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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1389: Robbery

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Chapter 1389: Robbery

Golden Dragon lay splayed on the ground after Lu Yuns departure. Though he ground his teeth with indignation, there was nothing he could do about the situation.

Qing Tings stroke had carried so much weight that it broke apart all of the methods circulating inside his body. He wouldnt be able to muster any strength within a short period of time.

“And whatre you looking at” Golden Dragon snorted with annoyance when he noticed other people sizing him up. “Didnt you see them take my identity token Will it be that much of an accomplishment to kill a partially crippled person like me”

There were only two reasons to seek out challenges in Dragonsea City—either to fight a peer and enhance ones own foundations, or to seize an identity token from someone. There were so many benefits to be had from the Dragonling Assembly that one would profit massively even if they werent of the dragon bloodline or trained in a dragon dao.

“Hand over that golden blade and your seed storage!” A young man stepped forward and commanded coldly.

Golden Dragon gaped at him, unable to find words for a proper response.

“I am from the Crouching Dragon Ci—”

“Pah!” The young man spat on Golden Dragon before he could finish. “Dont try to scare me with your city. Im obviously not afraid of it if I want to rob you. Hurry up and hand them over, or Ill kill you on the spot!”

Golden Dragon mechanically handed over his weapon and seed storage. His brain was a confused morass of thought and he didnt know what was going on.

The young man left without a backward glance after getting what he wanted; he couldnt be bothered with Golden Dragon either.

“The Hongmeng… the Hongmeng is so… dangerous…” Golden Dragon was so traumatized that hed forgotten that his top priority should be to recover from his injuries and reform his methods in his body.

Hed always been a secret genius that Crouching Dragon City carefully hid out of sight. Hed never appeared in the public eye and cultivated in seclusion. The Azureclad Duke and Qing Ting were his foremost rivals.

Hed never fathomed that Qing Ting would defeat him with one move and then hed be robbed in quick succession. Hed even lost his personal weapon!

Could he start bawling now

Though Qing Ting was also freshly emerged in the world, she had her brother at her side and had also grown swiftly following Lu Yun around.

Golden Dragon had only himself in all of his endeavors.


“That idiot is seriously too naive. Hes just walking around like that in the middle of the city and doesnt consider the possibility that he might be mobbed to death.” Lu Yun turned around for a look at Golden Dragon before following closely behind Qing Ting.

Thankfully, the Fog King had left Dragonsea City to attack outsiders, or Golden Dragons actions wouldve enraged him into spitting blood.

As strong as Golden Dragon was—and he was even a bit stronger than Azureclad—he had no experience dealing with enemies. He shouldve attacked Azureclad as soon as he made his presence known, not strut around and strike a pose.

This wasnt an exhibition match—it was a struggle of life and death.

In Lu Yuns eyes, Golden Dragon was a massive baby.

Azureclad had caught up to Crimsonclad and they were caught in difficult straits. Known throughout the Hongmeng as one of the strongest geniuses around, they were the golden standard for youths under titled kinghood.

Naturally, there were many in the city who didnt agree with this reputation and wanted to challenge them. Unfortunately, there were no fair challenges in Dragonsea City, just struggles to the death.

However, Crimsonclad was with Azureclad, and Leng Che and You Cang were also with them. The four combined were a powerful force within the city.

Qing Ting was surrounded before she had a chance to convene with her brother. Her Azuresky Sword was too notable; though there was only one dao rule inside it, a dragon croon exploded whenever she called upon it and always caught the eye of everyone present.

“Where do you think youre going, little girl! Throw down your flying sword if you dont want to die!” roared a muscular man with explosive strength. He wielded a broadsword at least three meters long and one meter wide. Swinging it with the momentum of splitting apart mountains, he brought it down on Qing Tings head.

Although he called for the girls weapon if she didnt want to die, he showed no mercy whatsoever and seemed ready to take it from her corpse.

Seeing that her brother and the others had formed a group together, Qing Ting was slightly more at ease. She twisted around and deftly evaded the terrifying stroke, then kicked her foot up to stomp on the mans wrist and force his sword to the ground.

“Mercy!” Color drained from the mans face. Who wouldve thought that this fragile looking girl would be so ferocious that shed defeat him with a simple reaction

But girls like these tended to be soft-hearted, shed let him go if he begged for mercy, yeah


Qing Ting sent him flying with another kick and followed swiftly behind to step on his chest.

“Hand over your seed storage!” She swept a gaze over the broadsword—it was just a bit heavier than most and wasnt anything of note. It wasnt worth taking.

“Huh” The man blinked. His entire fortune was in the seed storage, was this little girl… robbing him

“Cut the bull**. You dont have to hand it over if you dont want to, Ill just kill you!” A cold sheen gleamed on her Azuresky Sword.

“Ill hand it over, Ill hand it over!” The man jerked with fear and quickly severed his connection with his seed storage, handing over a small ball of light with shaking hands.

“Youre so poor.” Qing Ting looked inside with a scoff. There were a lot of items in it, but very few that she was interested in. “Wheres your identity token”

“Im, Im not from the Azure Dragon Region, so I dont have the right to participate in the Dragonling Assembly.” The man was almost crying now.

“Get out of here.” Qing Ting kicked him several dozen meters out, but he quietly crept back, wanting to grab his sword.

Lu Yuns foot came down on it instead. He sneered, “You actually came back for your weapon Do you want to die”

Trembling like a cicada in winter, the muscular man ran off with his tail between his legs.

“This sword is the real treasure, do you want it” Lu Yun hefted the black broadsword.

“Nope!” Qing Ting shook her head. “The Azuresky Sword is enough for me.”

“Then Ill take it.” Lu Yun put it into his storage. While the broadsword wasnt king grade, it was as heavy as a mountain. Plainly, itd incorporated a stunning ingredient during refinement.

He looked out over the scene. Onlookers were scared stiff by Qing Tings easy defeat of the muscular man. They were still standing in the same place, not knowing what to do.

The man had been the strongest person among them, a titled duke half step king. But hed been defeated with one move

Who was this little girl

“All of you, freeze!” Qing Ting roared. “This is a robbery! Hand over your seed storage or die!”

Lu Yun felt like he was losing control of the situation.-

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