace Region now, so he sent along Hua Fengwen as the half step king traveled back home. With how badly damaged Hua Fengwens dao heart was, Lu Yun hoped that he could use the vicious ghosts of Starspace Region to recover and find his way back to the dashing Eighth King Hua Fengwen.


“Why did the Moon King suddenly show herself and take down all of Starspace Region Thats Enforcer Alliance territory, does she have a death wish” Lu Yuns thoughts ran fretfully. “Or is some other ghost king helping her and theyre purposely targeting the alliance”

The Starspace Region wasnt a big region—it paled far in comparison to Multitude Region, but it wasnt an inconsequential region either. Its ruler had been a fifth step king. Then again, it wasnt a big deal that itd been overrun by vicious ghosts. Every second saw Hongmeng cities under attack from vicious ghosts, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions of beings.

It wasnt rare to see them conquer a large region, it would just be a headache for the Enforcer Alliance that the Moon King had taken Starspace Region. There were many in the third realm just waiting to see the alliance fall off their perch.




The Immortal Pagoda trembled as he considered this newest event, as if someone was bombarding the pagodas formation. Shock crossed his face and he extended his consciousness to see no less than ten sixth step kings surrounding the Immortal Pagoda, furiously battering the pagodas formations.

Lu Yuns temper ignited with a fury.

“Im just doing business here with the intention of helping others and didnt kill the Blood King even when he killed my man. I only confined him for a hundred years, but you lot make trouble for me again and again. Do you really think Im that much of a pushover!” His expression darkening ominously, Lu Yun walked out of the pagoda.

“You ten, what is the meaning of your unwarranted attacks!” Lu Yun shouted at the ten ferocious kings in the air.

“What is the meaning” sneered one of the kings. “We are arcane beast kings, do you understand my meaning”

“Thats right! You hunt our kings and use their crystal cores for your Eight Treasures Return Pill, then have the gall to ask us what we mean by this And what do you mean by that, Immortal King!” The ten arcane beasts combined their aura and sent it bearing down on Lu Yun.

A purple-black figure flashed by his side to rebuff the frightening pressure.

“Kill arcane beasts for their crystal cores” Lu Yun curled his lip. “Who knows how many have died in the hands of the Supplemental Dao Alliance You arent pounding down their doors for revenge and come kick in mine—do you think Im a pushover”

“I dont know if youre a pushover, but how many pills has your Immortal Pagoda sold in the six months its been operating!” bawled an arcane beast king. “At least a couple hundred thousand! All of those arcane beast kings! You, you, y-youre a serial killer with your hands full of arcane beast blood!”

Many other arcane beast kings were also present apart from the ten sixth step ones. Theyd completely blockaded the Immortal Pagoda, preventing entrance and egress.

“Thats right, the Immortal Pagoda is stained with the blood of arcane beast kings.” A low voice traveled in as the Luminous King slowly appeared around the corner. “That egotistic Tiger Butcher King of yours pompously flapped his lips at the Supplemental Convention, insulting all of the supplemental masters in the realm. The Blood King took action for them and is now hanging over your front doors for it.

“Is it that your king cant die for no good reason, but arcane beast kings can!” The Luminous King grew more agitated as he spoke. “Hundreds of thousands of Eight Treasures Return Pills! How many arcane beast kings did you kill to make so many!

“Everyone, the pills you consume contain the blood of innocents! Can you really consume blood pills such as these!”

To a man, the crowd trembled and didnt dare say anything. There were more than a hundred arcane beasts present. Add to that the ten sixth step kings… that made for a faction sufficient to overthrow any in Multitude City.

Even more crucial was that they were here representing the will of the arcane beasts. If Jinse beat them back or killed any of them, countless arcane beasts would trample the Immortal Pagoda into the ground on the morrow.

It didnt matter when supplemental masters surreptitiously killed a few arcane beasts for normal usage in refining treasures or pills. The rule of jungle reigned supreme in the Hongmeng, after all, and arcane beasts also hunted down cultivators for food.

But if one killed tens of thousands of arcane beast kings to refine into pills and then sold them on the open market… that was terrible.

If Lu Yun didnt handle the matter properly today, then seventh, eighth, and ninth step arcane beast kings would also pay him a visit for a heart-to-heart.

“This Luminous King is seriously such an annoying piece of **.” Lu Yun rubbed his aching temples. He was already on edge from the events of Starspace Region, and here trouble was suddenly on his doorstep.

“I shouldve killed those supplemental kings to instill some fear into the general public. This attempt at peaceful coexistence with everyone sucked. I thought that the fewer issues on my plate, the better,” he murmured.

“Immortal King!” The Luminous King suddenly shouted. “Your hands are dripping with the blood of innocent kings! You kill the blameless for your own gains! You… are an evil demon of the Hongmeng!”


Thunder ripped through the air with his denouncement.

“An evil demon!”

“The Luminous King of Virtue and Integrity has labeled the Immortal King as a demon!”

“Ah, he will find everything difficult in the Hongmeng from now on.”

“The great characters of the realm, such as the fifth step, sixth step, and kings beyond sixth step wont think much of this. However, ordinary kings and beings will list the Immortal King as a demon!”

“The Immortal Pagoda will also become a nest of evil!”

“Damn, the Luminous King is too vicious!”

“Apparently, the treasure spirit of the Earth Light Magneticus mountain refined by the Immortal King rebuked the Luminous King for being a hypocrite. I wonder if this is his revenge”

“Shh! Be quiet! Do you want the Luminous King to call you a demon too”

Conversation sprang up throughout Multitude City. No matter what people said, most thought that this was the end of the road for the Immortal Pagoda. A mere treasure spirit couldnt threaten the position of the Hongmengs Moral Emperor.

In fact, many were already feeling repulsed by the Immortal Pagoda and Immortal King. The Luminous King had helped a lot of them before, and slaughtering so many arcane beast kings was indeed over the line. The Immortal King killed arcane beasts now because he needed their crystal cores to make money with, and what if he needed the nascent spirit of kings one day…

“Ai.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Running around with a pack of trash limits what you see of the world.”

The Luminous King frowned and looked wordlessly at the ten arcane beasts in the air.

They landed with wary glances at Jinse standing behind Lu Yun. If it wasnt for her, they wouldve already charged in and sliced Lu Yun to bits.

They werent idiots—though they were in the full throes of fury, they werent here to die needless deaths.

“Is it the Alchemist King who told you that the crystal cores of arcane beast kings are needed for the Eight Treasures Return Pill” Lu Yun asked the strongest sixth step beast king in front of him.

His listener frowned; arcane beast kings understood neither cultivation nor supplemental dao, but that didnt mean they were fools. They came to their conclusions only after extended investigation.

“It is indeed the Alchemist King who told us that, but we already knew of the pills existence. One of the eight treasures is the crystal cores of an arcane beast king!” Named the Prehistoric King, he was peak sixth step and far stronger than the Blood King. “Are you going to tell us that yours doesnt require one of our cores” he sniggered.-

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