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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1313: Shenyu

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A minor Origin World

Nearly all cultivators in the Nineworld Origin Palace vomited blood at the little foxs words. Even the master of the Immortal Region didnt dare belittle Origin World to this degree! Though the young woman in front of them wasnt the Intrance King, they were still completely enraged.

Lu Yun and Qing Yu were likewise dumbfounded, while the Profound and Yin Yang Kings stared at each other. They didnt know who Lu Yun and the little fox were. Their liege hadnt told them, and they hadnt asked.

However, the little fox was wielding power on par with a ninth step king! Equipped with the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals, neither of the two Origin ninth step kings were her match.


“Damn it!” The man in blue quickly backed up, his expression changing rapidly as he took in the situation. No one had thought that this Immortal Illusion King would be so strong or that the scroll would be so lifelike in her hands. It exhibited far greater power than when the World King used it!

“Fellow daoist Shenyu!” Kaleidoscopic King looked at the man with alarm.

“Its alright.” Shenyu waved off the others concerns. His robe was already repaired and both sleeves danced freely in the wind to keep the scrolls power at bay.

The other two ninth step kings were already diving on the little fox, but they were still firmly suppressed by her strength.

“It seems that we underestimated Hopeless Major. Who wouldve thought that theyd still possess this kind of expert! However, its the Yin Yang and Soulmask Kings in their delegation, which means that the Profound King and others have either been executed or imprisoned. The Daredevil King in charge of the Nethersoul Formation should be similarly confined as well.” Shenyu viewed everything through the lens of schemes and stratagems; he chuckled when he looked at the unmoving Qing Yu. “She wouldve possessed the requisite boldness and resolution to consolidate Hopeless Major if she hadnt come, she would be conserving energy and building up strength.

“But since shes here now, it just proves that Hopeless Major is all talk and bluster. They are inwardly weak and she has no choice but to put on this demonstration in our domain. Only with this song and dance will she dissuade others who view her faction as prey.

“But the more she is like this, the more it confirms how fragile Hopeless Major is.”

“Isnt she afraid that the Immortal Region will take advantage of her temper tantrum” The Kaleidoscopic Kings brooding expression cleared up slightly. This was within their expectations.

The Autumn King attempting to turn the Daredevil King, and the Turtledove and Windcall Kings throwing their weight around in Hopeless Major territory were all to provoke Qing Yu. The Turtledove, Windcall, and even Autumn Kings were just readily discarded pawns.

If Origin World could capture the Empyrean and other two ninth step kings this time, then Hopeless Major was as good as theirs.

Origin World had never thought of destroying Hopeless Major. They just wanted to annex it so they could claim the majors resources and disciples. So their eminent ruler had withstood a blast from the Nineworld Origin Cannon Only when the cannon was in home territory would it display its greatest strength.

“The Immortal Region We can be at ease there. They want nothing more than the ten of us to fight and whittle away at each other.” A strange smile spread across Shenyus face.

Magnificent, towering figures were starting to collect outside the palace. Terrible presences connected with each other and came down on the palace as a whole. The factions secluded experts had all emerged from closed door cultivation and coolly locked their consciousness onto Qing Yu.

If counting the World King, Origin World possessed twenty-seven ninth step kings; they numbered only twenty when Hopeless Major fell into decline. After all these years, the faction had nurtured another seven with the resources theyd looted from Hopeless Major.

Qing Yu lifted her head and looked outside the palace. Her index and middle fingers were placed together, a tiny swirl of sword light circulating over them.

Quiet was ready.

“Your Eminence, weve walked into a trap.” The Profound King stood next to Qing Yu in the guise of the Soulmask King, his face looking a bit pale. He was the strongest king of Hopeless Major, but having him fight twenty-six other kings was still a tall order.

They were in the Nineworld Origin Palace! If the palaces formation came to life, itd be able to instantly refine all of his replicas and strands of consciousness in the outside world, dashing all hope for survival.

If it wasnt for the fact that both Qing Yu and the Yin Yang King were here, he wouldve thought that his eminent ruler was using anothers hand to kill him.

“Hmph,” snorted the Yin Yang King. “Her Eminence is brave and a great strategist, would she have overlooked this puny trick Since she dares bring us here, that means she is confident of taking on Origin World!

“Look closer, the Immortal Illusion King has fully suppressed the other two!”

The Scroll of Shepherding Immortals snaked through the air in the form of a long chain, threading the void with a trail of milky-white flames. The two ninth step kings were so fully overpowered that they werent able to fight back.

Three golden-purple dao rules suddenly materialized next to the little fox. Illusions abounded, confusing the two kings so much that they couldnt tell reality from falsehood.

“Is she really a third step king!” The Kaleidoscopic King and Shenyu gaped.

“We need to work together to take her down!” Shenyu leapt into motion.

If this Illusion Immortal King really defeated two Origin kings by herself, then there was no point in fighting further. Morale was already low after Qing Yu ripped through the Scroll of Shepherding and severed the World Kings limbs. If then a third step king from Hopeless Major defeated two of their ninth step kings… Well, Origin World might as well surrender now.




Explosions sounded from the air as another three ninth step kings took to the field, punching the little foxs scroll into the ground. The smile slid off her face and she hastily shuffled back, considering the scene with a grave expression.

Coordinating their positions, the five ninth step kings charged at her.


Sharp brilliance swept through the void and sent five heads shooting up into the sky.

Qing Yu had decapitated five kings with a single stroke!

Of course, they werent truly dead since they had strands of consciousness hidden elsewhere that would redevelop into their true selves. They were heavily injured, but not dead.

“Just look at the high and mighty Origin World bullying one third step king with five ninth steps!” Qing Yu shouted and closed the distance to the Kaleidoscopic King.

She wasnt here to talk, she wanted to kill! Since he was the next ruler of Origin World, she naturally had him in her sights.

“In that case, let me see how strong you are, Empyrean King!” Shenyu answered her instead.

Ten thousand fires followed the beckon of his hand and turned half of the Nineworld Origin Palace into a sea of flames. Nine vermilion dao rules soared into the skies from it, becoming one with the blazing ocean. It blocked Qing Yus fatal stroke!

“A supplemental king” Qing Yu withdrew her sword with solemnity.

Ninth step kings didnt count for anything in her eyes—she could kill five of them at a time! However, her opponent was employing a fearsome fire formation that was strong enough to deter her by itself.

“Hahaha!!” Instead of responding, Shenyu threw his head back with laughter. His flames echoed his mirth and exploded into a fire dragon that rushed Qing Yu.-

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