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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1316: Haotian

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“First disciple of the Dao King!” Sharp gasps echoed through the crowd as the atmosphere turned odd.

Who was the Dao King The leader of the Supplemental Dao Alliance!

The Supplemental Dao Alliance was firm allies with the Immortal Region and both opposed the Ten Valleys of Evil. Their monopoly over supplemental dao and resulting damage to the valleys far exceeded the physical attacks that the Immortal Region inflicted on their enemy.

A monopoly on supplemental dao would terminate the future of the ten valleys. Any supplemental king or grandmaster of the ten either died in ambushes or managed to successfully flee their homes. All of the supplemental treasures left in the valleys were inheritances from their forebears. The less they were used, the better.

The valleys used to resupply their pills and treasures from other parts of the Hongmeng, but that door was shut when the alliance extended the monopoly to the entire realm. It could be said that apart from the Immortal Region, the Supplemental Dao Alliance was the ten valleys true enemy, and now the first disciple of their leader was in Origin World!

Many high level Origin kings digested the information with rapidly changing expressions, but they quietly heard Shenyu out.

“Youre the first disciple of the Dao King And you dare come to Origin World Arent you afraid that this band of evildoers will boil you alive” Still in control of the mental realm of illusion, the little fox employed a captivating voice to cautiously probe her prey.

“So what if Im discovered Would I be afraid of this crew of trash” Shenyu drew himself up proudly. “My master is also here and he reconnected the World Kings severed limbs—”

“Enough!” The hidden form in the void roared and sent his voice out as a thin line to ram the Netherdark Formation.

“So its the Dao King! No wonder you could reconnect the World Kings broken legs and arm.” Qing Yu gave a long peal of laughter and riposted with a flare of light from Quiet, scattering the Dao Kings sound wave.

With his failure to affect the little foxs illusion, that left Miao free to guide Shenyu to spill the beans on his masters entire scheme. The Dao King meant to foment internal disorder within the Ten Valleys of Evil and dismantle their alliance! Even the arm and legs hed crafted for the World King contained a horrifying puppet art. Once it was activated, the World King would become his puppet!

How can this be!

Expressions turned ugly at Shenyus words. The World King was even more decisive and immediately detonated his new legs and arm. Indeed, three furls of black smoke drifted lazily out from the remains.

No one doubted Shenyus confession. Hed completely lost himself in the Immortal Illusion Kings formation and it was as if he wandered in a dream.

Dreams happened to be the little foxs forte.

“Fellow daoists of Origin World, apart from cutting down a few ninth step kings and sending them back to rest, this seat has not killed any other cultivator of your valley,” Qing Yu shouted. “Do we continue to attack each other when the greatest enemy of our ten valleys is right here!”

“DIE!” howled the World King. He raised his remaining hand and balled it into a fist, punching out at the Dao Kings hazy form.

“Hmph!” harrumphed the Dao King. He hovered between illusion and reality, putting him just out of reach of the World Kings wrathful punch.

Shenyu continued to talk, revealing all of the details of conflicts since time immemorial. The Ten Valleys of Evil had ceased to be a unified front a long time ago; all of the first generation rulers since the departure of the ten great ancestors were dead. Civil discord often beset them, and the one behind all this was the Dao King!

If it wasnt for the fact that he couldnt install his own men in the upper echelons of power, the valleys wouldve been long corrupted from the inside.



“Kill!” Enraged beyond belief, the kings of Origin World took to the air at the same time and charged the point in the air where the Dao King was.


The Nineworld Origin Palace and Diagram recombined into a Nineworld Origin Diagram—the palace was one of the illustrations within the diagram!

The Netherdark Formation likewise erupted with power and integrated its force with the diagram, sealing off the void and turning it into a translucent crystal.

A void crystal!

The Dao Kings form finally materialized in full within it. He was a handsome young man in white robes who exuded a prodigious gallant air.

He was very different from what one might think the Dao King looked like. This was his true form as forced out by two ultimate treasures of the valleys, one stripped of all disguise and illusion.

“Haotian!” shrieked the little fox when she saw the Dao Kings real appearance.

Her concentration wavered from her moment of distraction and her formation of illusion disassembled. Shenyu abruptly came to his senses, shuddered, then swiftly retreated. Miao ignored him as her attention was focused solely on the dashing young man in the crystal.

The Dao King, or rather, Haotian!

After the fall of Taiyis celestial court in the great wilderness, Haotian collected its remnants and retook the world of celestials. He set himself against the human dao and tried to conquer it. When he failed, he vanished.

Haotians name later reappeared in the primordial world of immortals a hundred thousand years ago from present day; he was one of the four great Lords and Lady of the primordial court. They were Great Empress of East, Myrtlestar; Great Emperor of the West, Polaris; Great Emperor of the North, Zhenwu; and Great Emperor of the South, Haotian!

The little fox hadnt connected Haotian of the last era in the great wilderness with the Great Emperor Haotian of the Primordial Era until she returned to the great wilderness with Lu Yun.

Great Emperor Haotian had gone missing when the cataclysm descended a hundred thousand years ago—everyone had thought he was dead. But it now looked very possible that he was behind that disaster!

Haotian… the Dao King!

Miao would never be mistaken—the person in front of her was Haotian. So they meet again!

Crack crack craaaack.

The void crystal created by the Nineworld Origin Diagram and the Netherdark Formation slowly split open, releasing the Dao Kings body.

“So its you.” His voice was genteel and refined as he looked at the little fox with a trace of surprise. “Then its obvious who the Empyrean King is. Since it is you, my defeat this round makes sense.

“You will now take one of my blows. If you can, the game continues. If not, go back to where you came from.”


His white robes shook as boundless Hongmeng qi pierced through the diagram and formations blockade to concentrate on him.

“Take one of my blows!” he roared and punched at the little fox.

Close at hand, a dismayed World King quickly redeployed the Nineworld Origin Diagram to protect all of the Origin World kings within the palace. This punch exceeded the strength of any ninth step king and was on par with the Nineworld Origin Cannon!-

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