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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1322: Haotian Tower

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The big millstone lacked a rind to bind the two formations together. Thus, it could be more accurately described as two slabs of stone stuck together and not a real millstone.

Despite its shortcomings, it could still crush kings through sheer momentum alone. But when faced with a premier supplemental king like Lu Yun, its tiny flaw could be infinitely magnified into a fatal weakness.

The Wild Formation King suffered heavy backlash the moment the millstone broke apart; ugly fractures crawled up his body like he was a piece of porcelain. Ignoring his own injuries, the Alchemist King turned all of the pills he carried with him into medicinal qi and furiously poured it into his friends body.

However, the enormous millstone was a treasure that Wild Formation had used his life to operate. His core essence was gravely wounded with its destruction and his soul teetered on the edge of shattering.

“Alchemist King!” Formation robe still draped around him, Lu Yuns every gesture was accompanied by the light of a million formations. He roared at the other, “Its your turn now!”

He raised a hand and punched out at Alchemist.

Scrambling for a response, Alchemist beckoned endless medicinal qi into existence. It condensed into a mammoth pill that enclosed him with safety. Golden ripples oscillated violently over it, each undulation containing countless pills that were also extreme poison. They could both explode to deal damage or poison the enemy.

Lu Yuns blow failed to break the huge pill.

“Again!” he snarled. His formation robe flared into a gigantic sword that descended with Dragonrise as Lu Yun pointed at his opponent.

Using formations to deploy combat arts!

His techniques were infinitely more marvelous than the half-baked attempt from the Alchemist King.

Alchemist was almost out of his mind. Theyd utterly lost the battle! Both of them had lost the contest of supplemental dao to the Immortal and Intrance Kings!


Alchemists immense pill splintered into irreparable pieces from the stroke. Both Alchemist and Wild Formation dumbly regarded the divine sword light with fear and dread.


They were about to die.

It was all over.


An earsplitting hum exploded in the void as a giant scroll snaked into the open, rebuffed Lu Yuns sword, wrapped around the two kings, and vanished with them.

“Immortal King, they lose this round, so take their seed storage. However, their lives belong to me!” came a clear voice upon the air.

“Hes the Runaway King alright, he scampered real quick after that,” grumbled the little fox next to Lu Yun.

Shenyu materialized in the void a hundred million kilometers away, an awkward expression on his face. No one other than his master had known of his title before. Now that the Intrance King called it out, it went without saying what their identities were.

After suffering such massive losses, Origin World had shut itself away in the depths of Origin Sea. Its cultivators would not come here.

“Intrance King, Immortal Illusion King” Shenyu forced out through grit teeth and then curved his lips in a wry smile. He took out two pills for the Alchemist and Wild Formation Kings.

“Our thanks to Sir Shenyu for saving our lives.” His injuries comparatively lighter, Alchemist recovered first to thank Shenyu.

Shenyu was the Dao Kings first disciple and the Alchemist King one of the founding members of the Supplemental Dao Alliance. Of course he knew who his rescuer was.

As for the Runaway King title that the Intrance King used, Alchemist ignored that entirely.

“Mm.” Shenyu nodded. “Dont take your failures to heart. Anything is still possible as long as you are alive. I made the call to give them your seed storage—there must be a price for failure.”

“Understood.” Wild Formation stood up with a nod.

Though theyd wagered their lives, they werent two sticks-in-the-mud. They wouldnt force Shenyu to return them to Lu Yun after being rescued.

“Master has ordered me to set up the Haotian Tower in Multitude City. We will be taking on the Immortal Pagoda. You two will collect the Imagination, Talisman Adept, and Prime Weapon Kings to help me.”

“What” Alchemist and Wild Formation widened their eyes. “The alliance lord wishes to attack the Immortal Pagoda But if we set up the Haotian Tower, our monopoly over supplemental dao…”

“That was broken the day the Immortal Pagoda was established.” Shenyu thought of his masters words. “The Immortal Pagoda is allied with the Ten Valleys of Evil and the monopoly is no longer effective. End it, lest we become the villains in the end.”

“We will.” They didnt dare respond with anything else.

“You must be on your toes, even my master gives full respect to the Immortal King and Intrance King. We cant afford any mistakes with the Haotian Tower. Let us go to Multitude City. Isnt there a mountain of Earth Light Magneticus there Well go claim that first.” Shenyu turned and left.


The previous Supplemental Convention had been hosted by the Alchemist, Wild Formation, and Imagination Kings. The Talisman Adept and Prime Weapon Kings had joined later when they received invitations. It wasnt their original intention to oppose Lu Yun.

But when Shenyus summons went out, they answered immediately and didnt dare consider otherwise. Shenyu was the Dao Kings first disciple and his successor. If anything happened to the Dao King, Shenyu would be the new leader.

Supplemental kings of the Hongmeng lost their autonomy once they joined the alliance. They were resources to be used by the organization, which came into play now with the Talisman Adept and Prime Weapon Kings.

The Colosseum was dead in all but name. There was only the Human King left among it and hed thrown his lot in with the Supplemental Dao Alliance to be their guard. Its last branch in Multitude City was the venue for the Supplemental Convention, but this assembly no longer belonged to the Supplemental Dao Alliance; it was the Immortal Pagodas instead.

The mountain of Earth Light Magneticus was still the main focus.

Lu Yuns victory over the Alchemist King and refining creation had made his reputation and further put the mountain into the spotlight. Increasing numbers of experts arrived from around the realm to attempt to claim it.

However, it proved impenetrable and unfathomably heavy. No one could pick it up.

One day, a young man in white robes approached it and laughed heartily. “I am Shenyu of Haotian Tower. I will try you on for size.”

He reached out with one hand and easily picked it up.

“What! Someones picked it up!!” An uproar broke out in the convention.

“Even a seventh step kings failed their attempt. Who is this young man Shenyu of Haotian Tower Whats Haotian Tower” Dumbfounded gazes shot toward Shenyu.

Inside the mountain, the treasure spirit glared weakly at its holder. It could sense how strong Shenyu was and wasnt dumb enough to make trouble for this kind of character. Shenyu could wipe it out of existence without trying.-

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