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Shenyu didnt put away the mountain of Stone Light Magneticus after picking it up. Hoisting it over his head, he took to the air.

“Do you want to know where Haotian Tower will be Come with me.” His voice surged through the streets until half of Multitude City could hear him.

There was a strange dao note in his tones that entranced weaker cultivators, or those with irresolute wills, and made them subconsciously follow behind him. When local experts took note of the disturbance, they knew that this Shenyu meant to stir up trouble. They also fell in line, but out of curiosity.

It seemed to many that Shenyu of Haotian Tower was targeting the Immortal Pagoda. And indeed, he headed straight for the pagoda, trailed by countless cultivators.

Various heavyweights within the city stirred to life; the sixth step kings of the Elysium Atelier, Sublime Pavilion, and Ingenium Gazebo as well as the seventh step king overseeing Multitude City looked in the direction of the Immortal Pagoda.

Several seventh step kings had attempted the mountain of Earth Light Magneticus, but theyd all failed. Seeing as Shenyu had easily picked it up, that meant he was no ordinary seventh step king.

So it appeared that a true expert from the Supplemental Dao Alliance had arrived.

“Its been less than three years since my departure from Multitude City… what happened to it for it to become like this” The one in charge of Multitude City—seventh step Rain King—looked ruefully at the young man headed for the Immortal Pagoda.

When Jin Naluo obtained the key to the Hongmeng Tower, the Rain King and another seventh step king had given chase. But when the other seventh step king died to devious tactics, the Rain King slipped away with egg on his face.

Although he didnt control the entire city and didnt dare hail himself as city lord, he possessed absolute power within certain areas of Multitude City. But upon his return, he discovered that everything had changed.

The Colosseum had been razed and replaced by the scandalous Immortal Pagoda. Those whod previously respected him, such as the Finepure King, couldnt be bothered by him anymore.

It was inordinately humiliating.

Hed thought of paying a visit to the Immortal Pagoda, but unfortunately, they set themselves against the Supplemental Dao Alliance and sought to break the alliances monopoly. After careful thought, the Rain King decided that it would be against his best interests to build a relationship with this new faction.

Today, a new character was in town and taking the Earth Light Magneticus back to its former owner. Speculations ran high that Shenyu actually wanted to smash it into the Immortal Pagoda.

But for now, Shenyu of Haotian Tower showed no signs of enmity.

The Immortal Pagoda was located on the most prosperous street—Black Tortoise Avenue—in the north quadrant of Multitude City. The avenue was fifteen thousand kilometers wide and one hundred fifty million kilometers long. Storefronts abounded on it and residences of various powerhouses were scattered throughout.

Black Tortoise Avenue wasnt the typical avenue found in mundane worlds; most of its buildings were erected on floating isles hovering in midair. Given the magnitude of Multitude City, only true titans could build on solid ground. Ordinary cultivators had to make do with residences in the floating isles.

Previously one of the most powerful factions on the avenue, the Colosseum had been replaced by the Immortal Pagoda. Despite the development, that didnt mean that there was a shortage of other impressive organizations nearby.

Trueriver Sect sat across the way from the Immortal Pagoda. A sect founded by sixth step Trueriver King, it accepted disciples throughout Multitude City. The sect was a third rate faction in the city.

First rate factions of Multitude City were ones that possessed seventh step kings—House Rain of the Rain King, Shangguan Clan, and now the Immortal Pagoda.

Second rate factions were the once four dens of crystal consumptions and a few others on par with them. They possessed peak sixth step kings such as the Human, Finepure, Elysium, and Ingenium Kings. As long as unnatural phenomena such as Jin Naluo and the Redbud King didnt take the field, the aforementioned kings would be the strongest among sixth step kings.

Trueriver Sect was second only to the four dens and the Trueriver King was just shy of peak sixth step kinghood; he was a well known personage in Multitude City.

Trueriver Sects influence extended throughout Multitude Region and occupied three major cities in its core territory, looming impressively overall. However, disaster struck today.


An enormous mountain descended from the air and crushed the Trueriver Sect complex, destroying everything within five hundred thousand kilometers. Pale-green light exploded from the mountain to further destroy the sects foundations.

“For what reason does this visitor destroy my Trueriver Sect!” The Trueriver King and his disciples escaped in the nick of time. They hovered in midair and glared at Shenyu with outrage.

“Get out of here within three breaths or be exterminated,” Shenyu responded faintly with a look at the king.

“…we go!” Trueriver set his jaw and waved his sleeves, sweeping up all disciples outside the ruined buildings. He himself transformed into a streak of light and left Multitude City.

Though their headquarters were ruined, the sect still possessed three cities outside of Multitude. Being a sect, that made Trueriver Sect different from the Colosseum. Other than a few branches in Multitude City, the Colosseum had no territory elsewhere.

Shock rippled through Multitude City, no one had thought that Shenyu would be so tyrannical as to destroy Trueriver Sect and seize their land without warning or reason!

There was something else afoot.

An agonized shriek erupted from the mountain of Earth Light Magneticus as soon as the sect members retreated. Shenyu had killed the treasure spirit within the mountain.

Crack crack crack!

The mountain disassembled into a crystalline tower of ninety-nine floors. “Haotian Tower” glittered in golden characters on the signboard over its doors, heralding the rise of another great faction in Multitude City.

Seeming to sense the general anxiety from his actions, Shenyu smiled faintly. “Didnt the Immortal Pagoda across the street also rise on the backs of the Colosseum Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I merely copy the Immortal King. He seized someone elses territory, and so did I just throw out the former occupants. He is the shining example of our generation, after all.”

He chuckled with delight. “Today, Haotian Tower is established in Multitude City for the purposes of distributing supplemental dao.”

“Hes definitely targeting the Immortal Pagoda!” Heavyweights throughout the city looked at each other and didnt dare offer their opinions. Theyd always thought that Immortal Pagoda was just scuffling with others in the city, that the faction wanted to focus on earning purple crystals. How wrong all of them were!

The Haotian Tower was plainly from the Supplemental Dao Alliance because the Immortal Pagoda had forced them to relinquish their monopoly!

“Hahaha!!” Hearty laughter boomed from the Immortal Pagoda. “I am a shining example for you Spare me the bull**. The Colosseum imprisoned my good friend, coveted my dao partner, and wanted to kill me to boot. I only took their territory and fought back because I was forced to!

“Given that, Runaway King, Id like to ask how the Trueriver Sect offended you” Lu Yun showed himself.-

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