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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1391: Robber Slayers

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Chapter 1391: Robber Slayers

“I only helped you that one time, so how did we become the Robber Couple with me being responsible for everything” Headache brewing, Lu Yun looked at Qing Ting happily counting her purple crystals.

Shed been the one making the moves this entire time—sealing off an area, defeating her targets, then robbing them.

Thered been one occasion in which she met an unexpectedly strong titled duke. He was able to delay her long enough for the other half step kings around him to furiously counterattack and almost kill Qing Ting.

Shed suffered grievous wounds in short order, but Lu Yun acted at a crucial moment and dispensed of the other half step kings with a few simple gestures. Lacking outside interference, Qing Ting managed to defeat the extraordinarily strong duke with her strength alone and rob him of everything he owned.

It was after that occurrence that they became the Robber Couple. The fierce young woman was the blade, while the young man who rarely took action was the brains behind the operation.


Spanning three hundred million kilometers across, Dragonsea City was incredibly vast. The cultivators fighting in the city werent kings, so Lu Yun and Qing Ting managed to keep their anonymity as they rampaged from west to east, then from east to south.

On the second day after Dragonhollows announcement, the “Robber Slayers” alliance within the city spoke with a powerful voice. Headed by twelve titled duke half step kings, there were nearly a thousand cultivators part of it.

The twelve dukes were all Qing Tings victims. Theyd lost their seed storage, identity token, and some had even lost their personal treasure.

Thankfully, they were still in Dragonsea City. Apart from it turning into a battlefield, it was no different from any other city. Additionally, the seniors of their factions were all camped within. Losing their treasures was no problem—they could borrow one off another or use their seniors wealth to buy more.

Everything was naturally under surveillance by the kings in the city, but they couldnt do anything about the situation. They couldnt even speak up and warn their factions geniuses; the citys rules would kill them if they did so, and their faction would completely lose the right to participate in the Dragonling Assembly.


The two main leaders of the Robber Slayers were the Blackclad Duke and the uncommonly strong titled duke—the Seven Slaughters Duke.

“How is this Robber Couple so strong” You Cang murmured with surprise as the rest of the four looked in the alliances direction.

The Robber Slayers were holding a rally. Blackclad and Seven Slaughters stood on a podium and passionately declaimed the couples various crimes.

Azureclad and the others listened with numb scalps. Who could be so bold as to rob cultivators in broad daylight

“Your Grace, do you think its the little princess and that Champion Duke kid” You Cang suddenly asked with a knowing look.

“Impossible!” Azureclad immediately refuted. “My sister may have acted out a bit much lately, but shes a kind and innocent soul. Shed never do anything like this!”

“Uh huh.” Crimsonclad nodded. “Qing Ting is a pure and innocent child, but shes easily persuaded. You hear what they say—how the girl is kind and under the sway of another villain.”

Cold sweat beaded Azureclads forehead. This was… this was possible.

“Oh Isnt that the Azureclad and Crimsonclad Dukes” Blackclad called out when he saw the two. “Have you been robbed by that Robber Couple as well”

Blackclad fancied himself on par with the four famous dukes. Since he was no match for the dastardly robbers, then Azureclad and Crimsonclad shouldnt be either, even if they worked together.

That was why he called out the question while completely ignoring Leng Che and You Cang.

“It really is the Azureclad and Crimsonclad Dukes!” Other cultivators of the alliance shouted with excitement when they saw the two. Compared to the self-styled Blackclad Duke, Azureclad and Crimsonclad were the true idols of many Hongmeng youths. They were the hallmark of the younger generation!

Many recognized them throughout the realm, and if they joined the Robber Slayers, then those evil rogues were dead without a doubt!

“I am the Seven Slaughters Duke from the Exalted Sky Region. He is the Blackclad Duke, and we greet the Azureclad and Crimsonclad Dukes.” The uncommonly strong Seven Slaughters Duke walked up to offer a cupped fist salute.

Azureclad and Crimsonclad quickly returned the gesture when they sensed how strong he was.

Seven Slaughters had always been a highly self assured individual and hed been fully confident of defeating Azureclad before arriving at Dragonsea City. But now that a little girl had beat him in single combat, his cockiness was completely shattered. He bore none of his customary arrogance when he greeted Azureclad.

“The Robber Slayers have come together for the Robber Couple, correct” Crimsonclad asked. “We have yet to cross paths with them, so we dont know what kind of characters they are. What are they capable of”

“Please come with me.” Seven Slaughters made a welcoming gesture and launched into an overview of the delinquent ruffians.

The more Azureclad heard, the worse his expression became. This Robber Couple did sound very likely to be Qing Ting and the Champion Duke!

The kids led my sister astray, alright! See how I teach him a lesson!


He cracked the tiles beneath his feet through sheer anger.

“The Azureclad Duke is indeed an unwavering figure for justice, just like the stories say,” noted Seven Slaughters, Blackclad, and others.

“Ahem!” Azureclad coughed lightly. “If we defeat the Robber Couple, we only need to take care of the mastermind…”

“Thats right!” Blackclad concurred with seriousness. “The girl is pure and innocent, plainly misguided by that scoundrel. We will not make trouble for her as long as she returns our possessions. She is young, after all, and knows no better.

“But the other one! Oh, the other one! I dont want him dead—I want him stripped naked and hanging from the doors of Dragonsea City!” he finished with fury.

“Absolutely.” Seven Slaughters nodded. “Accomplices can be gently punished, but the mastermind must be harshly judged without mercy!”

Under the leadership of the Robber Slayers, peace gradually returned to the insanely chaotic battlefield that was Dragonsea City. Many cultivators stopped hunting each other and joined the alliance, simply out of consideration of how large itd grown. If the alliance shifted focus to taking identity tokens, no one would be able to withstand them.


Lu Yun shuddered; endless malice had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and circled around him.

“The Robber Slayers” He took a moment to listen to what was going on.

Qing Ting paled—she was no fool. If the alliance surrounded them, they wouldnt be able to get away.

“Refine this talisman. Lets change our appearance and slip into that alliance.” Lu Yun handed a Shapeshifting Talisman to her.-

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