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Chapter 1384: A Moment of Leisure Amidst Busyness

The Bridge of Forgetfulness circled the void in front of the grave and pierced through space, departing from the Hongmeng.

If it continued to remain in the third realm, its true spirit might really scatter and itd completely lose itself.


The Gates of the Abyss slowly closed on the ninth floor of the Immortal Pagoda.

“Who was that child” Qing Yu looked askance at Lu Yun.

“An akasha ghost.” Lu Yun looked very unhappy. “The bridge couldnt smash him, which means he possesses strength from the fourth realm. Maybe hes the source of the akasha ghosts, or maybe hes not.”

He threw two pieces of paper away. One of them was Ghost Dragon and the other the Fire Parasol Tree that was the current form of Ghost Phoenix. Neither of these were them—it was just drawings.

“The child used Ghost Dragon to lure me to the mountain and wanted to use me to dismantle the grave,” Lu Yun murmured to himself. “He put the chaos dragon zombie there for me to break the layout with.”

The huge graves layout was both intricate and uncanny. If not for the warning from Lu Yuns future self, he wouldve used the dragon zombie to break the grave wide open.

Thank goodness his future self could borrow a certain power to contact Qing Yu and pass on a message that way! It was because of this hint that Lu Yun fully came to his senses and realized there was another seductive power at play. He couldnt see through everything before he became a titled king.

Ghost Dragon had appeared in Coiling Dragon City both for the Dragonling Assembly and to lure him to Mount Cloudcover.

“Whats under the big grave of the mountain and whos… Meng” Lu Yun shook his head with incomprehension. Hed left a back door in the grave, one different from the mark that hed left in the lost ancient city. This time, hed left a miniature Gates of the Abyss.

It was through the gates that he heard the little boys final roar.

“It looks like the waters are very deep in the Hongmeng. The boy would be an absolute heavyweight in the fourth realm, but even he doesnt dare do as he will here.” Lu Yun stood in front of a window and looked at Haotian Tower across the way.

Shenyu was also looking at him from the tower.

Qing Yu and the little fox didnt disturb Lu Yun. They stood quietly by his side, flanking him.

“Do you know the truth about the Hongmeng” Lu Yun suddenly asked slowly.

Shenyu started, then shook his head. “I dont know, and neither does my master. Were all birds in this cage and everything we do is to open its doors so we can soar freely into the sky.”


Six months passed by very quickly.

Lu Yun spent this time with Qing Yu and the little fox. He didnt cultivate or oversee any matters. He merely spent his time sightseeing on pleasure trips and completely relaxing. These six months were his most relaxed since arriving in the third realm.

The trio traveled through half of the Hongmeng during this time. They journeyed through nearly a thousand major regions and fully took in the vastness and might of this realm. These were all observations that he couldnt make from the fourth realm.

Despite their utter lack of training during this time, setting their minds at ease actually resulted in significant increases to their strength.

Lu Yuns flame of order now boasted of twenty-five tendrils, more than double what it was before. Twenty-five wisps of flame propelled his strength to new heights, but they didnt change it on a fundamental level like they had before. Rather, it was his sword dao that benefited from his relaxation.

The second technique of Dragonsoar once more appeared in his path, and these six months rather felt like a moment of stolen leisure among extreme busyness to Lu Yun.


On this day, Lu Yun bid farewell to Qing Yu and the little fox. Traveling alone, he came to Coiling Dragon City of Azure Dragon Region.

“You heartless scoundrel—you left for six months, just like that, and didnt send any word whatsoever! I thought youd come back a few days earlier to visit my sister!” Azureclad bounded out of an unknown location as soon as Lu Yun arrived in his tiny residence in the Coiling Dragon city lords manor. He grabbed Lu Yuns collar and lectured him without further ado.

Lu Yun discovered that the faint trace of arrogance thatd been present on Azureclad before had vanished. Itd been replaced by a weighty steadiness, and the duke was much stronger as well.

Plainly, something special had happened to the Azureclad Duke during these six months.

“Eh” Lu Yun blinked. “Dont you want me to stay away from your sister”

“Of course! Youre not allowed near my sister!” Azureclad responded matter-of-factly. “But you havent sent word at all during this half year and didnt come visit my sister. Do you think shes mediocre, that shes not good enough for you”

Lu Yun didnt even know how to react anymore, what the heck did this Azureclad Duke have for brains

“Let go, let go. People might think you have feelings for me if they see us,” he complained impatiently.

Azureclads eyes widened. “Not, not only do you have designs on my sister, but me too!”


Lu Yun kicked the duke in the chest and threw him out of the residence.

“Leave me alone!” he shouted.

A sheepish Azureclad crawled up from the ground.

“I came to tell you that my sisters reached a critical point in her cultivation, so dont disturb her!” Azureclad ran off after delivering this important message.

“That kids damn strong, hes also improved in these six months! Were going to Dragonhollow Mountain tomorrow, so I need to think of a way to get even stronger!” Wiping away the mischievous expression on his face, Azureclad mused carefully over the days to come.

Just like hed said, Qing Ting didnt visit to welcome Lu Yun back to Coiling Dragon City. She mustve reached a critical moment in her cultivation.


“Though theres no order of time in the Hongmeng, I cant believe that they dont have a calendar. When Im strong enough, Im definitely going to establish a calendar for them.”

The next day, Lu Yun was part of Coiling Dragons entourage as they set out for the east toward the Hongmeng Sea. There were three days until the Dragonling Assembly.

Though the citys protagonists for the assembly were Lu Yun, Qing Ting, Azureclad, Leng Che, and You Cang, they were accompanied by tens of thousands of others from the faction. Apart from some superior realm followers, just the kings alone numbered almost one hundred.

When Lu Yun first arrived in the Hongmeng and viewed the realm from the eyes of an inferior realm cultivator, hed felt that the one hundred and eight kings that the Enforcer Alliance possessed made them the dominating heavyweight of the realm.

But as his cultivation level increased and his range of experience broadened, he finally saw how titled kinghood was only the beginning in the Hongmeng. Large cities such as Coiling Dragon possessed countless kings.

Their immense entourage was headed by the Dragonfeather King and two other kings; the small armys main goal was to prevent ambush from others. Competition was devastatingly fierce for Dragonling Assembly, many were those who didnt mind eliminating some competition along the way.

After all, the profits of the assembly werent limited to ones usage alone, but to the benefit of multiple major factions.-

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