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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1331: Ghostly Spies

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“I want his sword too, though I walk the way of the knife,” said the Bloodclad Duke. “If I can obtain the Stellar Stone Magneticus and forge a blood knife from it, no one beneath third step king will be my match.

“If you want to kill him for his sword, fight me first. You can do as you wish after you beat me.”

The Azureclad Duke glowered while Lu Yun considered everyone with resignation. Did these preeminent geniuses think he was a pig to be butchered however they liked

Despite that, he didnt fly into a rage. He wasnt offended by the Bloodclad Dukes words since most of his time and effort had indeed been spent on supplemental dao upon arriving in the Hongmeng. He hadnt had the chance to really hone his battle skills, so it was normal that he was lesser than all of them.

“How about we deal with the sword in our own way after we handle the vicious ghosts” proposed the Purpleclad Duke.

“What if he runs off” snorted Azureclad.

“Well just haul him back if he does,” came an indifferent female voice. Flames blazed to life in the void and a woman wrapped in crimson smoke walked out of the fire.

The Crimsonclad Duke was here as well.

Shocked gasps were drawn through the crowd—who wouldve thought that four out of the five unparalleled geniuses would come to Cloudexit City Was the venerated enforcer here as well then!


“Little brother, dont go running away now. If big sister finds you and accidentally hits you too hard, youll lose that little head of yours.” She winked coquettishly at Lu Yun.

The Crimsonclad Duke was a young woman roughly eighteen years old and exuded every possible womanly charm. She was one of the greatest beauties of the Hongmeng.

Though her expressions and gestures could entrance any man beneath titled kinghood, Lu Yun was completely immune to the temptation. After all, he spent his days in the company of two beauties so breathtaking that they personified trouble!

The Fineheart King had failed to seduce him in the Immortal Pagoda, and so did this Crimsonclad Duke.

Lu Yun spread his hands out—he didnt want to provoke these four either. If a real fight broke out and he had to fend for his life, his trump cards would probably blow Cloudexit City to high heaven.

Crimsonclad giggled like tinkling bells upon seeing Lu Yuns demeanor and left.

“Anyone who wants to challenge the Champion Duke may do so, but whoever dares take his sword will face my wrath.” Azureclad sneered and flicked his eyes to the eighteen kings in the sky before taking his leave.

“What did he look at us for Would we lower ourselves to take that sword” grumbled the Dawn King.

Earthmartial and the others shrugged. Since Dawn King was the city lord, hed refined Cloudexit Citys core essence. It wouldnt be difficult for him to surreptitiously ambush a superior realm cultivator.

Bloodclad and Purpleclad departed as well; Lu Yun wasnt worthy of their attention.

“Is the name of Champion Duke not well known enough” Lu Yun mused with dejection.

“Hahaha!!” Uproarious laughter broke out from the cultivators around him. “Do you really think youre a half step king worthy of a title just because youve defeated trash like Li Zhen”

“Nuh uh, he didnt even defeat that trash, just broke his sword. If you were wielding anything else, Li Zhen would slice you into two with one stroke.

“Ah this is boring, lets go. Hes just another Extraordinary Duke.”

“TheChampion Duke title is gonna be another joke after today, used to insult fools.”

A hint of viciousness floated onto Lu Yuns face when he heard the jeering around him.

The title of Champion Duke is also going to be a joke

This title was the pillar of a nation and people, encompassing illustrious battle feats! How dare these people turn it into a joke!

“Very well, Ill swap to another sword. No, how about I fight you with fists only” He coldly pointed at the person chortling about the title.

“Me” The cultivator brayed with laughter. “Oh no, oh no no no. Im just a minor character and a puny superior realm cultivator. Youre a noble, majestic duke, the Champion Duke! You cant lower yourself to my level!”

Contempt and patronization filled his tones as he bit off the title “Champion Duke” like it really was an insult.

“Heh heh heh,” Lu Yun cackled. “Li Zhen left without another word when I broke his sword, so how dare a puny nothing like you taunt me Do you really think the Champion Duke is a pushover”


Searing cerulean light flared from the Stellar Sword and flashed down on the superior realm cultivator.

Shock and dismay rocked the crowd; no one had imagined that the Champion Duke would be so small-hearted that hed want to kill someone after a few jeers! Hed just said that he would fight with his bare fists, but he used his sword the next second and plainly intended on killing his victim!

Despicable, shameless, reprehensible!

“You!” The cultivator swiftly backed up and flailed around to grab others for a shield, but the ray of sword light had locked onto him. No matter how he dodged or hid behind others, the stroke would still land on him!

“Bastard!” Flying into a rage, he emitted black smoke and formed an enormous ghostly face out to block the blow.

“Hes a vicious ghost!”

“Ghost!!” Shock and dismay of a different nature ripped through onlookers. The Champion Dukes target was a disguised ghost!

“What Ghosts have slipped into Cloudexit City!” This immediately drew the attention of the eighteen kings in the sky. They were hovering overhead to survey the city and face off the army of ghosts in Starspace Region, but the enemy had already snuck into the city!

“Is it a coincidence, or did he actually recognize the ghosts true identity” They looked uncertainly at each other.

The Dawn King looked on with a black look; the ghosts fake identity came from one of his forces. Despite the unwelcome revelation, a ghost in the superior realm didnt warrant action from the kings.

Back in the city, Lu Yun smashed through the ghostly face of smoke, kicked the ghost to the ground, and stepped on him. He pierced through the ghosts forehead with a simple stab and killed him where he laid. The ghost dispersed into the air as a tendril of black smoke.

“You killed him!” Cultivators clustered around when they saw him execute the ghost.

“What, do you think youll get his conspirators out of him” Lu Yun rolled his eyes. Inwardly, however, he frowned to himself.

He had indeed killed the ghost, but there was no new addition to his Infernum like thered been when he executed the Meteorite King. The ghost was completely gone. Its like when I killed the akasha ghosts, none of them became my Infernum either.

Lu Yun had subdued the ghost ancestor, but it wasnt much help in the Hongmeng. All it could do was remain in hell.

The ghost hed just killed was so much stronger than the ghost ancestor that it could crush the ancestor with one hand. Evidently, the ghost ancestor was relevant only in the chaos and had nothing to do with the ghosts of the Hongmeng.

A faint hunch flickered in Lu Yuns mind—the ghosts of the Hongmeng might have something to do with the akasha ghosts. The akasha ghosts… seemed to be everywhere. They were drawn by a child of resentment, and who was the child

As for the ghost hed just killed—Lu Yun had discovered him early on and was beyond startled to find a disguised ghost swaggering through town. That meant there was a spy among the eighteen kings!

He reflexively looked upward, unable to see that the kings wore unpleasant expressions as the same thing occurred to them.


“Hah, that bunch of trash dares call themselves kings.” Having witnessed everything thatd just happened, Azurecloud curled his look at the eighteen kings.

“Sir, theyre just some low level kings. Apart from Earthmartial who possess some real skill, the other seventeen are no match for you.” A young girl dressed in similar azure robes stood next to Azureclad, resting her head on his shoulder. He stroked her pale blue hair and nodded slightly.

“One of their agents in the city has been removed, theyre probably about to launch their first salvo. Otherwise, the ghost king hidden in the shadows will be exposed soon, too.” Azureclad stood up with a lazy stretch. “Qing Ting, keep an eye on that Champion Duke when the melee starts. Dont let him get away, hes not what he appears on the surface.”

“Dont worry, hes not going anywhere.” Qing Ting smiled merrily.-

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