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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1314: Boy Toy

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Lu Yuns pupils constricted violently. Supplemental dao!

This was a pure supplemental dao art!

Though this Shenyu possessed nine dao rules, his true battle strength was less than Jinses. His nine rules were just rootless products of endless medicines and resources. And yet, his marvelous skill in supplemental dao was perfectly blocking Qing Yus attack!

Not only was Qing Yu an immense ninth step king, but her weapon was Quiet of the fourth realm!

Despite Qing Yus prowess, Shenyu was going toe-to-toe with her using nine drifting dao rules melded into a fire formation. What was he!

The rest of Origin Worlds ninth, eighth, and seventh step kings all showed themselves. Five hundred strong, they charged the little fox as a howling mob.

The Profound and Yin Yang Kings shouted angrily, wading into the fray.

What was already an unsettled situation in the Nineworld Origin Palace instantly dissolved into pitched battle. The Autumn King stayed by Lu Yuns side, hovering close to the young man.

“Theres experts spying on us from the shadows.” Lu Yun remained perfectly composed with most of his attention on Shenyu; a tiny portion of his consciousness observed the surroundings.

Shenyus near perfect grasp of supplemental dao completely exceeded Lu Yuns expectations. Hed thought that he was essentially the first supplemental king of the realm after refining the Pills of Creation, but it seemed that hed been too full of himself.

“The Immortal Region that the Alchemist King comes from is stronger than the Origin World. If wed battled with supplemental arts that day instead of just refining pills…” A bead of sweat dotted Lu Yuns forehead.

Though hed overcome the Alchemist King because his supplemental phenomenon could deploy combat arts, he was able to do so because his level was much greater than his opponents when it came to refining pills.

That didnt necessarily hold true when it came to overall supplemental arts. In fact, Lu Yun knew almost nothing about attacking or defending with them!

As he watched Shenyu employ just one formation to hold his own against a furiously attacking Qing Yu, a brand new door seemed to open for Lu Yun.

He remained highly alert as he still sensed two enormous minds shrouding the palace, secretly observing everything taking place inside. One of them was very familiar—the World King! The kings thoughts were locked onto the little foxs Scroll of Shepherding Immortals.

“Miao, go take on Shen Yu!” he suddenly transmitted to the little fox.

She was deploying almost all of her strength and had set up an unparalleled formation of illusions with the scroll as its base. The entire palace fell into its range of effect; any king not sufficiently grounded began to attack and kill each other.

“Okay!” The little fox changed her hand seals and slammed the radiant scroll and formation toward Shenyu.

Snapping to attention in a new direction, Shenyu sent the Kaleidoscopic King elsewhere with a wave of his hand, then drew himself upright to attend to the formation.

Qing Yu took advantage of the shift in priorities to withdraw from the engagement. She took a moment to catch her breath, then flew toward the other Origin kings.


“Its you and me now, boy toy.” The Kaleidoscopic King landed in front of Lu Yun.

“Boy toy” Lu Yun stroked his face and mused with self satisfaction, “I do indeed have what it takes to be a boy toy.”

The Autumn King stepped forward and looked warily at the Kaleidoscopic King. The latter was no ordinary eighth step king, he was the heir to Origin World. When their current eminent one perished or abdicated after reaching incredible heights, Kaleidoscopic would be the next eminent ruler of the faction.

He also controlled some of the palaces power as part of his authority.

“You make a decent dog, Autumn King.” Scarlet brilliance glinted out of Kaleidoscopics eyes as he glared viciously at his former comrade. It would make sense if Autumn was under duress or even dead, but hed betrayed Origin World and led the enemy straight into the main palace!

“Scum!” Kaleidoscopic pointed at Autumn, concentrating the palaces energy on his fingertip and blasting the latter away.

The Autumn Kings chest caved in and the light in his eyes faded away.


Itd taken only one blow to kill the king and destroy all of his replicas at the same time!

Such was the power of the Nineworld Origin Palace. When combined with the Nineworld Origin Diagram, both of them could unleash their mightiest force. Thus, it hadnt been that shocking to the Kaleidoscopic King when Qing Yu withstood a blast from the Nineworld Origin Cannon—thatd only been half of the cannons force.

Of the two children accompanying the Empyrean King, one of them was the fearsome Illusion Immortal King. If she was evenly matched with Shenyu, then the other boy whod yet to make a move was certainly equally extraordinary.

That was why the Kaleidoscopic King had made straight for Lu Yun and used the palace to swiftly kill the Autumn King.

“Boy toy…” snickered Kaleidoscopic. “Look at all these people fighting so seriously. If I was in the thick of things, Id instantly dominate everyone, even that Empyrean King! Did you seriously think that just this handful of people is enough to challenge Origin World”

The World King had dared visit Hopeless Major because he was banking on the absence of the Netherdark Formations core flames—the nether fire and dark fire. However, both of Origin Worlds ultimate treasures of the Nineworld Origin Diagram and Nineworld Origin Palace were present!

“Dont call me boy toy.” Lu Yun frowned. “My title is the Demon King!”

The Kaleidoscopic King grimaced, taken off guard by the ludicrous claim. There was indeed a Demon King in the Hongmeng, one who was a titan of ninth step kings. He was certainly not this little boy.

“Demon King” he snorted with laughter. “Sure, sure. Beg on your knees, Demon King, if you want me to let them go.”


The palace shook in time to a slight tremor of Kaleidoscopics hand, revealing the Nineworld Origin Diagram hidden in its void.

The Profound and Yin Yang Kings panicked, whereas Qing Yu didnt dwell on the matter. She soared into the air and brought Quiet down on the diagram.

“You court death!” roared Kaleidoscopic when he saw the Empyrean King throw caution to the wind and attack his factions ultimate treasure.


Nine worlds manifested from the diagram and coalesced the power of the palace, bringing everything down on her.

“Youre the one who courts death!” Lu Yun suddenly snarled.


A purple lotus with blue leaves bloomed beneath his feet. The Netherdark Formation!-

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