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The Human and Epicseek Kings were gone, and the Imagination King and Miao were fighting in an unknown part of the void. Meanwhile, Lu Yuns competition with the Alchemist King was nearing its climax.

The Alchemist Kings cultivation level and strength far eclipsed Lu Yuns. Though his supplemental phenomenon couldnt deploy a combat art like the young mans could, it was still uncommonly ferocious.

This kind of phenomenon was a combination of supplemental dao, mental strength, and Hongmeng qi. It provided the basis of battle between supplemental kings. Their battles were extremely dangerous as the slightest misstep would, at best, result in one crippled through the destruction of their supplemental dao, and at worst, doomed for all eternity when ones soul flew apart.

The two split their attention between refining pills and directing their phenomenon to attack each other. As aggressive as the Alchemist Kings was and despite the superior strength it was bringing to bear, it couldnt rise to the level of deploying combat arts that Lu Yuns was capable of.

“How is this possible, how is this possible!” Alchemist started howling within his heart. He sent his phenomenon forward in frenzied action, trying to pressure Lu Yun into a mistake. His own fingers still flew rapidly through pill seals without missing a beat.

The Alchemist Kings length of experience showed. He was almost immortal since there was no order of time in the Hongmeng. That was more than enough time to temper ones supplemental dao and raise ones power.

If rounded down, the ending digits of the Alchemist Kings cultivation tenure would be greater than Lu Yuns age—an age that included Lu Yuns past self in the mythological realm. The Alchemist Kings accumulated experience wasnt something that Lu Yun could measure up to.

On the other hand, Lu Yun possessed the Tome of Life and Death and a level greater than the Alchemist Kings—the fourth realm! Just this alone elevated him a hundred times over the Alchemist King!

Lu Yun was taking everything into stride even now; the Alchemist Kings phenomenon didnt exert the slightest pressure over him. Not even the clashes between the various heavyweights earlier had impacted him.

In fact, hed surreptitiously incorporated his supplemental dao into the Alchemist Kings through the blows of their phenomena. His opponents supplemental dao was indeed much stronger than Lu Yuns and his grasp of pill dao much higher. The gap between the two of them couldnt be surmounted by time.

Meanwhile, Lu Yun benefited from being at a vastly more sophisticated level than the Alchemist King. He could draw on the others supplemental dao without giving anything away and derive inferences to excel beyond the source.

His movements gradually became more skillful and unpredictable. They carried a hint of the Alchemist King at first, but Lu Yun slowly expunged Alchemists flaws and weaknesses from his methods and retained only the essence.

To discard the dross and keep the core.

“What! Hes stealing from my pill dao!” Being a wily old fox, Alchemist quickly understood what was taking place when he saw the changes in Lu Yuns motions. Hed kept a close eye on the young man throughout the refinement process.

“Hmph, how dare that Immortal King blatantly copy me like this!” Alchemist shook with anger when he discovered that hed inadvertently become his enemys teacher. There was nothing he could do about it now as his refinement had reached a critical point. The slightest deviation would mark the failure of his efforts.

He acted with decisiveness that was worthy of his reputation. Destroying his phenomenon, he incorporated it into his cauldron and enhanced his pills with it.

“So what if youve learned from my supplemental dao I gleaned a bit of the secret of combat arts through yours! That is an incredible realm of profoundness, so the tiny bit of experience you leeched off me doesnt matter.” A smile appeared on his face; hed plainly gained much more than Lu Yun had.

However, hed overlooked one detail. Lu Yuns realm was vast and he sorely needed the reflections of distilled experience to support it. Though Alchemist had pried into a bit of what Lu Yun grasped, the little bit he saw was completely inconsequential to the Immortal King.

Lu Yun had easily gained the essence of a lifetimes worth of experience and traded forgettable skills for it, whereas Alchemist had expended almost all of his energy to digest just a little bit of Lu Yuns realm. It was more a loss than a gain.


Thunderclouds blew into the skies and a pill tribulation was upon them. Lu Yun and the Alchemist King had completed their pills at the same time; both cauldrons reached the level of summoning a pill tribulation!

Their tribulations were one entity and one combined tribulation. The doubled might covered half of Multitude City with heavy clouds.

How big was Multitude City

Bigger than all of the first realm and unending without end. A tribulation that covered half of the city was supremely terrifying!

Countless kings lifted their heads and considered the purple-black tribulation clouds with awe. This was a pill tribulation and not a cultivation tribulation. As encompassing as a pill tribulation might be, it wouldnt drag in innocents, so there was no need for them to worry.

“Immortal King!” Alchemist suddenly called out. “Use your lightning rod on just your pill tribulation, dont touch mine!”

Though the two tribulations were melded into one, they would still fork into two bolts of lightning to separately attack the two cauldrons.

“Whether a heavenly or pill tribulation, theyre all a result of karmic retribution! When you employ cheap tricks to evade a tribulation, that karmic repercussion remains inside the pill. Whoever takes it will suffer the consequences and be struck with a tribulation in the future!

“Cultivators who use lightning rods to avoid heavenly tribulations are the same! You can run from the tribulation, but you cant hide from the repercussions. You will suffer that judgment one day and be doomed beyond salvation!” Alchemist took advantage of the tribulation to attack Lu Yun and tarnish his reputation through the lightning rods.

His words had an immediate effect since many cultivators watching the competition, or their descendants, had used Lu Yuns lightning rods to pass through a tribulation unscathed. According to the Alchemist King, hadnt they just postponed their tribulation It would return with a devastating fury when the time was right!

“Alchemist King, youre just a king of pill dao. No, you dont even count as one since the Hongmeng Tower gave you the title ofAlchemist and notPill King.” Lu Yun met the accusation head on. “You say my lightning rod is a cheap trick to avoid a heavenly tribulation, but do you understand refining treasures Do you understand heavenly tribulations Do you understand karma”

“I have roamed the land for a hundred million years and naturally know more than you!” sneered the Alchemist King as he took out a formation disk and set it up around his pill cauldron. The Wild Formation King had given it to him to endure the unusually strong tribulation.

“Karma and tribulations are inescapably intertwined with each other. If you dont use heavenly lightning to negate the karma found within each cultivator or pill, the disaster it brings in the future will be even more horrifying! Young thing, you are too short-sighted!” Alchemist smirked.


The pill tribulation arrived and crashed down on their cauldrons.-

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