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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1343: Armed To the Teeth

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Lu Yun was roughly a hundred and fifty million kilometers outside Cloudexit City due to prodding from the flame of order. He frowned slightly at the king whose face he couldnt make out.

“A third step king”

“Hahahaha!!” the man threw his head back with laughter. “Champion Duke, how dare you travel outside the city by yourself when you possess great treasure Today is your execution day!”

Hed wrapped his personal force around his body so that Lu Yun couldnt sense his aura or make out his face. However, Lu Yun could still tell that he faced a third step king.

“It looks like youre nobody of any worth if you think the Stellar Sword is a great treasure.” Lu Yun shook his head with sarcasm. When Situ Qing handled the sword earlier, Lu Yun had been very surprised to detect no hint of greed from the steward.

“Hmph, youre dying today no matter what you say!”


Scintillating radiance burst out of his blade and viciously cut down on Lu Yun. This stroke could cleave mountains, part seas, and kill people. They were less than half a dozen kilometers apart, so Lu Yun could already sense the onset of death.



Azure sword light and black blade light suddenly appeared in the air and blasted the strike away. In fact, they broke it into motes of light!

“What a shameless king to be bullying a half step king!” Li Zhen descended from the sky with the ghost-headed blade on his shoulders, but Qing Ting was even faster than him.

Her sword work flitted at the heights of perfection—particularly after her battle with the ghost king half a month ago. Her strength had increased as well and the blow shed struck out was on par with one from a first step king.

She could summon the projection of the Hongmeng Tower at any time and become a titled king.

Just like her brother, however, she was an ambitious half step king. They continued to accumulate their strength instead so they could form a few more dao rules when they ascended and be a high level king.

She wielded a king grade sword, wore a king grade robe, and king grade defensive baubles tinkled against each other on her body—she was a walking treasure vault. Naturally, she was wholly unafraid that she faced a third step king.

The king almost vomited blood from anger when he heard Li Zhens words.

“So the little girl has come as well! Very well, Ill take care of all of you together! And you, Li Zhen, hand over your blade!” roared the third step king and fully unleashed his strength. He slashed outward with a straightforward stroke and surrounded the three with snowy blade light.

“Its the blade work of the Li Clan!” Li Zhen almost expired on the spot from shock. “Third uncle, its you! You want to kill me!”

“DIE!!” was the only response and harsher blade light.


The void shook as purple-golden brilliance exploded in the air, decimating the blade light.




Rays of purple-golden brilliance exploded one after another and knocked the third step Li king back. Cracks appeared over his high grade battle blade at the same time.

Detonation Talismans.

King grade Detonation Talismans!

Going for three hundred thousand purple crystals a piece, Lu Yun had just bought a hundred of them. They were refined by the Talisman King, but it wasnt as if Lu Yuns were any inferior.

Of course, no one knew what was in his seed storage. He could bring out treasures of his own creation with none the wiser.

A dozen Detonation Talismans exploding in short order was difficult for third step kings to defend against. The barrage quickly blew the layer of personal force around Li Zhens third uncle to smithereens.

Fresh blood drenched him and his arms were bloody stubs. Only a hilt was left of his weapon. He looked blankly at Lu Yun, not understanding whatd happened. Why had a third step king ended up in such straits when hunting down a half step king

His vital signs were dimming and he was on the verge of death.

“Idiot, you should know that I came out of Haotian Tower since youve been following me all this time. I bought a ton of treasures there, but you still rush headlong at me Are you tired of living”

Their scuffle drew significant attention and countless strong minds swept across them. Lu Yun knew that many kings were following him. Hed gone to Haotian Tower not only to shake off Qing Ting, but to teach those kings a lesson.

Though he carried valuable treasure and purple crystal veins on him, he wanted to tell people that he was also armed to the teeth. Kill him for his treasures Theyd have to first assess if they were worthy!

Another talisman appeared in his hand to kill the third step king.

“Champion Duke!” Li Zhen stopped him. “Hes, hes my third uncle!”

“He wants to kill you,” Lu Yun said with a meaningful look at the young man.

“But hes still my third uncle and my fathers younger brother!”

“…fine then, Ill let him off the hook this one time because of it. I wont be as nice if he dares come again.” Lu Yun put away the Detonation Talisman.

“Hmm The last talisman he brought out seemed different from the others. It doesnt seem to come from the Talisman King,” murmured a voice in the air.

“This duke visited the Immortal Pagoda before I left Cloudexit City, alright” Lu Yun grumbled with annoyance.

The voice said no more. Everyone recalled that the Champion Duke was a Trueriver disciple, and that the Trueriver Sect was friendly with the Immortal Pagoda.

“Third uncle…” Li Zhen placed a pill in his uncles mouth, helping the man recover some color in his face.

He looked at Li Zhen without a word.

“This is the Azureclad Dukes younger sister and Coiling Dragon citys little princess. It wont matter if you kill me and the Champion Duke today, but if you harm the little princess, our clan will not be far from extermination,” Li Zhen explained expressionlessly.

His third uncles eyes widened with shock. He hadnt followed Lu Yun into Haotian Tower earlier, so he didnt know whatd taken place.

“I see.” He stood up, took a deep look at his nephew, and left with a turn.

“Your third uncle wants to kill the Champion Duke, but you let him go… tsk tsk tsk.” Qing Ting looked at Li Zhen with amusement.

He flashed a wry grin back. “I can, I can forgo my challenge to the Champion Duke in return then.”

“Challenge the Champion Duke Do you think you can beat him” Qing Ting snorted. “Your third uncles first stroke was fatal, but the duke easily avoided it. It looks like weve all underestimated him.”

“I told you a long time ago that Im really strong, but none of you believed me!” Lu Yun looked at them with fierce self assurance. “How else would I have gained the title of Champion Duke”

“And who gave you the title” Qing Ting asked with a smile.

“The Immortal King,” Lu Yun answered without missing a beat. What It was true.-

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