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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1294: Creation

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The Imagination King cut off in the middle of her eloquent speech and brooded darkly. Shed been evenly matched with the Intrance King until the latter suddenly brought out a treasure refined from Mirage Sand.

Not just refined from Mirage Sand, but almost wholly created from the legendary ingredient. There were several hundred kilograms of it in the treasure! Not even supplemental kings used it so liberally, and the little fox crushed her opponent like crumpling a ball of paper when the treasure appeared.

Imagination also finally understood why shed failed to lure the other out at the Supplemental Convention. Shed used three taels of sand as bait, but what would the Intrance King care about that amount when she owned several hundred kilograms

It was like an inferior realm cultivator waving three pieces of premium purple crystal in front of the Redbud King. Would the foremost tycoon of the Hongmeng care about that

Humiliation burned on her cheeks; shed been met with setbacks at every turn after coming to Multitude City to help Alchemist against the Immortal Pagoda. Shed never encountered so much failure since making a name for herself.

If Alchemist loses again, well really have no footing to remain here! Despite the ongoing pill contest, Imagination already wanted to leave.

Thankfully, the Immortal Kings accomplishments in pill dao seemed far less than the Alchemist Kings—hed lost the moment the fragrance from his pills spilled out.

She wasnt the only one to think this way, so did many other kings think that the Immortal King had lost. Though they werent pill dao kings, they understood this bit of common sense.

“The Immortal King is still too young compared to the Alchemist King,” lamented the Elysium King. “If hed had several hundred million years to grow, he wouldve overtaken Alchemist sooner or later.”

“Overtake the Alchemist King Much easier said than done,” the Ingenium King sighed. “Hell have to join the Supplemental Dao Alliance after this defeat and suffer a huge blow to his confidence. Hell find it hard to hold his head high in the future, and the alliance is the epitome of a dog-eat-dog organization. The Immortal King will vanish from public view once he joins.”

Most genius supplemental kings pressured into the alliance vanished and dropped out of sight after joining. The Supplemental Dao Alliance remained strong all this time, indomitable like the sun hanging high in the sky.

“So what if the Immortal Pagoda possesses seventh step kings Thats still a nobody in the eyes of the alliance,” Ingenium sighed again.

Fineheart and Finepure frowned at each other.

“I keep feeling like weve forgotten something important.” Fineheart cocked her head, unable to determine what it was.

“We have indeed forgotten, and it has to do with the Immortal Pagoda,” her sister responded calmly. “An unparalleled master has wiped away our memories.”

She transmitted the last line instead of saying it out loud. Fineheart nodded and spoke no more.

A cold sneer played on Jin Naluos face throughout the proceedings. Hed been able to stabilize the situation and retain the tenth key to the Hongmeng Tower all because of one ultimate treasure—the Bridge of Forgetfulness.

Hed already used it to crush a seventh step king whod tried to ambush him.

At the same time, he suffered from the same concerns that worried Lu Yun. He didnt dare use the bridge out in the open as it would draw attention from the ninth step kings, or even the eleven old freaks stronger than the kings.

Jin Naluo knew full well what the bridge was, and if Jinse hadnt appeared, he wouldve thought it was something that Lu Yun gained through a fortuitous opportunity. He might have even schemed to take it from Lu Yun.

But after seventh step king Jinse appeared, hailing Lu Yun as her master, that sent Jin Naluos mind down wild flights of fancy. Thus, he didnt feel that the Supplemental Dao Alliance would be of any threat to Lu Yun.



Thunder crashed through the air and jagged bolts of lightning dancing through the sky retracted into the retreating tribulation clouds.



The two pill cauldrons shook—a sign that the pills were ready to emerge.

Flames billowed and swirled over the Alchemists Truefire World cauldron, wrapping around five sparkling pills that emerged into the world. The golden pills seemed to be sculpted from pure gold; flawless and unblemished, no pill qi emanated from them.

There were pill halos a meter thick around the pills!

Just as there were halos around the sun, so were there halos around pills when their quality reached peak perfection and their potency condensed to an ultimate level. Many in the crowd even glimpsed pale gold clouds gathered in the halo!

Pill clouds!

The medicinal potency of these pills had formed pill clouds!

Pill clouds condensed from the richness of pill halos were as if fluffy white clouds scuttling across a clear sky, illuminated by the blazing sun. This was an ordinary pill no longer, but a divine pill.

Sharp gasps rose and fell through the onlookers. Imagination sneered at the little fox, but her gaze was firmly fixed on only Lu Yun.

“The Alchemist King is the greatest pill master of the Hongmeng alright! Though the Immortal King is also good, hes too young and tried to dash an egg into a rock when he challenged the Alchemist King!”

“Thank goodness they refined their pills at the same time, or the Immortal Kings confidence would be brutally crushed after seeing this cauldron of divine pills. He wouldnt dare enter the competition then!”

“Be quiet, the Immortal Kings pills are about to emerge!”


Lu Yuns forge of heaven and earth hummed lowly before disintegrating and melting into the pills within. Eighteen Eight Treasures Return Pills typically resulted from one refinement attempt, which was precisely the number that he had created.

When the cauldron crumbled away and the pills emerged before everyones eyes, an even more dense fragrance wafted out. It bathed the crowd in a medicinal shower that they couldnt bear to remove themselves from, an enjoyment that extended to the kings as well.

“What is this Is the Immortal King purposefully diffusing his pills potency Does he lack even the most basic knowledge of refining pills!” exclaimed the Ingenium King, but the remainder of her rebuke stuck in her throat.

The eighteen pills hovered in the air and assembled into one pattern. Waves of heavenly music drifted out of them, as if a song of the land and the most beautiful melody of the great dao. Pastel violet flowers floated down from the sky, circling around the pills in a profound trajectory.

The pastel violet pills seemed to be more like individual minor worlds than pills!

Indeed, theyd broken through the shackles of pill dao to rise to a different kind of marvelous existence. They appeared to be alive and flew to Lu Yun like little fairies, waltzing around him in time with the music.

“They say that when the Pill of Creation is born, the music and flowers of the great dao will welcome it…”

“This… this is creation!” Kings scattered throughout the premises swallowed hard when they saw the pills.

“What” Alchemist paused. Hed never thought that hed see the legendary Pill of Creation today! “This is fake, its not real! Its a product of the Intrance Kings illusions! How can any living being refine creation!”-

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