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Chapter 1395: This Is All Borrowed, Borrowed, Borrowed!

After prolonged battle and clashing with thousands of half step kings, Qing Tings cultivation finally underwent a quantitative change. Her strength advanced another step forward and combined her golden body with the sword curtain.

The sword curtain that shimmered over ten thousand kilometers suddenly vanished and assimilated into the azure-golden dragon. It then sank into Qing Tings body to become one with her. She walked forward in a strange pattern, flashing through the area and using extremely straightforward moves to systematically defeat every cultivator present.

She defeated all thirty-three hundred half step kings of the Robber Slayers after an hour!

Meanwhile, Lu Yun found himself battling the sixteen titled dukes anew. After a period of rest, Leng Che and You Cang recovered enough to join the fray again.

Qing Ting quickly scanned his situation before breathing out easily. A smile drifted onto her face. Shed finally forced out her potential with the aid of thirty-three hundred half step kings and incorporated her golden body with the sword curtain. Shed even activated her azure dragon bloodline and successfully grasped the footwork of the cultivation method within her bloodline.

Lu Yun was likewise using the sixteen titled dukes to temper his sword dao, so she naturally wouldnt interfere.

“Oi, are you dead yet” she asked tiredly and kicked the nearest cultivator.

“Ah… not yet.” He smiled ruefully back. The girls stroke had been unexpectedly forceful and shattered the circulation of his inner force, as well as immobilized him. He couldnt even circulate enough energy to heal himself.

“No Then this is a robbery!” Qing Ting dimpled. “Hand over your seed storage and treasures!”

“Youve already robbed me once!” he chuckled wryly.

“I just saw you take out pills from storage and swallow them. Cut the bull**, do you want your life or wealth” she glared ferociously.

The cultivator quickly severed his connection with the seed storage and floated it out alongside his treasures.

Thus satisfied, she swallowed a pill to recover her internal force and stamina and began making her rounds, continuing her mighty enterprise of robbery.


The sixteen titled dukes had long since progressed to shaking with trepidation. They hadnt thought that the other robber would really be able to defeat so many half step kings. What kind of monster was she!

The one in front of them wasnt to be trifled with, either.

Actually, all of them wanted to retreat, but every time they were about to do so, they were forced back by one of Lu Yuns moves and had to fight on. They were using every trick in their arsenal and showcasing almost all of their trump cards, but they still couldnt do anything about him.

Beads of sweat dotted Azureclads forehead.

“Damn it, that kids using us to hone his sword dao! Theyre not robbing us at all, theyre using us to cultivate!” Seven Slaughters roared with indignation.

The truth of the matter didnt occur to everyone until the duke spelled it out like this. They looked at the Robber Couple in a new, fearful light. How could there be someone so bold as to use Hongmeng geniuses in the Dragonling Assembly for practice!

This was even more frightening than being robbed!

Being robbed meant losing their personal wealth—an insignificant loss in the grand scheme of things. Not only was the Robber Couple stealing their belongings, but they were also filching combat arts and cultivation methods!

They were distilling the essence and discarding the dross, taking in the merits of a hundred other families to strengthen their own!

This was more than a little frightening.

Azureclad fully understood what Qing Ting meant by “walk my own path”, and he finally understood why his little sister had suddenly improved by leaps and bounds. Could someones rate of improvement be slow if they followed the madman who was the Champion Duke and copied this crazy method of training

The Pill of Creation and golden fruits had just been gifts of potential to Qing Ting. Potential didnt equate to strength!

But now, shed fully excavated her potential and developed it into strength!

The thoughts of the sixteen titled dukes scattered into disarray.


Lu Yuns sword flashed in a movement different to what hed shown thus far, giving rise to a cerulean dragon from his body. It shot into the skies and soared the nine heavens.

The second stroke… Dragonsoar!

Making use of enormous pressure from sixteen titled dukes, Lu Yun finally perfected the second move of his sword dao. Though there were many flaws and holes within it, those could all be perfected.

He shot into the air himself and struck out with cerulean dragon-shaped sword light. The force behind his gesture was so overwhelming that the sixteen titled dukes were all blasted into the ground.

“Dragonsoar is finally complete,” he sighed with relief. “This move is more than ten times stronger than its predecessor. Not only is it incredibly powerful, but many of its flaws have also been made whole.”

As strong as the previous Dragonsoar had been, the meaning behind the move had paled far in comparison. This was the difference between a technique with roots and one without.

“Alright, time for the real business now!” He landed from the air and shouted at the sixteen titled dukes scattered over the ground, “This is a robbery! Hand over your seed storage and treasures!”

“What…” Azureclad and Crimsonclads jaws dropped. The Champion Duke was robbing them! Them He was one of them!!

“What what Ill start with you! Hand over your seed storage and treasures, or Ill strip you naked and hang you on the city doors!” Lu Yun snarled. Those two had almost ruined things for him and Qing Ting just for the sake of their own reputation. He wasnt going to play nice with them.

Crimsonclad was the first to capitulate as she looked at Lu Yuns murderous eyes. She might as well die if Lu Yun really stripped her naked and hung her on the city doors.

Many of the remaining titled dukes had already run into the Robber Couple, but their factions had made them whole again. Theyd recreated seed storage and filled it with pills and purple crystals.

“What a bunch of paupers,” Lu Yun grumbled as he scanned the storage. “Youre lofty titled dukes, but this is all you own”

“You robbed me of everything I own already! This is all borrowed, borrowed! BORROWED!!” screamed the Blackclad Duke.

Hed rather die than surrender last time, but had given up when Lu Yun threatened to hang him naked on the city doors. Who wouldve thought the bastard would use the same tactic again!

“Okay.” Lu Yun nodded with dissatisfaction.

Qing Ting finished pillaging the other half step kings and the two left casually on the wind.

Thus marked the end of the mighty Robber Slayers in Dragonsea City, and the alliance became a colossal joke in the Hongmeng with the sixteen titled dukes nailed firmly to pillars of humiliation.-

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