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Cloudexit City benefited the most from the antagonism between the Immortal Pagoda and Haotian Tower. Countless cultivators flooded both shops the moment they opened for business, furiously buying everything they could lay their hands on.

Of course, Haotian Towers prices were cheaper and all of their treasures refined by supplemental kings. Therefore, it was the more popular out of the two.


The Li Clan naturally possessed a stronghold in Cloudexit City, one with three kings in residence. They hadnt offered their help to the other seventeen Cloudexit kings. In their eyes, those seventeen were just a bunch of country bumpkins; they didnt share a similar language.

First step kings of Azure Dragon Region had progressed beyond forcefields to employ influence, but the seventeen kings of Cloudexit City—including Earthmartial—still utilized forcefields.

Back on his clans grounds, Li Zhen was neither punished nor had his movements restricted. Once his injuries healed completely, he immediately ran back into the city and found Lu Yun.

Does this guy have a dogs nose or something How did he find me so quickly Lu Yun was shopping to his hearts content in Haotian Tower. Many of Immortal Pagodas wares were essentially sold at cost, so Haotian Tower selling theirs for half of that was just losing money while doing business.

Hed be an utter fool not to take advantage of this, thus here Lu Yun was.

“You, you, you!! Youre a disciple of the Trueriver Sect, how can you be purchasing goods at Haotian Tower Youre a traitor!” Li Zhen beat his chest with anguish when he found Lu Yun.

“How the heck am I a traitor” Lu Yun responded with resignation. “The goods here are of excellent quality and reasonable prices, theyre half of whats on sale at the Immortal Pagoda! Am I supposed to spend more crystals to buy the same thing”

“Of course youre supposed to go to the Immortal Pagoda!” Li Zhen widened his eyes at Lu Yun. “Though theyre a bit more expensive, I believe that you pay for what you get! Theres nothing good that can be found cheap!”

“Blockhead.” Lu Yun rolled his eyes and turned back to the shelves.

“But the Trueriver Sect…” Li Zhen protested feebly.

“The sect was too weak to protect our own territory in Multitude City—it was only natural that we withdrew. Besides, its not like the Haotian Tower killed anyone in my sect. Its just a piece of land, well take it back when were strong enough.” Lu Yun grabbed a random talisman and stuffed it in special bags of holding that Haotian Tower had refined for this very purpose.

“Hahaha!! This little brother speaks truly!” Dressed in golden robes, an elder with sunken cheeks approached Lu Yun. “This old man is Situ Qing. I am the grand steward of the third floor of Haotian Tower.”

“Greetings to Steward Situ!” Lu Yun adopted a solemn expression and bowed to the old man.

This steward wasnt a king, but he was a powerful half step king. He was likely on par with Li Quan.

“Hahaha, is this little brother a disciple of the Trueriver Sect” Situ Qing asked merrily.

“Champion Duke of Trueriver Sect, at your service!” Lu Yun lifted his chin slightly, every inch a proud genius fresh into his first journey across the realm.

“So youre the Champion Duke!” Situ Qing turned serious. “They say that the Champion Duke possesses a Stellar Sword refined by the Immortal King himself. I wonder if I may…”

“Take it.” Lu Yun chucked the sword into Situ Qings hands before he could finish.

The elder ceased to speak after receiving the sword. He observed it carefully, not to note its ingredients, but its refinement method!

Most items sold in the Immortal Pagoda were the work of supplemental grandmaster puppets; very few of them came from Lu Yuns hands. The puppets could handle even king grade treasures if a hundred of them, and a time formation, worked on one at the same time.

Haotian Tower had been unable to discern Lu Yuns level of supplemental dao in all this time, and hed only become more mysterious after he and the little fox defeated the Alchemist and Wild Formation Kings with pure supplemental dao.

Studying the Stellar Sword was the easiest way to peek into the enigmatic Immortal Kings level of strength.

On Lu Yuns side, hed never taken seriously the Haotian Tower and its idiotic way of competing with him. The supplemental kings and grandmasters of the Supplemental Dao Alliance rarely left home. On the rare occasions they did, they headed for areas of danger filled with treasure and scant on people.

In his eyes, these kings and grandmasters were Hongmeng level shut-ins. Itd be one thing if it was the Dao King personally holding down the fort in the Haotian Tower, but with someone like the Runaway King at the helm, it posed no threat whatsoever.

How would a price war affect the Immortal Pagoda They lacked for everything but purple crystals!

“What a fine Stellar Sword. The Immortal Kings supplemental realm is so marvelous that the rest of us cannot hope to aspire to his level!” Situ Qing sighed with amazement.

“But of course!” Li Zhen looked around proudly, as if the words were meant for him.

“Champion Duke, is this sword for sale” the elder suddenly asked.

“Haotian Tower is as shameless as expected! You cast greedy eyes on the treasures of your customers through the course of a simple conversation!” Li Zhen ranted before Lu Yun had a chance to respond.

Lu Yun grabbed him by the collar and yanked Li Zhen behind him. He smiled apologetically, “My friend fought the ghosts a few days ago and broke his brains. Please dont mind him, grand steward.”

“Ahem!” Situ Qing coughed awkwardly.

“Its not impossible for me to let go of the sword… But with the ghosts at the city gates and another great battle about to break out, I would lack a proper weapon if I did so. In that case, a hundred and eight thousand king grade flying swords! Yes, I think thats right, Ill sell the Stellar Sword to Haotian Tower for that price!” Lu Yun mused with an expression of reluctance.

Situ Qing shuddered; the sword suddenly felt hot in his hands. He quickly shoved it back into Lu Yuns embrace and spoke no more on the matter.

A hundred and eight thousand king grade flying swords

They wouldnt be able to come up with that much if they sold the entire tower!

Though Haotian Tower was staffed by Hongmeng level shut-ins who had no idea how to do business, they still possessed common sense. If they took the sword by force today, the Immortal Pagoda would rise tomorrow and keep them so firmly underfoot that they wouldnt be able to lift their heads.

Though Stellar Stone Magneticus was a treasure beyond imagination to outsiders, it wasnt all that rare to the kings of the Supplemental Dao Alliance.

“Heh heh heh, this old man has business elsewhere and must be on my way.” Situ Qing quickly left the scene. Hed used a few tricks to record the supplemental dao achievements on the sword; he had to go make a report to the king in residence at the tower.

Lu Yun shrugged indifferently and continued his shopping, sweeping everything useful, useless, and in between into his bag.

Li Zhen swallowed hard and asked carefully, “Youve accumulated at least a few million premium purple crystals on your bill… Do you have that much on you”

“The sect master gave me ten crystal veins before I left and told me to spend them wisely, but that I cant lose face for the sect either.” Lu Yun cracked open a seal on one of the veins and allowed its unique aura to seep out.

Li Zhen stared wordlessly at the sky. Why is there such a difference between people sometimes This guy is so treasured by the Trueriver Sect, but no one loves me in my clan and they wanted to pack me off to the Enforcer Alliance.-

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