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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1386: Douchebag

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Chapter 1386: Douchebag

“Theres no need to struggle. This particular formation of space and time is derived from a strand of time that I stole from the Immortal King when I fled Multitude City. It wont harm high level kings, but its an absolute walk in the park to execute a bunch of mid and low level kings.”


The formation activated; the Spacetime King wasnt giving Dragonfeather and the others a chance to speak or react.

Dragonfeather struck out with his sword, but his movement was negated by the terrifying poison of time. Even his flying sword dissolved into nothingness.

“Wait! We are willing to withdraw from the Dragonling Assembly!” roared the Mountain King.

“Too late,” Spacetime said coolly. “Its impossible to stop the formation once it activates and it wont end until it kills everyone inside. You may lay down and die now. Dont worry, you dont feel any pain when you die to time.”

“Oh is that so” A soft murmuring sounded in the air as a sparkling golden fruit appeared in the void. It swiftly consumed the Spacetime Formation that filled the skies and sealed it away.

An illusory young girl, dressed in a white silk dress, appeared in the void.

“You!! Intrance King!!” Color drained from Spacetimes face when he saw the girl and he turned to run.


A hand pure as jade appeared on the other side of the void and slapped him down from the air. Another stunning young girl dressed in a downy-yellow dress stepped out of the void, hoisting Spacetime up with one hand.

“Ive heard of the Spacetime Kings name a long time ago and I see today that he is indeed extraordinary. His ability to flee for his life rivals the Runaway King.” Qing Yu smiled faintly.

Everyone in the Coiling Dragon procession was stunned as two young girls had dismantled the horrifying Spacetime Formation just like that.


After capturing the Spacetime King, Qing Yu and the little fox landed in the middle of the dumbfounded entourage with a gentle twist of their bodies.

“Now now, isnt this the Champion Duke of the Trueriver Sect Its only been a few days, but here you are with another woman in hand. How truly you enjoy the charms of womanhood.” The little fox stood in front of Lu Yun with an inscrutable smile.

“I… I…” Lu Yuns jaw dropped as he stared at the two women. Hed never imagined that theyd appear at this point in time, and like this!

He glanced at Qing Ting who was tightly pressed against him, feeling like it was impossible to explain the situation away.

“The two of you are such a perfect match. Why dont I go back and ask the Trueriver King to send a marriage proposal to Coiling Dragon City” chuckled Qing Yu off to the side.

Qing Ting finally realized that something was wrong—she was pressed tightly to Lu Yuns body and clutching his arm with both hands. She instantly let go and retreated to a more appropriate distance.

“Please dont misunderstand, big sisters. Im, the Champion Duke and I are just good friends. Its not what you think.” She blushed slightly.

It was only then that those around them realized these two overwhelmingly beautiful girls were acquainted with the Champion Duke. One of them was the Intrance King, and though they didnt recognize the other, she was most likely someone from the Immortal Pagoda since she was with the Intrance King.

“Our deepest gratitude to the two ladies for saving our lives! This humble one thanks you on Coiling Dragon Citys behalf.” Dragonfeather and the others descended onto the flying treasure, hastily offering cupped fist salutes to their saviors. The Mountain and Torch Kings quickly hid Azureclad and Qing Ting behind them, deathly afraid that theyd accidentally offend the two ladies.

Casually breaking apart the Spacetime Formation and capturing the Spacetime King alive took the skill of high level kings.

“Just a small matter not worth mentioning,” the little fox shook her head. “We happened to be in the area at the right time because Dragonhollow Mountain invited us to observe the Dragonling Assembly. The conflicts on the way there are part of the assembly, and we wouldnt have taken action if it wasnt for the Spacetime King being one of the Colosseums.”

Dragonfeather nodded with a rueful smile. What could he say to that

“Wheres the Spacetime King” Lu Yun transmitted to them.

“Same as Ghost Dragon and Ghost Phoenix that you saved before. Theyre all pieces of paper instead of the real person,” Qing Yu responded quietly.

Lu Yun nodded and spoke no more.

“The Champion Duke has a bit of a relationship with the Immortal King, so well have to prevail upon the Dragonfeather King to keep an eye on him. My sister and I will take our leave now.” Qing Yu disappeared with the little fox upon a wave of her hand.

“What a pity, I didnt get a chance to catch her name,” mumbled a lovestruck Azureclad as he looked in the direction that Qing Yu had disappeared in.

Lu Yun glared at him. “What, you dont want your Crimsonclad Duke anymore”

Crimsonclad also glared at Azureclad when she heard Lu Yun.

Azureclad coughed dryly and spoke no more.

“Thats enough, the Intrance King and the other king are both high level kings. You can go annoy them if youd like to die,” Dragonfeather snapped. “Let us proceed with full speed and reach Dragonsea City as soon as possible.”

His previous ease was nowhere to be found—the suddenly appearing Spacetime King had thoroughly frightened him. A mere fifth step king had set up a formation of space and time and almost annihilated them all!

Someone had hired the Spacetime King to ambush them—perhaps theyd meet with a terrifying creature next time.

With that in mind, Coiling Dragons procession tarried no more. They brought out their fastest speed and headed for Dragonsea City on the shores of the Hongmeng Sea.


Azureclad looked like hed lost his soul as he constantly muttered to himself along the way.

“Qing Ting, do you think Id be worthy of that lady just now if I ascend to kinghood as a high level king” he suddenly asked seriously.

Crimsonclads eyes widened.

“Nope!” Qing Ting harrumphed. “Do you think that big sister would fall for scum like you”

“How do you know that before Ive even tried” Azureclad said quietly.

“Qing Yan, what do you mean by this!” Crimsonclad demanded with a hot glare. She was truly infuriated.

When Azureclad pursued her, hed promised the sun and moon and spent his days wracking his brains for ways to please her. She hadnt truly agreed to his proposal yet—what shed said to Qing Ting earlier was just in jest, but she already viewed him as her dao partner.

The two werent dao partners yet simply because they werent titled kings. Once they broke through, that was likely when they united as dao partners.

But Azureclads heart strayed at this time!

“Douchebag!” Lu Yun couldnt help cursing. How dare this kid think about Qing Yu

“My business has nothing to do with you.” Azureclad glared at him and turned to Crimsonclad. “Im just thinking about it, but—”

“Qing Yan!” Crimsonclad clenched her jaw. “Then go after your goddess!”

She rose and sat down on Lu Yuns empty side, imitating Qing Ting and pressing herself close to Lu Yun.

Lu Yuns eyes bulged—what the heck was he supposed to do now!

Azureclad gibbered and shook, pointing at Lu Yun and weakly wagging his finger, but ultimately said nothing in the end.

“What are you doing, Chi Ying!” Qing Ting was also shocked by Crimsonclads move.

“Cant you tell I will have nothing to do with your brother anymore!” Crimsonclad huffed. “You should be happy now!”

“I…” Qing Ting looked around blankly. Though she didnt like Crimsonclad with her brother, it grossed her out even more to see Crimsoncald around Lu Yun.

“Ai,” Lu Yun suddenly sighed. “You should give it up, Azureclad Duke. That lady just now is also the Immortal Kings dao partner.”

“Eh” Azureclads jaw dropped.

“Not only is she his dao partner, but shes also a ninth step king. How dare a puny half step king like you think about a ninth step king Do you know what it means to court death” Lu Yun snorted with laughter. “Or do you think Coiling Dragon City is too peaceful and want to bring some disaster to it”

Azureclad didnt know what to say. He didnt care that she was the Immortal Kings dao partner since he was confident of beating the king, but what in the heavens was a ninth step king

Given their status in the Hongmeng, Coiling Dragon City had the right to befriend high level kings, but their network was limited to seventh step kings.

A ninth step king

Azureclads lips trembled.-

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