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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1320: Huge Millstone

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The Wild Formation Kings face grew ever paler. Hed adjusted the Primordial Execution Formation so that it exerted more power, but Lu Yun was becoming continuously more comfortable inside.

“How is that possible! You swallowed my poison pill!” The Alchemist Kings voice suddenly rang out.

“What! Poison” Startled, Wild Formation felt sudden weakness assault him and a terrifying poison seep into his body. He quickly turned inky black.

“Dammit, the Intrance Kings illusions have bewitched him!” Wild Formation instantly realized what had happened and kept a cool head, taking out an antidote and ingesting it immediately.

The poison percolating through his body faded away.

Given his friendship with the Alchemist King, he naturally possessed all sorts of antidotes and medicines from his friend.

“How is that possible!” He was greeted by a stupefying sight when he came back to his senses. Ten thousand formations circulated around Lu Yuns body and that number was still increasing!!

“This cant be allowed to continue, the Primordial Execution Formation will shatter before long,” Wild Formation started to panic.

This was one of his strongest formations, ranking less than Hopeless Majors Netherdark Formation and on par with the Nethersoul and Darkyin Formations. Hed found some flaws in it after countless simulations of how to break it, but hed never thought that someone would break it by filling it beyond capacity!

Though Lu Yuns current number of formations wasnt enough to burst open the Primordial Execution Formation, he was perfectly on track to do so. When he collected a million formations around him, that would be the moment of eruption.

“Primordial Massacre Formation, rise!” Wild Formation suddenly appeared in the midst of his arrangement and an enormous formation disk descended from the sky, landing in the middle of his formation.


A drastic change occurred with a mighty tremble in the surroundings.

The Primordial Execution Formation and Primordial Massacre Formation activated at the same time, combining into one entity with a clear distinction between them, resembling an enormous millstone.

The little fox shook and fell out of the two formations, returning to Lu Yuns side.

“Grind!” Wild Formation brought his hands together and rotated them counter clockwise.

The two formations began to rotate, behaving exactly like a millstone and bearing down on the targets with ferocious crushing momentum. They pulverized the void in front of them, shredding space into tiny and even tinier particles.

“I cant hold on.” Miao had fully released her stores of Mirage Sand, but they were insufficient to withstand the grinding force of the two formations.

“My foundations in the Hongmeng are too shallow—I dont have anything to suppress fortune, other than refining a cauldron of creation and the Purple Stellar Mountain,” murmured Lu Yun as the ten thousand formations around him crumbled away.

Hed drifted around without a home since arriving in the Hongmeng. When he finally established his enterprise in Multitude City, the Supplemental Dao Alliance came to kick in his doors every other day.

There hadnt been enough time for him to fully develop his strength.

The Purple Stellar Mountain was strong, but he couldnt command it. Other than detonating it against a ninth step king, it was far more likely that they would take it from him instead.

Something like the Bridge of Forgetfulness was also subject to a nebulous limitation in the third realm. Jin Naluo hadnt dared to use it after borrowing it, for fear of being targeted by others.

A foundation to suppress fortune was a treasure that could intimidate all comers, but not to the point of arousing too much fear and jealousy. The Nineworld Origin Diagram of Origin World and Netherdark Formation of Hopeless Major registered in that category, but Lu Yuns Purple Stellar Mountain paled far in comparison.

If he was wielding either of the other two treasures at the moment, he could instantly smash the giant millstone to smithereens.

“The combined power of the two formations is infinitely close to a Netherdark Formation without its flame. The Wild Formation King is a veritable genius!” Lu Yun took a deep breath and formed a seal with both hands, sending ten thousand formations around him soaring into the sky. They shifted into a giant with its feet on the Primordial Execution Formation and hands clutching the Primordial Massacre Formation, trying to wrench the two apart.

“A combat art manifestation!” Color drained from Wild Formations face; fresh blood spewed out of his orifices. Combining the two formations into a millstone was the limits of his capabilities, and it wasnt complete.

There was a gaping weakness in it that Lu Yun had plainly discovered. As long as the giant of ten thousand formations could withstand the crushing momentum of the millstone, Lu Yun would be able to destroy the formations through the flaw!

However, Lu Yun and Wild Formation werent facing off in single person combat; the Alchemist King was also present.

“Immortal King, catch these pills!” He suddenly howled and materialized a string of pills. Assembling them in a peculiar form, he threw them at Lu Yun.

“Be careful!” Miao shouted with alarm, having just experienced how strong these pills were. She took a deep breath and stepped forward, surrounding the pills with a dreamlike formation of illusion.


The millstone crushed her formation to pieces the moment it appeared. Since she stood at the fore, the combined formations churned right into her.

Lu Yun and the little fox were battling supplemental dao with the Alchemist and Wild Formation Kings, not cultivation strength. Otherwise, Miao wouldve exploded with the battle strength of a ninth step king and mangled those pills as an afterthought.

Trouncing all comers, the Alchemist Kings pills arrived in front of Lu Yun.




They exploded as soon as they drew near him; Lu Yun spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backward.

“Dont do anything!” He called out when he saw the little fox extract herself from the millstone and three golden-purple dao rules start to shimmer into existence. This contest was one of supplemental dao. Once she used her strength as a titled king, it would damage their dao hearts and make future progress difficult.

Quickly realizing what was at stake, Miao dismissed her dao rules and summoned her scattered Mirage Sand with a beckon of her hands.


Lu Yuns giant of formation combat arts lost the battle against the two formations. They regrouped into a tightly joined together millstone and bore down menacingly on the two.-

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