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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1390: Robber Couple

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Chapter 1390: Robber Couple

Lu Yun had never imagined that Qing Ting could be this ferocious; she was robbing people in broad daylight!

He didnt think much of this level of wealth, naturally, since he had an entire Hopeless Major and half of Origin World to draw on. Not to mention, hed obtained seed storages from the Alchemist and Wild Formation Kings when he defeated them. He was well and truly swimming in wealth.

If it wasnt for an inexplicable material in this broadsword, he wouldnt spare it a second glance either.

Qing Ting, on the other hand, was strapped for crystals. Shed previously come into possession of three thousand crystal veins and hadnt handed them in—though shed later purchased a half step ultimate Hongmeng treasure with them and given it to her father, hed still limited her access to purple crystals.

Even the purple crystals that Li Zhen had sent to her from selling copies of the Robber Kings humiliation had been confiscated. She was on her own when it came to earning money.

Shed taken note of Golden Dragon being robbed and discovered that this was a business opportunity. Things were completely lawless in the city as of the moment and cultivators focused solely on killing each other. It wouldnt do any harm to take advantage of present circumstances and conveniently relieve some people of their wealth.

Qing Ting was very strong; bolstered by the Azuresky Sword, she created a sword curtain with a wave and sealed off the void. There were roughly twenty half step kings in the group thatd attacked her. They were all cultivators from other regions and working together to take identity tokens from Azure Dragon cultivators.

All of them handed over their seed storage with trembling hands. If they wielded king grade treasures, Qing Ting claimed them as well.

A slick sheen of sweat shone on Lu Yuns forehead. Though he didnt think that he was the reason for Qing Ting turning out like this… her current domineering self was completely different from the docile younger sister next door whod left Cloudexit City.

And all of this had occurred after she met Lu Yun.

He could already foresee all of Coiling Dragon City out for his head.

“What a haul! Seed storage from twenty-two guys has resulted in more than ten million premium purple crystals!” Qing Tings grin stretched from ear to ear. Shed also gained three priceless king grade treasures that were most likely gifts from elders or purchased from the Immortal Pagoda or Haotian Tower.

“Um… this isnt a very good thing to do, is it” Lu Yun ventured hesitantly as he looked at her.

“Whats so bad about it!” Qing Ting pouted. “Someone as filthy rich as you has no idea how we poors live! The pain, the agony! Cmon, lets go rob more people!”

She retracted the sword curtain and headed in another direction. Lu Yun could only follow with a rueful smile.

He already had a token for the assembly, he was planning on giving the additional one to Dragon Butterfly. As opposed to him smuggling the dragon in, it was easier to have her walk in legitimately.

The Karmic Tree had flowered with fruit again. He was planning on using ten thousand of them to forge a powerful Shapeshifting Talisman for her, one so strong that even someone like Meng wouldnt be able to see through to Dragon Butterflys true appearance.

Of course, the biggest weakness of the talisman was that slight ripples of combat arts would appear over the users body. That wasnt very important though, it was enough to make sure that Dragonhollow Mountain couldnt identify her.

Lu Yun himself was also very curious just what the first great dragon to take shape in the Hongmeng would be like.

“I might as well go take one myself.” Dragon Butterfly turned her nose up at the talisman shimmering with golden light in her hands and transformed into a little boy.

“You” Lu Yun shook his head. “Im blocking all of your challenges during the Dragonling Assembly. You cant do a thing, no matter what. If you make a move, you wont be able to hide your presence of a great dragon.”

Dragon Butterfly started, then nodded slowly.


“I planted this tree and I paved this road! If you want to pass, pay the toll!” Qing Ting halted a team of seven with a grand flourish of her sword.

“…what tree” Seven half step kings hovered in the air and looked blankly at each other.

“Theres… also no road here”

“Shut up and hand over your treasures and seed storage. Ill spare your life in return!” Qing Ting sent dragon croons humming through the air with a wave of Azuresky.

“You, want to rob us” Their leader was a titled duke half step king. He snorted with laughter when he saw Qing Tings gesture. “You must be someone from Azure Dragon Region… we happen to be missing one final identity token, so hand yours over. Otherwise…”

He walked forward with a leer.

One moment later.

Seven people lay haphazardly on the ground, wailing and keening with pain. Their leader was the worst off—his legs were broken.

“Hand over your identity tokens, seed storage, and personal treasure!” Qing Ting twinkled merrily at them.

“No!” The half step king struggled to get up, but Qing Ting sent him back down with a carefully placed foot.

“No Then Ill kill you.” Her sword trembled with eagerness.

“Kill me if you want, you wont be laying hands on my treasure!” This half step king was uncommonly resolved. Hed received his title from a sixth step king and was named the Blackclad Duke. It was an obvious reference to the Bloodclad, Purpleclad, Crimsonclad, and Azureclad Dukes.

Though hed been bizarrely defeated from a female robber and had both his legs broken, he would never sacrifice his dignity as the Blackclad Duke. He would never yield!

“This guy seems to be called the Blackclad Duke or something… If he wont give it up, lets strip him naked and hang him over the city doors!” Lu Yun suggested.

“Like the two sixth step kings over the Immortal Pagodas doors” Qing Tings eyes lit up.

“Its yours!” Blackclad spoke firmly and quickly handed over his seed storage, identity token, and treasures. He also glared hatefully at Lu Yun while the other six behind him did the same thing.

“What are you looking at me for Shes the one robbing you, not me,” Lu Yun grumbled.

“Hmph! This young lady is a graceful fairy who is obviously a kindhearted person. The shifty look in your eyes makes it obvious that youre nothing good. You must be directing her in this filthy act!” Blackclad denounced.

It was at this moment that Lu Yun knew hed never shake off the misconception.

“Miss, I can tell that youre an innocent and kind soul. Dont be led astray by him!” Blackclad called out to Qing Ting.

“Yeah yeah.” Qing Ting skipped off with an armful of treasures, leaving Lu Yun and the others staring wordlessly at each other.

“Eh… her brother asked me to keep an eye on her, so see you later.” Lu Yun quickly ran off.

The stories of a robber couple swiftly spread in Dragonsea City. They only robbed and didnt kill, but no one who came across their path emerged unscathed. Cultivators from Azure Dragon Region or other regions became their victims, and soon enough, cultivators inside the city united to take down this robber couple.-

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