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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1408: Submission

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Chapter 1408: Submission

“Hes a bit too cocksure, isnt he” The kings on the rainbow cloud were stunned by Lu Yuns words. He wanted to block six thousand arcane beasts by himself There were descendants of high level kings in that crowd!

The races heritage resided in each arcane beast bloodline; their strength was innate. The bloodlines of high level kings passed down through their children to become their own talents and combat arts.

The children of arcane beast kings were stronger than any of the titled dukes if they were all within the same level. There were roughly one hundred arcane beast king descendants in the herd and a dozen of high level kings.

Lu Yun was threatening those mighty beings

“Too young, hes too young and it shows. If he hadnt threatened them, they mightve taken things slowly. All they need now is a singular command from a child of an arcane beast king and theyll all charge forward as one. Theyll kill all of the cultivators in a split second!” sighed Azure Scaled-Dragon.

The rest of the kings didnt say anything, wanting to quietly observe the situation to see what that incredibly arrogant Champion Duke had up his sleeve. Just words alone would never cow arcane beasts.


“ROAR!!” came a furious snarl as a beast sparkling with golden radiance walked out of the crowd. It was three hundred meters long and resembled a dragon, but wasnt one.

“A Golden Armor Dragon Beast! Its a child of the seventh step Golden Armor King! The blood of the dragons runs through its veins—if it can enter Dragonhollow Mountain, itll be baptized by the Dragonling Assembly and possibly evolve into a golden dragon!” murmured a young man among the cultivators. He looked greedily at the arcane beast.

Named Golden Dragon, the cultivator would be able to activate his own golden dragon bloodline if he could refine the arcane beast. As things stood, he was so much weaker than Azureclad that he was a completely insignificant being at the gathering. Lu Yun and Qing Ting hadnt even taken note of his presence.

“Speak the human tongue!” Lu Yun naturally knew of the beasts race, and he frowned to see it continuously snarling and roaring at him.

“ROAR!!” came the response.

“Watch me kill you if you keep yapping at me!”


He sent out the Stellar Sword as rays of cerulean-silver sword light. It circled around the Golden Armor Dragon Beast before returning to his hand.


The golden light around the beast shattered to reveal its true form.

“What, what do you guys want!” Fear appeared in the beasts eyes. The young cultivator in front of it wouldnt need a second stroke to claim its life! He was a monster!

“What do I want Wasnt I very clear just now You will choose one thousand and seven beasts to remain on the bridge and disqualify the rest however youd like.”

“One thousand—too few!” The beast gnashed its teeth. “Fifteen hundred at least…”

“Then none of you shall pass.” Lu Yun turned menacing and a sharp light flashed through his eyes.

“There are six thousand of us here!” the beast howled. “If we all charge at the same time, all of the cultivators by your side will die!”

“I obviously cant stop all of you if you come at once, but I can assure you that all of you descendants of arcane beast kings will also die, down to the very last beast. You dont need to threaten me with your fathers either, my Trueriver Sect has already joined the Immortal Pagoda and we still havent settled the issue of the ten arcane beast kings attacking the pagoda!” Lu Yun delivered the last line with frosty tones.

“Fine, fine, so weve joined the Immortal Pagoda,” the Trueriver King mumbled weakly. “There are many in the realm who want to latch onto this big thigh, anyhow.”

He wouldnt express anything outwardly, of course.

“No, those beasts wont charge us.”


An azure-golden sword curtain blossomed in the void and sealed off an area ten kilometers wide. If the beasts wanted to run down the cultivators, theyd have to break through Qing Tings sword curtain first.

However, her strength had reached unfathomable levels. Even if the beasts combined could easily break through her sword curtain, she wouldnt just sit there for them to attack her.

“All of you, get out of here!” The Golden Armor Dragon Beast roared back at the herd.

Some of the regular superior realm beasts shuddered and one of them slapped their head, dying in a burst of bloody glory.

“Idiots! Jump off the bridge, not commit suicide!” shrieked Golden Armor and another child of a high level beast king. Arcane beasts werent very intelligent; only those descended from kings were slightly better.

After some shuffling, some of the arcane beasts jumped off the edge of the bridge that was now visible. The shimmering radiance around the rainbow bridge had vanished, thereby revealing its edge.

“Golden Armor!” a vermillion beast shouted with indignation. “We are children of kings. Are we to submit to two mere cultivators like this!”

“Go challenge them if you want, Im not going!” Golden Armor left without a thought, completely terrified by Lu Yuns move. It was two million years old, but had never come so close to death as it just had.

Most importantly was that this occasions Dragonling Assembly was open to arcane beasts! The blood of the golden dragon ran through its veins and it didnt want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. It also didnt want to die!

What did a few thousand inferior realm beasts have to do with it

The vermillion beast had two pairs of wings on its back and its enormous body churned with heat waves—a Magma Beast. Its reddened eyes narrowed furiously at Lu Yun and Qing Ting, but said no more.

Golden Armor was one of the strongest among them, and arcane beasts followed the rule of the weak submitting to the strong. While this beast didnt possess a dragon bloodline, the assembly would still result in enormous benefits for it.

“Its not fair!” Qing Di suddenly called out. “Long Batians identity token is her own, she didnt buy it from you. Why are you protecting her too”

“Um…” Lu Yun blinked.

The little girl finally understood what was going on. A young man and woman had forced six thousand arcane beasts into retreat! What in the heavens are these two!

Long Batian thought highly of herself and considered Qing Di a complete weakling. But even so, she didnt have the courage to face six thousand arcane beasts alone, of which more than a hundred were the children of kings.

“Should I… buy one of your tokens” she asked hesitantly.

“Dont listen to that idiotic weakling, little sister,” Qing Ting answered with a smile. “Were all in this together, and its only right that fellow cultivators band together from the arcane beasts.”

Lu Yun felt massive waves of goodwill surging toward him from all directions.

Long Batian heaved a sigh of relief and put away her machete.

“Are those arcane beasts going to accept this arrangement, just like this” Still unsettled, Crimsonclad whispered quietly to Azureclad.

“Definitely not.” He shook his head. “Theres probably other arrangements to come on the mountain. For now, our joint goal is to enter the mountain. Lu Yun and Qing Ting combined really do have the strength to kill them. They wont sacrifice themselves before they reach their final goal.”

Lu Yuns threat to kill all of the descendants of kings had been too great of a deterrent. If it wasnt for that, the arcane beasts mightve really charged them.

The duos figures were now firmly imprinted in everyones hearts, even more deeply than when theyd robbed Dragonsea City.

“I have yet to learn your names!” the reluctant Magma Beast suddenly called out.

“What, you want revenge later” Lu Yun snorted with laughter. “Champion Duke of the Trueriver Sect in Multitude Region. This is Qing Ting of Coiling Dragon City.”

Lol at the Trueriver King weakly accepting his fate.-

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