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“Formation, rise!” The Wild Formation Kings eyes lit up when he saw the Immortal and Intrance Kings enter the ambush. He quickly activated the formation that hed set up beforehand and split the void a hundred million miles around, creating another spatial zone.

Lu Yun and the little fox looked around wildly with surprise. Though they were prepared and had purposefully walked into the trap, the development still took them off guard.

To think that the Wild Formation King would be so strong as to split the void in two!

“Immortal King, Intrance King!” The Alchemist King appeared with a twisted smile in the middle of the formation. “I know that you two saw through our setup before leaving the city, but you still set foot into it without hesitation. Are we supplemental kings really so worthless to you”

Humiliation colored the look in his eyes.

Theyd set up their formation with full confidence, but when their quarry casually hopped into the arrangement, the two realized that their targets had long known about the formation. They werent planning on going to Starspace Regions rescue, but were here for the Wild Formation and Alchemist Kings!

The Wild Formation King also materialized with an ugly glare at Lu Yun and the little fox.

“Indeed,” Lu Yun sighed. “I didnt think much of you before I came, but now I realize that I have indeed underestimated you.

“Im of the mindset that Im superior to everyone when it comes to the dao of formations, but the Wild Formation Kings can carve out a portion from the Hongmeng void. I cant do that.”

“You admit that youre less than me” the Wild Formation King blinked.

“No!” Lu Yun lifted his head and shot a keen look at Wild Formation. “I wouldnt admit that even if the Dao King was here, so Id like a contest with you!”

“Very well!” Wild Formation inclined his head. “You win if you can dismantle my Primordial Execution Formation. If you cant, then the two of you will die within it today.”

“What do we win if we break your formation” Miao frowned.

“If you break it, then my life is yours,” Wild Formation gave a long peal of laughter. “We bet our lives!”

“Of course,” Alchemist interjected. “Since I lost to you last time, I should not be making trouble for you. But I do not accept my defeat! This time, we will compete on the basis of battling with supplemental dao. If you win again, I will completely accept it and you can take my life as well!”

“I will agree to this,” Lu Yun nodded. “But if you two lose, you cannot detonate your seed storage.”

All Hongmeng beings created a seed storage within themselves and placed all of their wealth inside. Their minds were tied to it and if they died, so would the storage be destroyed—ruining all of the treasures it held.

That was what had happened with the Autumn King and Jinse, preventing him from claiming any of their treasures. Hed been glum for a very long time that their seed storage had burst at the second of their death.

Thus, this was a non-negotiable condition for him to wager lives with the Alchemist and Wild Formation Kings.

They looked at each other and indicated their agreement. “That is just as well, so if you and the Intrance King lose, you cannot lay waste to your seed storage either.”

Lu Yun nodded, but all things considered, theirs was just a verbal agreement. If death was staring at them in the face, who would care about any of that

None of the four was a ninth step king. Therefore, they couldnt split out their consciousness for backup replicas in the event of their death. If they died, they died. However, if they sought to fulfill the terms of their bet, there were ways around that limitation—such as severing the connection between the mind and seed storage.

“Then let us begin.” Wild Formation nodded at Lu Yun and vanished into the formation along with Alchemist. The great formation rumbled to life.

“Be careful, hes very strong,” Lu Yun cautioned.

Theyd planned on using the Bridge of Forgetfulness to smash the formation to pieces, but Lu Yuns interest had suddenly been piqued. It would be nice to battle the Wild Formation King face-to-face.

When Lu Yun first arrived in the world of immortals, hed used feng shui layouts to dismantle formations and slowly rise to power. The art of feng shui wasnt lost in the Hongmeng, and someone like the Wild Formation King would naturally be trained in both disciplines. Lu Yun had to battle him.

“Mm.” Miao cocked her head. “Ill go take care of that Alchemist King. You be careful.”

She vanished in a cloud of bubbles, seeking out the hidden Alchemist King. The little fox understood what Lu Yun intended and naturally wouldnt disturb his battle with the Wild Formation King.

In comparison, Alchemist had already lost once to him, so Lu Yun wasnt inclined to step on him again.

Lu Yun took a step forward after her departure, formation glyphs rippling out from beneath his foot and interweaving in the air to become ten thousand formations. This step carried with it the power of countless Yin Yang Formation Orbs.

The Primordial Execution Formation was as its name indicated, of primordial origins and its purpose to execute all life. Fearsome spatial power brewed within it, one tinged with an exceedingly uncanny power of slaughter.

The second Lu Yuns ten thousand formations rose, energy from the great formation around him billowed over from all sides.


All of his formations instantly crumbled.

“The Wild Formation King is continuing to strengthen his formation.” Lu Yun remained coolly composed and took another step forward, oscillating more glyphs beneath his foot into another ten thousand formations. He wasnt using any other method at the moment, just pure formation dao.

“The Immortal King is using formations as a combat art!” Wild Formation gasped with shock.

Though the Primordial Execution Formation had trapped Lu Yun to the point where he could only passively react to changes in his environment, what he was displaying still made Wild Formations heart quail.

The Immortal King had already deployed combat arts through his supplemental phenomenon when refining pills, thereby shocking the Alchemist King, but this time he used formations as combat arts!

The ten thousand formations he created with each step were extremely weak, like paper in front of the Primordial Execution Formation, yet the combat art created by ten thousand formations kept their master in undeniable safety.

And that wasnt all…

Lu Yuns first step saw all ten thousand formations destroyed.

Lu Yuns second step saw nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine formations destroyed. One remained intact.

His third step saw two remain intact.

His footsteps increased in speed and an increasing number of formations circulated around him.-

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