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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1366: Vixen

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Azure Dragon Region was situated in the east of the Hongmeng, bordering the endless Hongmeng Sea. It was a major region that was markedly stronger than Multitude Region. Its greatest city— Azure Dragon City—was also superior to Multitude City.

The Coiling Dragon City that the Azureclad Duke and Qing Ting hailed from was the second most important city of the region. Coiling Dragon City was on par with Multitude City—countless sixth and seventh step kings were in residence here.

Being a historic major region in the Hongmeng set Azure Dragon apart from Multitude.

Multitude Region was strong because of the Endless Reaches. The infinite bounty of resources and treasures to be found in the area called to powerhouses from around the realm. However, those without qualifications to enter the Endless Reaches could only remain on its outskirts, in Multitude Region.

That was how the region gradually developed and became a stage for various Hongmeng heavyweights to prove themselves. Compared to Azure Dragon, Multitude was much too young. Any one of Azure Dragons cities could destroy the entire region.

Lu Yun and Dragon Butterfly had arrived at Azure Dragon Region.

“Compared to this region, the others that Ive been to are practically primitive backwaters not worth mentioning.” Lu Yun looked around with awe as he strode through the magnificence of Coiling Dragon City.

It wasnt on a gigantic scale like Multitude City—the latter was so mammoth because itd never had a true ruler, resulting in continued uncontrolled expansion.

Coiling Dragon, on the other hand, was firmly ruled by its city lord. All of the citizens were his subjects; even the seventh step kings were no exceptions.

The main city spanned roughly one hundred million kilometers; there were numerous satellite cities beyond that formed a protective ring around Coiling Dragon City. As its name might indicate, the city did appear to be an enormous coiled dragon from a distance.

Lying in wait, claws unsheathed, ready to soar to the heavens.

It was a terrifying layout—the Coiling Dragon layout, and countless tiny layouts further made up its dragon scales, horns, and claws.


“Well, naturally. Azure Dragon Region is the land where the dragon ancestor soared into the skies. It is one of the ancestral regions of the Hongmeng and nothing that a place like Multitude Region can hope to measure up to.

“But… what are you doing in Coiling Dragon City Is the entrance to Dragonhollow Mountain here” Dragon Butterfly tilted her head up to Lu Yun with bafflement.

“The mountains not here, its in the Hongmeng Sea to the east of the region.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Its almost impossible for us to get inside with our strength alone, so I have to borrow the influence of others to do so.

“And, dont call me the Immortal King from now on. Call me the Champion Duke!”

“Yes yes yes.” Impatience crossed Dragon Butterflys face and she paused, “You want to borrow Coiling Dragon City to enter the mountain, dont you Arent you worried about dragging the city into this The ancient dragons of the mountain are nothing good. Once they lose their minds, theyd rather kill an innocent than let a suspect get away.”

“Thats right. So therefore, you cant appear in public from now on.” Purple light flashed next to Lu Yun and whisked Dragon Butterflys diminutive body away.

“Is this uhhh, that Purple Stellar Mountain of yours” She looked around at the inside of the crystal mountain.

“Yes,” Lu Yun confirmed. “You can cultivate in there—just make sure not to say or do anything! Ill release you when we get into Dragonhollow Mountain. You have nothing to do with me or Coiling Dragon City, and nothing to do with the Immortal King or Immortal Pagoda. Youre just a wild dragon!” Lu Yun declared solemnly.

“A wild dragon Fine, fine, Im a wild dragon then,” Dragon Butterfly grumbled before nodding in agreement. She sat down cross-legged, not to cultivate, but to adjust her body so her true spirit would integrate more fully with her current form.


“Champion Duke! What are you doing here! Do you really have designs on my sister” The Azureclad Duke roared in Lu Yuns face the second he saw the young man. “Dont even think about it, I wont let you be with my sister! Youve, youve been a bad influence on her!”

“Um…” Lu Yun blinked and rubbed his head, asking subconsciously, “Wheres Qing Ting”

“Piss off!” Azureclad glared furiously and swung his sword at the visitor.

Lu Yun jumped with shock and ran this way and that, clutching his head protectively. He was here to ask a favor from Coiling Dragon City, not make trouble!

There were now ten tendrils of order in his body; his strength had grown so explosively that he was far ahead of Azureclad. If he faced a second step king again, his opponent wouldnt even have a chance to self detonate. Sadly, ten tendrils of flame still werent enough to fight a third step king.

“Youre here, Champion Duke!” came Qing Tings delighted voice. “Seriously, youre too much, Qing Yan! Hes here to visit me, but youre not even letting him in!”

They were standing outside the main doors of the Coiling Dragon city lords residence. A runner had reported to Azureclad the moment Lu Yun arrived, which was why the duke had come out baying for blood straight off the bat.

“Hmph!” Azureclad snorted with dissatisfaction and retracted his sword light, inwardly mourning his current circumstances. His sister had completely let loose after they returned home. She no longer listened to his every word and didnt show much respect to him anymore.

Shed once viewed Azureclad as her idol and had eyes for no one else other than him. But she didnt even call him brother after they came back, she called him by his name! He wanted to vomit blood, especially after he tragically discovered that he was no match for her anymore!

Itd only been a few days!

Though shed taken a Pill of Creation and eaten a bag of Aureate Fruit, that would only become part of her foundation and slowly enhance her strength. It wouldnt vault her to new heights overnight like this.

Her battle strength had once rivaled that of a titled dukes and could withstand a first step ghost king, but she was far above that now.

When they first returned home, hed been unhappy about her friendship with the Champion Duke and tattled to their father. After Qing Ting found out, shed beaten him black and blue.

That marked the moment in which hed lost complete authority as her brother; a heart full of rage boiled over when he saw that Lu Yun was here. He knew that Qing Tings rapid increase in strength and strong foundations had something to do with the young man, but he was annoyed by the very sight of that brat!

It disgusted him to see them walk side by side!

“If you keep bullying the Champion Duke, Qing Yan, Ill hang you up by the front door!” Qing Ting grumbled at her brother with a pout.

“Er… that… wouldnt be nice Hes your brother, after all,” Lu Yun protested feebly. Would this brother and sister duo become the next Hua Fengwen and Hua Fengzhan

“I dont need your good guy act!” Azureclad gnashed his teeth.

“Its his fault for hanging around that hateful vixen all day!” Qing Ting harrumphed. “Ive been annoyed by him for a very long time, I just couldnt fight him before!”

“Vixen” Lu Yun paused, subconsciously thinking of the little fox.

“The Crimsonclad Duke!” Qing Ting snapped.-

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