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Chapter 1392: Turning Everything Upside Down

“A Transformation Talisman from the Immortal Pagoda! Theyre worth one premium crystal vein each, how do you have one!” Qing Ting jumped with shock.

Transformation Talismans came from Lu Yuns personal hand—supplemental grandmaster puppets couldnt refine them. Hed set an astronomical price of one premium crystal vein for each talisman, especially considering they were single use items. There werent many in the Hongmeng who could afford them, but he still sold quite a few.

Haotian Tower was their biggest buyer. They ardently wished to understand how Lu Yun crafted these talismans, but still didnt have a clue after all of their research.

As flabbergasted as Qing Ting was, she knew not to cause any issues at this critical moment. She meekly refined the talisman and used it to change her appearance. Lu Yun requested that she change into a young man, while he shifted into a ferocious looking man.

The two stumbled and probed their way into the Robber Slayers.

“There sure are a lot of nosy people who like to get involved in stuff. I havent robbed any of these guys, so what are they going on about” mumbled Qing Ting as she looked at the indignant cultivators around them.

Itd only been one day since they started making their rounds and theyd robbed just over a hundred people at most. But there were more than three thousand members in this alliance!

“Hey there, have you been robbed by the Robber Couple too” Lu Yun patted the shoulder of a young man they hadnt robbed.

“No.” He shook his head. “But scum like the Robber Couple deserves to die! This has nothing to do with whether or not Ive been robbed by them!”

Lu Yun: ……

Qing Ting: ……

“Dont you think so” Flushing, the young man continued, “Though they havent robbed me yet, I know its only a matter of time. Since thats the case, we might as well strike first and kill them before that happens!

“How about you two Do you feel the same” He looked seriously at Lu Yun and Qing Ting.

“Dont move!” A flash of sword light shot out from Lu Yuns fingers and hovered behind the young mans heart. He sent his internal force into the young man and restricted the latters movements.

“This is a robbery!” Qing Ting transmitted viciously.

The young mans eyes widened; the strangers identities were obvious now. It was the Robber Couple! The Robber Slayers were looking everywhere for them, but theyd changed their appearance and infiltrated the alliance!

Though there were plenty of people around them, no one suspected a thing with how Lu Yun and Qing Ting had made their moves.

“Hand over your seed storage and all of your treasures, or Ill make these breaths your last!” Lu Yun snarled.

The young man shook and quickly followed suit. He hastily handed over his seed storage and treasures, as well as an identity token.

“Oh ho, a minor character like you has an identity token” Lu Yun hefted the token with a smile and gave it to Qing Ting, then stuck a Puppet Talisman on the young man and took control of him. After exchanging glances with Qing Ting, the two were on their way to their next victim.

Groups a thousand strong sauntered through the city, constantly searching for the Robber Couple. However, it was like the two had vanished into thin air and were nowhere to be found.

No one dared strike out on their own since the Robber Couple had been demonized into being larger than life. The two were so strong that several hundred opponents at the same time were still no match for them!

It was why the alliance had waited until they collected three thousand members before setting out in grand style to locate the Robber Couple.


Lu Yun and Qing Ting hid among the group, carefully robbing one new victim after another. Each time they were finished, Lu Yun controlled them with puppet dao so they wouldnt raise the alarm.

“Crystal for your thoughts” he asked curiously when it seemed like Qing Ting had something on her mind.

“Im thinking that there are more than thirty-three hundred half step kings here. Can I defeat them all if they attack at the same time” Qing Ting murmured. “I could do that when facing ghosts on my level because they dont know any combat arts. There was no organization to their attacks, but if I face the same number of cultivators…”

“Why dont we give it a try” Lu Yun nodded.

“But if I make a move, the group of titled half step kings at the front will respond as well. That Seven Slaughters Duke, especially, can slow me down even if Im sure I can beat him.”

She wasnt concerned about one or two half step kings, but if the alliances sixteen—which included her brother and the rest—charged at once, theyd swiftly defeat her.

“Well do it right and turn everything upside down!” Lu Yun grinned. “Dont worry and just focus on the ordinary half step kings. Ill take care of the titled dukes for you!

“Return to your original features and wear a mask. Dont leave any clues behind for others to use.” He handed a mask to Qing Ting.

“But… you…” She looked uncertainly at him.

“Dont worry about it, I have the Stellar Sword and its only sixteen titled dukes!” There was a mask on Lu Yuns face too now, completely obscuring the looks of the Champion Duke.

If he owns a Transformation Talisman, is his current appearance his real appearance then The thought suddenly occurred to Qing Ting.


Cerulean radiance suddenly rose from the crowd.

“Yoooooo!” Lu Yun roared and waved his sword around. “This is a robbery! You sixteen idiots up ahead, hand over all of your worldly belongings!”

His shout stunned everyone—the Robber Couple had appeared right in front of the Robber Slayers and wanted to rob the alliance!

Azureclad felt the world spin around him. If the Champion Duke was here, then his sister should be nearby too. What in the heavens are these two doing

Before he could react, he saw Lu Yun charge straight at him.

“Ive been looking for you!” Blackclad spat venomously and unsheathed his flying sword, rushing back out at Lu Yun. The initial twelve titled dukes of the Robber Slayers also shifted into motion.

“We need to go as well!” Azureclad set his jaw. “Hes part of Coiling Dragon right now, so he cant die here!”

Azure sword light exploded in the air before he could move and formed a stunningly magnificent sword curtain, sealing off the premises.

“Everybody freeze! This is a robbery!” a masked Qing Ting roared at more than thirty-three hundred half step kings.

Azureclad wished he could faint dead away on the spot. Or something like that.-

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