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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1305: To Sound Out

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Jin Gushen jerked with alarm and he bowed before the Metal Potentate. “Disciple Jin Gushen greets the master!”

There had been threatening hints in his new masters tone at the end. Jin Gushen was no fool, he would never put Lu Yun in a dangerous situation.

A smile crossed the Metal Potentates face and he waved a hand, vanishing with Jin Gushen in a shimmer of golden sparkles.

Jin Naluo stood up slowly, his expression changing rapidly. Lu Yun and Miao had jointly set up the great formation of the Immortal Pagoda. Not only was the emotion formation part of it, but so were many layers of other illusory formations. However, the Metal Potentate had walked in without triggering anything!

His casual mention of beating the Immortal King to death hadnt been an offhand remark, he really was ready to kill Lu Yun. And yet, the emotion formation had still lain inert!

It would seem that the Metal Potentate was far more complicated than a ninth step king.

“But Jin Gushen has nothing to lose by gaining such a strong titan for his master. Another mighty expert might join the ranks of the Immortal Pagoda before long, and I should never offend such a person!” Jin Naluo breathed out a long sigh of relief. “Hmm The Human King Whats he doing here”

The emotion formation of the structure shifted with agitation and Jin Naluo sensed tremendous spitefulness arriving at their front door—someone from the Colosseum.

“Human King, are you here to die” Having suffered through the Metal Potentates suppression, Jin Naluo found a perfect punching bag for his humiliation the moment the Human King walked in through the doors.


“The Immortal and Intrance Kings are in Hopeless Major” The Human King concealed his tracks and focused all of his efforts on burying the tendril of hatred deep within his heart. Thus prepared, he set out for the Immortal Pagoda.

At his cultivation level, he could perfectly disguise his emotions. However, the Blood King hung at the front doors to the pagoda!

When the Human King saw his brother of a hundred million years hanging naked in the breeze, a trophy for someone else to strut around with, his mentality wobbled and released a tiny ripple of emotion.

The emotion formation instantly picked up on it, but the king reacted equally swiftly and drew the flicker of malice back into himself, then nonchalantly set foot into the Immortal Pagoda.

“The Windcall King is only a third step king. Though his talents are great, he could very well be mistaken about the identities of those two. On the other hand, if the Immortal and Intrance Kings arent currently in the Immortal Pagoda, then its highly possible theyre in Hopeless Major.” The Human King rapidly considered several possibilities.

It was the end of the road for the Colosseum. Since he was the only sixth step king left in it, the fifth and fourth step kings of the faction were starting to look elsewhere. Most important was that the majority of its territory was the venue of the Supplemental Convention. The assembly frothed with activity everyday as countless experts surged in, trying to pick up the mountain of Earth Light Magneticus.

Even seventh step kings were giving it a try. That the Human King could steady his emotions to the point of entering the Immortal Pagoda was quite incredible.

“These two kings are elusive personages even during normal times. What can I do to feel them out The Stellar Light Magneticus protecting the pagoda is used to deter the seventh, eighth, and ninth step kings. It wont be used against a mere sixth step king like me, would it” The Human Kings heart began to pound. “No matter, I have a formation disk that the Wild Formation King gifted me. Ill be able to leave in a flash!”

Wild notions sprouted in the wake of fury and a crystal core appeared in the Human Kings hand—the core of an arcane beast king. A sixth step arcane beast king.

A supplemental king had engraved glyphs for detonation within it that endowed it with the power of a sixth step kings self detonation.


A terrifying pressure hung in the air the second he brought out the arcane beast core. The emotion formation didnt activate, but a large hand descended from above.

“Who is that!” Courage and reason abandoned him. Though the hand wasnt at seventh step kinghood, it was far stronger than the Human King and infinitely close to breaking though. It wasnt Jinse, but someone else!

“How is this possible Theres another heavyweight in the Immortal Pagoda, who is it!” Alarm, dismay, and fear chased each other through his face. Hed dared pay a visit because of word from his subordinates that someone had seen Jinse at Starcloud Region—a region newly fallen to the vicious ghosts.

She wasnt at the Immortal Pagoda, but someone else had taken her place!

“Jin Naluo!” Realization was quick to dawn and the Human King sent his will to the formation disk. But he discovered with great shock that… Jin Naluo was crazy!

The man used almost his full strength and slapped down on the Human King like a clap of thunder so fast, there was no time to plug ones ears. He crushed all of the would-be attackers strength, power, and thoughts in one single move.

The Human King laid flat on the ground like an enormous meat patty.

He wouldnt be this weak under regular circumstances. Though he still wouldnt be a match for Jin Naluo, he would at least be able to put up a fight.

However, he was situated in the Immortal Pagoda! This was the home base that Lu Yun had painstakingly built. Bolstered by all of the formations in the building, Jin Naluo was infinitely close to seventh step kinghood!

Hed used almost full strength in this blow to vent some of the annoyance from the Metal Potentates bullying. If he hadnt been standing in the Immortal Pagoda, he wouldve reduced everything in a hundred million miles to dust.


“Whats going on!”

“Why did the pagoda suddenly attack a customer”

A dazzling array of products filled the first floor, attracting an immense number of shoppers. Jin Naluo suddenly slapping one of them to the ground caused an uproar in all of the cultivators.

“Take a look at what hes holding.” Lu Yun materialized following a sigh.

“Hmm Is that the core of a sixth step arcane beast king” A supplemental master gasped when he took a closer look. “There are numerous glyphs etched within… its a Detonation Talisman! Using a crystal core of this level to create a Detonation Talisman… does this person want to kill us all!”

Shock and panic gripped the crowd. Lu Yun drifted down from the air and whisked away the Human Kings disguise with a wave of his hand.

“The Human King!”

“Its the Human King!”

“The Human King from the Colosseum, hes here again!” Exclamations rose and fell as understanding dawned for many people.

“The Human King is very impressive to be able to repress his emotions enough to slip past the emotion formation.” Lu Yun sighed, “What a pity that he underestimated the formation and thought that just entering the building would be sufficient.

“The Colosseum has set itself against the Immortal Pagoda many times. Everything is settled now that the lead troublemaker is under arrest. Not to worry, everyone. Even if the Detonation Talisman had taken effect, my pagodas defensive formations would ensure that absolutely no harm comes to you.”

Lu Yun sent away the flattened Human King and talisman with another wave of his hand.

Not everyone greeted the turn of events with relief. Some forcefully repressed the waves of emotion in their heart and soundlessly slipped away.

Jin Naluo stared dumbly at Lu Yuns back, then shook his head fiercely. This was Lu Yun in the flesh, but the boy had left the pagoda and handed over all of the formations to him.

Yet, that really was Lu Yun! It wasnt a puppet thatd suddenly appeared.

“Dont think too much on it, the Colosseum is one of Origin Worlds pawns. The Human King is under orders to investigate if Im still in the pagoda.” Another Lu Yun appeared behind Jin Naluo.

“You…” Jin Naluo had no idea what to say.

“Mm, I know whats happened to Jin Gushen. The Metal Potentate is one incredible titan who should at least be stronger than ninth step king. Its a wonderful thing that Brother Jin has him for a master, its something to be celebrated!” Lu Yun smiled.

“What. the. heck is going on! You are you, but youre different from you!” Jin Naluo felt like his brain was exploding and tried to prevent that by grabbing Lu Yuns shoulders.

“Its just a little trick on par with a replica,” Lu Yun chuckled.

This was the method of the bean soldiers.-

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