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Chapter 1396: Ghost Dragon Reappears

After robbing thirty-three hundred cultivators of the Robber Slayers alliance, not only were Lu Yun and Qing Ting newly made tycoons, but they were also in possession of three hundred additional identity tokens.

That was three hundred spots for the Dragonling Assembly!

“Three hundred tokens” Qing Ting looked blankly at the tokens in her hand. Shed never thought that shed end up with so many. With their usage, they were more valuable than her newfound gains.

“Dragonhollow Mountain passed out three thousand identity tokens and now we have a tenth of them” It felt quite surreal to her.

“Three thousand tokens” A sudden idea occurred to Lu Yun.

“Ah, um, did you take my brothers token And the other guys too” Qing Ting suddenly asked awkwardly.

“Yep.” Lu Yun nodded. “Your brothers not that old but somehow thinks like hes first beneath the heavens. He needs to be taken down a peg or two, or hell end up dead in a ditch someday.”

“Then take him down many many pegs!” Qing Ting nodded solemnly. She trusted Lu Yun more than her own brother—after all, she was so strong now strictly because of him. This was even more the case after he lent her two thousand premium crystal veins for the half step Hongmeng treasure… No, it wasnt lending, but an outright gift.

“What should we do now Keep after my brother” she asked.

“Nah, thats enough for now. All we need to do is to teach him a lesson and improve his memory. If we keep at it, this might turn into an internal demon for him.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Lets go get even richer!”

“Even richer” Qing Ting lit up. “How”

“Lets keep robbing people and take all of their identity tokens. When we have them all, well sell the tokens back to them!” Lu Yun cackled.

Qing Ting: ……

“What is it Is something wrong” he asked askance when he saw her expression.

“No!” Qing Ting rapidly shook her head. “Champion Duke, youre a genius! Cmon, lets keep robbing!”

The Robber Slayers came to a dismal end and the Robber Couple continued to reign invincible throughout Dragonsea City. It took less than half a day for another two hundred tokens to find their way into Qing Tings hands.

Increasing numbers of cultivators entered the city during this time; though Azure Dragon kings were outside the city killing foreigners, it was impossible for them to kill everyone given how large the region was.

Additionally, there were also tremendous powerhouses among the foreign kings. No matter who came, even from the Immortal Region or Ten Valleys of Evil, they needed to adhere to Dragonhollow Mountains rules. No king was allowed to take action inside the city.

The new arrivals had naturally heard of the Robber Couple, but they didnt think much of it. Two half step kings So what of them, even if they were titled dukes

The Dragonsea cultivators were just blowing things out of proportion.

But when Lu Yun and Qing Ting sought them out while wearing bizarre masks and incapacitated the newcomers, thereby taking all of their wealth, the foreigners finally understood that the stories about the Robber Couple were real.

Even titled dukes counted among their victims!


The third day.

This was the final day of the chaotic melee in Dragonsea City. The path to Dragonhollow Mountain would open the next day. Anyone with the right to participate could set foot on it and enter the real Dragonling Assembly on the mountain.

“Twenty-five hundred tokens… Is everyone with the right to participate already in the city” Lu Yun and Qing Ting looked quizzically at the amount of tokens theyd taken.

“Some people have been robbed so many times that they just fall to their knees when they see us…” Qing Ting recounted one such scene with resignation. Shed actually started feeling sorry for them after seeing how bedraggled they were.

“There seems to be people copying us in the city and theyre keeping their distance from us!” Lu Yun suddenly thought through something. “Remember when we ran into someone who we didnt rob, but his pockets were empty and he insisted that wed robbed him”

“Someones pretending to be us!” Qing Ting understood.

“We havent run into anyone from Azure Dragon City yet, have we” Lu Yun asked with a frown.

“Thats true.” Qing Ting furrowed her brows as well. “Though Ive never met anyone from Azure Dragon City, I can recognize them. Right now, its like they arent in the city as well.”

Being the greatly beloved daughter of the Coiling Dragon city lord, Qing Ting had trained by her fathers side all this time. Since Azure Dragon City was their factions number one rival, Qing Tings father had naturally taught her ways to distinguish cultivators from that city.

If the Crippled Dragon King and Azure Scaled-Dragon King of Azure Dragon City were both present, then the city had obviously sent its cultivators to the assembly too.

“Heh heh heh… hahaha!!” Odd laughter rose around them as seven half step kings appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Lu Yun and Qing Yu.

“The Robber Couple Youve looted quite a few treasures these days from your exploits around the city!” Their leader was a young man with azure hair dressed in deep green satin robes. He was magnificently handsome and a sharp light glinted from his pale green eyes. “Hand over all of them or Ill strip you naked and hang you on the city doors!”

Lu Yun frowned deeply, not looking at the speaker. His eyes were fixed on someone standing in the back—Ghost Dragon!

He was here again and had claimed one of Azure Dragon Citys spots!

Lu Yun had saved Ghost Dragon and Ghost Phoenix from the little boy last time, but only ended up with a handful of paper for his troubles. It hadnt been their real selves and it didnt seem like the Ghost Dragon in front of him was real either.

It was highly likely that apart from Ghost Dragon and Ghost Phoenix, even the Spacetime King was controlled by the eerie little boy.

“We meet again, Ghost Dragon. To think that youd go to Azure Dragon City after you fled from Coiling Dragon. Those of Azure Dragon dont know who he is, do you” Qing Ting said coolly.

“Do you mean to say that hes a ghost” The young man shook his head. “So what Even ghosts will submit to us if my Azure Dragon City is strong enough!” His lips stretched into a leer. “Cut the bull** and hand over everything you have, or be stripped naked and hang from the city doors!”

Azure Dragon City had closely observed everything the Robber Couple had done over the past couple of days. Now that they dared attack Lu Yun and Qing Ting—that meant they were wholly confident in defeating the two!

“Alright!” Lu Yun grinned. “Lets see whos going to be hanging from the city walls at the end of this!”


The Stellar Sword appeared in his hand and flared with a blossom of pure blue sword light.

“What an idiot, kill him!” The six behind the young man moved into action at the same time.-

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