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“Impossible, this is completely impossible!” The Alchemist King flung his limbs around wildly and roared at Lu Yun, “You became a supplemental king less than a year ago, you cant possibly refine the Pill of Creation! This is a delusion created by the Intrance King!”

“Some things require innate talent still,” Lu Yun sighed with a shake of his head. “Hua Fengwen set foot into sixth step kinghood when he became a titled king, surpassing countless kings whod struggled for endless eons in the Hongmeng.

“In the same vein, my level is far higher than yours, though my tenure is less than a year. I can direct my supplemental phenomenon to deploy combat arts, can you” Lu Yun snorted with laughter. “As for whether or not this is from the Intrance King, you can ask the Imagination King next to you.”

“Alchemist King, weve lost,” Imagination heaved a heavy sigh. “The Immortal King is indeed a rare genius of the realm. He rivals Hua Fengwen from a hundred thousand years ago.”

When Hua Fengwen reached titled kinghood a hundred thousand years ago, his starting point of sixth step king and six complete dao rules within his body stunned the Hongmeng.

Though latecomers such as the Bloodclad Duke and venerated enforcer were all hailed as geniuses greater than Hua Fengwen, they still viewed that genius as their barometer. Any up-and-coming genius was compared to Hua Fengwen, a sign of the position he still occupied in cultivator hearts.

The Imagination King was the latest to compare a new genius to Hua Fengwen, but her tone was very different. Becoming a supplemental king a year ago and now refining Pills of Creation… the Immortal King could truly be mentioned in the same breath as Hua Fengwen.

One focused on cultivation and the other on supplemental dao—these two were the favored sons of heaven over the past one hundred thousand years. This wasnt a long period of time to Hongmeng denizens, so many happenings were still fresh in peoples minds.

It didnt matter what kind of pill the Alchemist King had refined. His defeat was carved in stone after the exhibition of Lu Yuns Pill of Creation.

“I refuse to believe this!” Alchemist suddenly spread his arms wide open and pounced on Lu Yun like a large bird. He released a gush of red flame that coalesced into a divine bird; it also swooped at the eighteen pills behind Lu Yun.

“No! He wants to destroy the Pills of Creation!” The Elysium King jerked with dismay and rushed over to stop the Alchemist King.

Apart from being a formidable supplemental king, Alchemist was also a third step king. Though his battle strength wasnt great, his skill with pills enabled him to instantly kill any other king on his level.

He was wholly focused on destroying the eighteen Pills of Creation! The Ingenium, Finepure, Fineheart Kings, and even Jin Naluo leapt into motion at the same time, wanting to stop the Alchemist King.

He was too fast.

The flaming bird he released was his supplemental phenomenon and it was speedy beyond belief. The sixth step kings caught off guard were unable to reach it in time.


An earth-shattering collision rang out after a huge slender hand descended from the skies. It smacked the Alchemist King to the ground and splayed him out unmoving on the dirt.

Jinse withdrew her hand and looked at Lu Yun. “Master, should we hang this old thing up in front of the doors as well”

“No, please dont!”

“Absolutely not!” The sixth step kings and Jin Naluo almost jumped out of their skin with fright when they heard Jinses question.

“There are ninth step kings among the Supplemental Dao Alliance. Theyll probably crush the Immortal Pagoda as soon as you hang the Alchemist King!” Jin Naluo quickly explained. Though hed borrowed the Bridge of Forgetfulness from Lu Yun, he still didnt dare throw his weight around through the land. He only dared ambush a few seventh step kings from the shadows, and it was all out of wariness of the ninth step kings.

He knew full well how strong ninth step kings were. If they made a move, survival for him and Lu Yun would be out of the question. The bridge would be unable to save them either.

Though the bridge was an item of the fourth realm and could deploy its full strength in the Hongmeng, its true spirit was too weak to control its body. That was a fatal weakness.

“Forget it. Take his pills and cauldron, then throw him out of Multitude City.” Lu Yun scanned the Alchemist King with an indifferent glance.

He didnt want to provoke the ninth step kings of the alliance just yet, particularly that legendary Dao King. For now, hed rather have the heavyweights of the alliance show up at his doors in various succession and scheme against him. He didnt want the ninth step kings directly marching against him.

He currently wasnt able to meet them in face-to-face battle, not unless he fully awakened the great dragon of the Redbud Mountain. Hed also have to reach an agreement with the dragon for it to leave the mountain and protect him.

At the moment, all it had attained was a little bit of consciousness. It wasnt capable of anything.

“Understood.” Jinse waved a hand, putting away the cauldron and five pills thatd inspired pill halos.

“No! Thats my pill cauldron and my pills!!” Alchemists face was twisted in an ugly rictus; he was almost insane. Defeat at the hands of a junior with less than a year of tenure! None of his usual urbane demeanor could be found and his dao heart was badly damaged.

Jinse ignored him and threw him out of the city with another wave.

“The Alchemist King wagered his pill cauldron in this contest. All of the eminences present are my witness.” Lu Yun raised cupped fist salutes at the various sixth step kings around him.

“The Alchemist King lost the competition but didnt want to pay the forfeit. Dont worry, Immortal King, even if others from the Supplemental Dao Alliance come, well stand strong with you!” The Elysium King was the first to speak up. It was a good thing for them that Lu Yun had the courage to break the monopoly that the alliance held.

The Alchemist King losing this encounter and wanting to renege on his bet afterward was already an extremely embarrassing affair. The alliance would be out of their minds and just begging for ridicule if they came with great fanfare and interrogated Lu Yun over it.

“Hmph!” the Imagination King sniffed. “I recommend that the Immortal King and Intrance King join the alliance as soon as possible. When those of the Ten Valleys of Evil knock on your door, they wont be nearly as gentle as we are.”

“The Ten Valleys” Lu Yuns heart skipped a beat and he smiled. “I wouldnt trouble the Imagination King or Supplemental Dao Alliance in this area.”

Cerulean blue radiance exploded out of the Immortal Pagoda and rushed for the horizon when he beckoned with a hand.

“Stellar Light Magneticus!!” shrieked the Imagination King and hidden Wild Formation King.

Earth Light Magneticus was already frightening enough and could trap sixth step kings, but there was a world of difference between it and Stellar Light Magneticus.

Stellar Light wasnt something that any cultivator could own—if handled properly, it could slay a ninth step king!

Naturally, it was difficult for Lu Yun to fully utilize its power at his current strength.

“If the ninth step kings of the Ten Valleys come…” He grinned broadly. “Then Ill detonate this Stellar Light Magneticus and go down in a blaze of glory! And dont think Ill be bullied by a ninth step king just because Im in the superior realm. My cultivation may be humble, but I was capable of refining the Pill of Creation!”

He was scolding the locust while pointing at the mulberry. Rather than threatening the Ten Valleys of Evil, he was actually warning the Supplemental Dao Alliance. He might not be able to fully utilize Purple Stellar Mountain, but he could absolutely blow it and everything to high heaven!

After all, he was a supplemental king whod refined creation.

The Imagination King shrank in on herself and beat a hasty retreat with the Wild Formation King and other supplemental grandmasters of the alliance. With the mountain of purple crystal on the scene, they would be asking for embarrassment if they stayed further. It was time to report back to the alliance and have the senior executives decide the next course of action.

Lu Yun heaved a slight sigh of relief when the alliance members finally left.

“Noble arcane beast kings, do you still think that I use the crystal core of your kings to refine the Eight Treasures Return Pill” He turned around and addressed the ten kings.

Prehistoric and the others show their heads with wry smiles.

“We were hoodwinked by the Alchemist King and the others. Please forgive us for our offenses!” the Prehistoric King quickly apologized.

Lu Yun inclined his head and paid no further attention to them. He turned instead to the Elysium King and others. “It is all thanks to your support that I have made it through this matter unscathed. These are but some paltry gifts, I hope you like them.”

Several king level treasures and talismans streamed out of his hands and landed in front of the overjoyed sixth step kings. In the face of the Supplemental Dao Alliances monopoly, even sixth step signs found it difficult to obtain king level treasures. Lu Yun was showering them with multiple items each, a gesture they couldnt refuse.

If there was anything here that they couldnt use, their confidantes and trusted subordinates could.

As for the Pills of Creation, no one gave thought to possibly receiving one. To refine those pills required the exact combination of a heaven-sent opportunity, geographical favorability, support of the people, and boundless fortune and perfect timing. Who knew when Lu Yun would next be able to refine more after the eighteen of today

“What about me” Jin Naluo looked piteously at Lu Yun.-

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