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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1399: Auction

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Chapter 1399: Auction

Ghost Dragon looked expressionlessly at Lu Yun. He hadnt thought that hed still be defeated when he fought at full strength!


Just as Ghost Dragon struggled to his feet to get away, Lu Yun landed from the sky and rested his foot on his opponents chest. In front of the stupefied eyes of everyone present, Ghost Dragon turned into a paper figure.

A deathly silence descended; even Qing Ting and Qing Dis movements slowed.

“How come that Ghost Dragons turned into paper!” Qing Ting shrieked.

“Dont tell me that you already knew he was a piece of paper.” Dragonfeather turned to Crippled Dragon and Azure Scaled-Dragon with derision. “When you speak of the ghosts submitting to you, do you mean in the form of paper”

The two kings glowered and didnt respond. It was true—they hadnt seen through Ghost Dragons true self. Most importantly was that, after his defeat, Qing Di and the others were no match for Qing Ting and the Champion Duke!

Indeed, Lu Yun swiftly joined Qing Tings fight after he disposed of Ghost Dragon and quickly dispatched the two half step kings.

Qing Di was very strong, stronger than the Azureclad or Seven Slaughters Duke, in fact. It wouldnt be that easy for Qing Ting to defeat him. However, that wouldve held true before all of her newly gained experience. Now that her potential was fully excavated, there was no purpose in continuing this level of fight.

Thus, Lu Yun and Qing Ting joined hands against Qing Di and flung him to the ground after a dozen breaths.

“Despicable!” Qing Di cried out when he hit the ground. “Youre just bullying others through sheer numbers!”

“Sheer numbers” Lu Yun snorted with laughter. “Whos bullying who, huh”

Qing Di flushed and looked piteously at Qing Ting. “Qing Ting, Im your cousin. You arent really going to rob me, are you

As the stories went, the city lords of Azure Dragon and Coiling Dragon were blood brothers. Theyd founded different cities due to a difference in opinion, and the brother at Azure Dragon was much stronger.

Qing Di was the son of the Azure Dragon city lord and him calling Qing Ting “cousin” confirmed the tales. That also made the Dragonfeather King the Azure Dragon city lords younger brother, since he was the Coiling Dragon city lords younger brother.

“So what if youre my cousin I robbed my own blood brother! Cut the crap. Seed storage, your treasures, and do you want to hang yourself on the city doors or shall I” Qing Ting responded with an impatient eye roll.

Still observing the proceedings, Azureclad quickly ran off. He was rather concerned that his sister would rob him again!

Though the two cousins had never met each other before, the connection between their bloodlines was undeniable. Qing Di had also activated the bloodline of the azure dragon to attain his current level of strength.

The three survivors of Azure Dragon City handed over all of their belongings and identity tokens to Qing Ting, then docilely climbed up the city doors and hung themselves by the collar.

Crippled Dragon and Azure Scaled-Dragon looked on, livid. It was no matter that Qing Di had lost—it was a monumental one that theyd lost an ultimate Hongmeng treasure!

“An ultimate Hongmeng treasure is solemn business. We will visit you in person to retrieve it after the Dragonling Assembly,” Miao dimpled at Crippled Dragon.

He glowered so fiercely that it seemed like thunderclouds were spontaneously gathering over his head.

“Ah, yes, Crippled Dragon King, you should stop calling Dragonfeather trash,” the little fox continued to rub things in. “Hes the Azure Dragon city lords younger brother, and you are hmm… a subordinate.”

“Please be calm, everyone. The path to Dragonhollow Mountain will open tomorrow and all of the identity tokens should be in those two childrens hands. We need to be on good terms with Coiling Dragon City,” the Dragonsea city lord quickly jumped out to play mediator when she saw that Crippled Dragon was about to lose his temper.

“And” Crippled Dragon sneered. “Will they be returning the stolen tokens”

“Thats out of our hands,” Miao quickly responded before Dragonfeather could. “They belong to the Champion Duke and Qing Ting now. Its up to them how they want to handle things. But Im confident that theyre reasonable people who will return the tokens.”

Dragonfeather was about to speak, but shut his mouth when he heard this assertion. Hed planned on using those tokens to build some relationships with the factions present.

Though Lu Yun and Qing Ting had been the ones to collect them, everyone at the Dragonling Assembly was well acquainted with each other. Lu Yun and Qing Ting hadnt conducted mass scale slaughter, either, so this matter could be easily smoothed over.

Dragonfeather was also irritated about another matter. From the perspective of outsiders, it would seem that Coiling Dragon City fell under the Immortal Pagoda banner. But as annoyed as he might be, the Intrance King had spoken up on his behalf just now and firmly taken that cocksure Crippled Dragon down a peg.

No one else spoke—they were all looking at Lu Yun and Qing Ting down in the city.


Lu Yun and Qing Ting were in no hurry; taking inventory of their spoils was the most important item on the agenda. Theyd obtained many treasures other than identity tokens—purple crystals, pills, treasures, and more.

Though most of the cultivators here werent kings, they were the precious jewels of their factions. Everyones combined wealth could be piled into a massive mountain.

Qing Tings eyes almost resembled purple crystals. She flung herself into the fabulous heap, counting this and caressing that.

“This is all for me” She couldnt believe her eyes; there were almost ten thousand seed storages here! Their contents were worth several tens of millions of crystal veins!

This was such an enormous sum that she was going weak at the knees just thinking about it!

“Yep, youre the one who got the seed storage, anyhow.” Lu Yun waved her off and counted their identity tokens. There were two thousand nine hundred and ninety-six tokens here. If adding theirs, that only made for two thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight tokens.

Were two short.

Other than Ghost Dragons being impossible to track down, that meant there was another token somewhere in a corner of the city. However, he couldnt be so merciless. If he was determined to track down every last token, some unexpected developments might occur as a result.

“Do you really plan on selling these tokens back to them” Qing Ting asked carefully. “How much do you want for them”

Ears perked up and new hope flared in the cultivators when they heard that the Champion Duke wanted to sell the identity tokens.

Lu Yun extended a finger.

“A hundred million” Qing Ting ventured hesitantly.

Moods lifted in the crowds around them. Though a hundred million was pricey, they could still afford it. A token for the assembly was priceless; its value couldnt be measured in purple crystals.

“Nah, its a starting price of a hundred premium crystal veins. This is gonna be an auction!” Lu Yun declared with gusto.

Qing Ting suddenly felt her brains inadequate to be hanging out with her friend.-

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