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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1324: Opposition

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“Runaway King” Nearby cultivators, as well as the sixth and seventh step kings hidden in the shadows, gaped at the title.

The Runaway King

What kind of title was that

Lu Yuns response did make sense. Everyone was well aware of the reasons behind the Immortal King overthrowing the Colosseum. Multitude City kings had fully investigated everything regarding his run-in with the Windcall King before entering the Colosseum to his duel with the Beast King.

There was nothing of note between the Immortal King and Dusksnow Morningstar, but the formers friend had indeed been trapped by the Colosseum as a fighter slave. Though the Immortal King hadnt been a supplemental king then, the Intrance King had been one, and an exceptionally rare supplemental king of illusion at that. With her status, she couldve demanded the release of that person from the Colosseum.

Instead, the group decided to follow the Colosseums rules and show the faction all due respect. While they took advantage of a loophole, the Immortal King and his group refrained from throwing their weight around.

If the Windcall and Spacetime Kings hadnt dug in their heels to cause further trouble, the Colosseum wouldnt be in its current straits.

They were truly suffering the consequences of their own actions.

If it wasnt for this, no action from the Supplemental Dao Alliance wouldve been necessary to ensure that the Immortal Pagoda drew distaste from the various factions of Multitude City. Unwarranted arrogance wouldve resulted in the citys kings naturally ostracizing the pagoda and throwing the faction out of town.

It wasnt an easy task for one to find their footing in Multitude City.

Lu Yun had gradually won acceptance from various city factions only because he was in the right. Finepure and Finehearts proposal on grand opening day had been a joint probing from numerous Multitude heavyweights.

The matter had dwindled away to nothing upon Qing Yus arrival and subsequent erasure of the sisters memories.

After the start of the Supplemental Convention, besieging the Immortal Pagoda by ten arcane beast kings, battle with the Alchemist King… too many things had happened too quickly for the Multitude powerhouses to respond.

Lu Yun understood this as well.

If one wanted to establish a foothold in a metropolis like Multitude City, one needed both a strong fist and proper reason. Shenyu had violently destroyed Trueriver Sect immediately after his arrival and directed all blame to Lu Yun because he wanted the city to dislike the troublesome Immortal King.

Lu Yun naturally wouldnt allow things to develop in this direction, so he quickly stepped forward for a counterattack.

“Youre just playing with words.” Shenyu swept Lu Yun with a cold sneer. “The Intrance King is a supplemental king of illusion stronger than the Imagination King. She can have others see what she wants them to see. Justice lies with the will of the people.”

“Precisely, justice lies with the will of the people.” Lu Yun nodded. “The fellow daoists of Trueriver Sect were affected because of me. It is my responsibility that the Runaway King ran them out of Multitude City.

“I humbly compensate Trueriver Sect with nine thousand premium crystal veins and ten king grade formations. I hope that fellow daoist will accept them.” Premium crystal veins sparkling brilliantly flew out with a wave of Lu Yuns hand. They rushed outside the city to the recently departed Trueriver King, whose eyes widened at the sudden development.

Nine thousand premium crystal veins was no small sum. All of Trueriver Sects wealth accumulated to only three thousand veins; the Immortal King was compensating them with three times their treasury!

The Trueriver King was of a mind to refuse, but he really couldnt when faced with such a massive fortune. Ten king grade formations were even more priceless than purple crystals! Very few of them existed among any faction given the blockade over supplemental dao—these were treasures that couldnt be bought by any price.

“In that case… my thanks to the Immortal King!” Shaking and face flushed with emotion, the Trueriver King nodded to Lu Yun.

“There is no need for thanks, fellow daoist. Disaster struck the Trueriver Sect because of me, so compensation is only right and proper.” Lu Yun returned the gesture.

Shenyu remained standing beneath Haotian Tower without any change in expression, but he was inwardly very irritated. Nine thousand premium crystal veins were an immense sum to him too—it wasnt something that he could readily take out.

There were plenty of premium crystal mines in the Hongmeng, but the largest laid under Redbud Mountain. There was a terrifying dragon slumbering there that no one dared disturb—not even the Dao King would be able to handle the repercussions.

The Redbud King was a Redbud Butterfly from the mountain, the equivalent of a disciple of the Redbud dragon. She, and only she, could stand there and use the crystal veins how she would.

The second biggest mine belonged to the Supplemental Dao Alliance, but it was a difference of heaven and earth between the two mines.


Unbounded jealousy!

Shenyu privately cursed himself to high heaven. He wouldve tried to heal that Redbud Butterfly chrysalis if hed known that this would be how things would turn out. Who wouldve thought that the Immortal King would strike up a friendship with the Redbud King because of it

Lu Yun smiled radiantly at Shenyu after the Trueriver King vanished into the distance and returned to his Immortal Pagoda. He didnt intend on entangling further with the newcomer; hed already answered the Haotian Towers establishment and opening move with nine thousand premium crystal veins.

Shenyu was so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood. He was ready to cross proverbial swords with Lu Yun, but the Immortal King didnt want to bother with him at all!

“Wild Formation King!

“Alchemist King!

“Imagination King!

“Talisman Adept King!

“Prime Weapon King!” he suddenly shouted. “The five of you will reside in Haotian Tower from henceforth and refine supplemental items to be sold! Our retail price will be half of the Immortal Pagodas!”

“Understood!” Five supplemental kings suddenly materialized and knelt down in front of Shenyu, immediately reestablishing the majesty that Lu Yun had swept away.

“What! Five supplemental kings are kneeling in front of the Run—Shenyu!”

“Who is this Shenyu!”

“These five kings are from the Supplemental Dao Alliance and reign at the peak of their craft! If theyre going to refine items, does that mean the alliance is breaking its own monopoly”

“Sir Shenyu already said that Haotian Tower will be distributing supplemental dao!” The Hongmeng reeled with shock.

Compared to such momentum, Multitude Citys aversion to Shenyu was so weak that it was laughable.


Haotian Tower

Was the Dao King demonstrating his strength

The little fox stood at the ninth floor of the Immortal Pagoda and silently gazed upon the Haotian Tower. To her, Haotian was an old friend.

“Ignore them, were rich!” Qing Yu ran up to her and pulled her away from the window. “Heres all of the Wild Formation and Alchemist Kings belongings, as well as half of the vaults from Origin World.” She shoved a pink ball of light into Miaos hands.

“Mirage Sand… Fifteen hundred kilograms of Mirage Sand!!” the little fox shrieked. Wild Formations millstone had depleted her stores, so Qing Yus sudden gift thoroughly exhilarated her.

Clutching the ball to herself, Miao skipped off to closed door cultivation.-

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