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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1290: A Colossal Joke

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The Ingenium King was a woman and had established one of Multitude Citys four major dens of crystal consumption—the Ingenium Gazebo—without assistance from any other. She rivaled the Human, Elysium, Finepure, and Fineheart Kings.

The Colosseum, Sublime Pavilion, Elysium Atelier, and Ingenium Gazebo were the four great factions that reaped money in Multitude City and four of its notable heavyweights.

The Colosseum needed no further introduction, and the Sublime Pavilion was the largest brothel of Multitude City. However, the girls of the pavilion trained their hearts in the mundane world and only transacted their skills in the performing arts. Their wares didnt include their bodies, and it was solely up to their preference when it came to searching for dao partners.

The Elysium Atelier was the largest casino in the city and wagered bets on everything. Smaller tables gambled purple crystals and larger tables hosted bets on contests between the experts of the Hongmeng. Anything that one wished to place a bet on could be found here, and sometimes, patrons even wagered on when a certain powerhouse would break through.

As for the Ingenium Gazebo, it was all things to all people and had eyes everywhere. All sorts of news, intelligence, gossip, and back alley rumors swirled in its records. It was similar to the paparazzi of Earth, and for the right price, they could even find out what color underwear the Finepure King preferred to wear.

The ingenium King had joined the fray; the characters of her title bore down ferociously on the Human and Luminous Kings.

Two characters had appeared over the Human Kings head—Human King. This was the title that the Hongmeng Tower had bestowed upon him.

“Human” was both a specific race and a generic designation for countless living beings. That hed received this title was testament to his strength and potential.

The Colosseum ranked first among the four not because of the Blood and Beast Kings, but because the Human King alone was enough to keep everything under control.

But the joint efforts of the Elysium, Ingenium, Fineheart, and Finepure Kings formed an immense forcefield that firmly suppressed the Human King and forced his title out of him. Despite that, the Luminous King behind him showed no signs of displaying his own.

“I defeated the four of you back in the day and forced you to give up most of the profits in Multitude City. I could do it then and I can do it again now!” His face twisting with effort, the Human Kings presence showed no signs of weakening as he solidly shouldered the pressure from the four sixth step kings.

The Luminous King had finally realized how serious things were and released his own forcefield, transmuting it to the even more sophisticated influence and bolstering the Human King with it.

The Elysium, Ingenium, Fineheart, and Finepure Kings looked at each other with darkening expressions. This wasnt an actual fight, just exerting oblique pressure to force the Luminous King into displaying his title. No one had fathomed that the Human King alone would be able to withstand them all!

He was stronger than when hed first come to Multitude City.

“Heh heh heh, Luminous King!” A sinister voice traveled in on the wind. “Im also a little curious about what the title of a hypocrite may be. You caused me to be driven out of my home, so Im unmasking you for the fraudster you are today!”


A pillar of blood-red light soared into the skies and resolved itself into two characters, combining with the force of the other four kings.

Butcher King!

Jin Naluo appeared at this critical moment!

When the Butcher King title appeared, the skies turned red like a corner of the Blood Sea was about to appear.


The Human King spat out a mouthful of blood and his title instantly dissipated.

“Ahhhhh!!” The Luminous King shrieked as he flew backward. A ball of light burst from his body and formed two characters in the air.

Luminous King!

He really is the Luminous King

The Elysium and Ingenium Kings looked askance at each other.

“Hmph! How dare you try these petty tricks at this juncture Break!” A bloody fist appeared in the air and punched the two characters.


The two characters broke apart with a tremble of the void!

A title bestowed by the Hongmeng Tower had been dispersed!

Everyones mind spun. Had Butcher King Jin Naluo become so strong after obtaining one of the keys to the tower

“Look, the title didnt break apart!”

“Is that… the Luminous Kings real title”

“Lu… Lu… Lewd King! The **”

Jaws dropped throughout the crowd. The Luminous King of Virtue and Integrity was… the… Lewd King

Even the Elysium King and others were slack jawed. Theyd only guessed that there was some variation to the Luminous Kings title, that instead of the characters for “hidden jade”, maybe the “jade” character would be the homophone character “hell” or something like that. But his real title was the Lewd King

No wonder hed snuck into the Sublime Pavilion three years ago to take one of their girls!

“There was once a sex-crazed fiend in the Hongmeng who committed all crimes of rape, plunder, assault, and abduction. Countless numbers of female cultivators fell to his hands and he later disappeared. Id always thought that he had something to do with the Windcall Kings replica of lust, but to think that it was the Luminous King!”

“Thats right! The lecherous swine was titled the Lewd King!” The Elysium and Ingenium Kings babbled one after another from sheer shock.

The Luminous Kings face was ashen—even his eyes were the same color.

“Hahaha!!” Jin Naluos howling laughter ripped through the air. “I, Jin Naluo, was condemned and denounced my entire life because of this animal. I became the devil of the Hongmeng because of this thing! Haha… HAHAHAHAHA!!”

When Jin Naluo received his title of Butcher King, it had indeed been the character for slaughter and massacre. That had caused the Luminous King to assert that the Butcher King would certainly become a plague upon the realm in the future, an utter demon.

Thus forewarned, Jin Naluos master threw him out.

Jin Naluo discarded his title after that and journeyed the land with his real name. He rose to fame after endless gory battles and became a titan of Multitude City, instilling fear in others at the sound of his name.

“All these years… I was deserted by everyone close to me and left alone because of a single word from this waste of space. I practiced the demonic dao and refined the Blood Sea, becoming a great devil of the Hongmeng all. because. of. this. thing!

“What a joke. What an utter, colossal joke!!”


Blood-red lightning crashed through the hair as the red-haired, red-robed Jin Naluo walked down from the void.

White as a sheet, the Luminous King cowered in a corner. Even the Human King was pale. He hadnt been a match for Jin Naluo in the past and he certainly wasnt one now. This was a true peak sixth step king who had the right to own a key to the Hongmeng Tower!

“Human King, are you going to protect him” Jin Naluos eyes were a bright scarlet and his merciless voice like one of the prisoners from the depths of the Hadal Hell.

The Human King trembled, still reeling from the fact that the Luminous Kings real title was this travesty.

The Lewd King How was this person in any way fit to be the Moral Emperor of the Hongmeng Jin Naluo was right, this was a colossal joke.

He quickly threw himself to the side.

“Heh heh heh, if the Human King doesnt dare protect him, how about I protect him” Another voice came from the air before a towering body suddenly appeared in front of the Luminous King.

Lu Yun had seen him before—the sixth step king thatd appeared when Jin Naluo visited the city lord residence of the City of Immortals. His strength was on par with Jin Naluos and hed been vying for the key to the Hongmeng Tower.

He showed himself when Jin Naluo was about to kill the Luminous King not to protect the latter, but to oppose Jin Naluo.-

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