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“Epicseek King, do you have a death wish” Jin Naluos eyes grew bloodshot when he saw the familiar face obstruct him once again and a dense killing intent raged out of his body.

He was like a wild beast thatd lost all rationale. Whoever dared get in his way would be ripped to pieces!

The white-clad Epicseek King jumped in shock; he could clearly sense the brutal savagery threatening to explode from Jin Naluo.

“You want this Luminous King, huh Sure, Ill take your key to the Hongmeng Tower in trade. If not, youll never harm a hair on his head, not when Im around!” Epicseek laughed gaily.

Hed fought Jin Naluo in the Multitude Region for an indeterminate period of time. Both of them were peak sixth step kings and the most likely to break through to seventh step in the region. Since Jin Naluo owned the tenth key to the Hongmeng Tower, he would enter it when it opened and vault to the ranks of those incredible beings.

That was why the Epicseek King opposed Jin Naluo at every possible turn. He seized every chance to strike at his rival, such as current circumstances.

The Luminous King had become Jin Naluos internal demon. If Epicseek could protect Luminous and use him to chisel a chink in Jin Naluos armor, then Epicseek could consign the other to death.

Jin Naluo was in the full throes of extreme fury; his hair and body were on fire and he was almost a walking pillar of flame. There was a type of will similar to the Sanguine Hell among his fire—hed plainly obtained some sort of legacy from the Sanguine Hell.

The greater Jin Naluos strength ballooned, the more he advanced on Epicseek. Piercingly sharp killing intent locked onto the Epicseek and Luminous Kings.

Epicseek paled, but refused to give way. Rays of blue light blossomed from his body and managed to give tit for tat against Jin Naluos turbulent fire.

Since both of them were peak sixth step kings, the two of them clashed in Multitude City was a disaster for the metropolis. Not only would the Immortal Pagoda be destroyed, but half of the city would be razed to the ground when they met in battle. This was a struggle far more violent than the contest of supplemental dao between Lu Yun and the Alchemist King.

“Both of you, stop!” commanded a frosty voice. Fearsome power exploded out of the Immortal Pagoda and forced both of them back.

Color drained from their faces and they retreated in unison.

“Who goes there!” Epicseek jerked with shock. He hadnt thought that thered be another powerhouse here who was firmly stronger than him. Theyd easily suppressed both him and Jin Naluo.

A seventh step king

He looked around with an unpleasant expression.

Jinse slowly walked out of the Immortal Pagoda and regarded Jin Naluo and the Epicseek King with eyes like a hawks.

“Fight outside of the city if you want to fight. My master is still competing with the Alchemist King. If you disturb him, Ill slice up both of you.”

The unique aura of a seventh step king swept forward and the two dueling kings retreated again.

“Hmph!” snorted Epicseek and he grabbed the Luminous King, intent on leaving Multitude City.

Jinse slapped him back the next second.

“What do you mean by this, seventh step king!” Fully resembling a sheet, Epicseek coldly criticized Jinse. “Dont think you can do whatever you want just because youre a seventh step king. This is Multitude City!”

Jinses lips curved upwards. “This Lewd King is an enemy of my Immortal Pagoda and wishes our complete demise. Not to mention, Miss Bingruo of the Sublime Pavilion died in his hands. Do you still want to protect him, or are you his co-conspirator”

If this had been ordinary times, Jinse wouldve flattened both of them with one palm strike. But since she now followed Lu Yun, shed mellowed out her style somewhat.

“Thats right!” The Finepure King stepped forward. “I saw it with my own eyes when the Luminous King snuck into my pavilion and killed Miss Bingruo. Does the Epicseek King want to throw away your illustrious name of a lifetime for this robber of lustful desires”

“Not robber, but a veritable demon!” Fineheart added. “Dont tell me you havent heard of the Lewd King! He was an uncontrollable plague upon the Hongmeng back in the day and his infamy worse than even the Ten Valleys of Evil. If you help him now, that makes you his companion!”

The Elysium and Ingenium Kings brought down their auras to pressure him.

Though Epicseek oversaw a large faction and was a true overlord of Multitude Region, Jin Naluo was on their side and there was a seventh step king of the Immortal Pagoda surveying everything. There was nothing for them to be afraid of.

Epicseeks faction wasnt based in Multitude City either. It was located further north in the region, closer to the Endless Reaches. Hed always wanted to gain a foothold in Multitude City and claim part of its wealth. When the Colosseum first appeared, itd done so by carving up the territories of the Ingenium Gazebo, Elysium Atelier, and Sublime Pavilion.

If the Epicseek Kings faction came in for a further cut of the profits, the three original dens of crystal consumption would be suppressed once more.

They had to fight back, if only for themselves.

A variety of expressions flickered through Epicseeks face. Instead of threatening his enemy with the boulder hed picked up, it was about to smash his own foot instead.

“You piece of **!” He glared viciously at the Luminous King, brandished his sleeve, and vanished in a streak of light.

Jinse didnt stop him this time.

Jin Naluo bounded forward and grabbed the Luminous Kings collar, flaying the latter alive with his scarlet glare.

The Luminous King looked like death and offered no resistance.

A multitude of thoughts ran through Jin Naluos mind and he took a very deep breath before forcing out, “Killing you, would dirty, my hands. This seventh step eminence, I give over this, Lewd King, to your custody. I trust that he will demonstrate his greatest value in the Immortal Kings hands.”

He stared viciously at the Luminous King once more before throwing the fraudster to Jinse.

Jinse regarded the Luminous King with disdain. “This person is so disgusting that the Immortal Pagoda will not accept him. Lets take care of him like we did the Blood King. Well hang him up for public display in front of our doors.”

She stripped him of his clothes with a wave of her hand and hung him stark naked in front of the pagoda doors. The Blood King to the left and former Luminous King to the right, it made for a unique atmosphere. Likely only the Immortal Pagoda had the courage to display two sixth step kings like this.

Of course, certain sensitive parts of their bodies were still obscured; the sight wouldve been too offensive to the eyes otherwise.

Not only did this move bolster the Immortal Pagodas reputation, but it also intimidated the cultivators who wanted to continue making trouble for it. Two sixth step kings already hung in front of its doors, what was the Immortal Pagoda not capable of

Seeing the Lewd King swinging naked in front of the door, available for anyone to spit and curse at, Jin Naluo gradually found himself able to exhale the huge breath of air hed taken. In the final moments before his decision, hed managed to come to the conclusion that simply killing the Lewd King would actually be a blessing for the swine. To have him suffer through punishment and lack the ability to change anything about his situation was the truest justice.-

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