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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1411: Jelly bean

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Chapter 1411: Jelly bean

As for what the Dragonsea city lord had said about Lu Yun hampering his own cultivation in not absorbing the power of creation in the surroundings—Qing Yu and Miao held that view in slight contempt.

Lu Yun could refine creation. What would he care about the tiny amount available here

What he needed wasnt strength from the outside world or even blazing hellfire. He needed personal metamorphosis upon slowly digesting the cultivation level of the fourth realm from the Tome of Life and Death.

Hed only borrowed it; it wasnt his. Though hed fully subdued the treasure and become its owner, if it ever left him, then all of his death arts and cultivation level would revert to nothing.

Thus, he had to make it all his own, truly his own. He needed to rework it to the point where he wouldnt be affected even if separated from the Tome of Life and Death.

Hed once held similar thoughts, but lacked the strength to act on them or digest the mental realm found within the wondrous treasure. But now that his vision had broadened after arriving in the Hongmeng, he stood taller and saw further. His knowledge and comprehension were completely different to that of yesteryear.

This was particularly true after the hellfire of order appeared. Lu Yun had finally reached a level in which he could peer into the books secrets.

He was doing his utmost to amass strength before ascending to titled kinghood and constantly mulled over the wisdom and experience found within the tomes pages. Compared to the crucial task of making what he used his and improving his abilities, absorbing external energy hardly mattered at all.

If he wanted to fully absorb everything in the Tome of Life and Death, he needed to continuously increase his expertise and interpretation of theory. Instructing nearly two thousand cultivators was the best way to do so.

It felt that hed progressed to a stage in which he didnt need outside strength; all he needed was to continue excavating his own abilities. Refining ghost crystals would feed his flame of order. When he gathered three hundred and sixty-five tendrils of flame, he would be able to light the true hellfire of order and immediately ascend to kinghood.


“Champion Duke, the dragon qi here contains the power of creation and is the life force of the realm. If you dont take it in, wont that delay your own cultivation” Azureclad asked worriedly when he saw how enthusiastically Lu Yun identified his pupils weaknesses and taught them how to resolve the flaws.

Qing Ting and Dragon Butterfly regarded him with anxiety as well.

“Not to worry, its just a bit of creation qi. The Immortal King gave me a few Pills of Creation when I came to the Dragonling Assembly.” He fished out one of the pills as he spoke and popped it into his mouth like a jelly bean, swallowing it after chewing a few times.

Azureclad: ……

“Do you want one” Lu Yun took out another one and waved it at Qing Ting.

“No! Thank you!” She jumped with shock and quickly turned him down.

Pills of Creation were priceless and she wouldnt be able to afford even one if she sold all of Coiling Dragon City! Though she and Lu Yun regularly engaged in friendly banter and were tied together as the Robber Couple, she wouldnt make light of something as serious as this.

“Okay then.” Lu Yun nodded and popped the pill into his mouth.

Refining Pills of Creation were a piece of cake. What the third realm designated as “creation” was a strength created by the circulatory system of nature. This rational cycle of vitality was the system most conducive to nurturing life.

Creation maintained this system for life, and life grew stronger on a fundamental level when it drew off creation. In fact, it would continue to exist independently of this system once it took in enough creation.

Creation could neither be seen nor touched, but it was everywhere. No life would form in a place that lacked creation.

Order was the force from which sprang forth creation. Thus, it was the root of natures circulatory system. Only when there was order would there be creation.

After the hellfire of order officially took shape in Lu Yuns body, the power of creation streamed forth endlessly within him. The power in the air of Dragonhollow Mountain

It was so pitifully little in comparison.

At the same time, the power of creation wasnt of much use to him. Qing Yu and the little fox really did eat the pills like candy, which was why their strength had advanced so quickly and how Qing Yu was progressing toward the level of dao rule fusion.


“Can I try one” A thick-skinned Qing Di shoved his face next to Lu Yuns and grinned foolishly.

“Sure.” Lu Yun threw a pill over. “These are called jelly beans in the Immortal Pagoda and the pagodas cultivators eat them every day. Theres only the power of creation in these ones, anything else called a Pill of Creation is really just candy.”

About to lecture Qing Di for his shamelessness, Azureclad blinked and asked, “Could… I have one too”

Lu Yun tossed another over.

Qing Ting swallowed hard and caught one before she even had to ask. The other cultivators stared incredulously at Lu Yun. Treating Pills of Creation like candy

“Dont look at me like that. Im here on behalf of the Trueriver Sect, well, more like the Immortal Pagoda, to form an alliance with the Coiling Dragon City. Im participating in this assembly as a Coiling Dragon representative.” Lu Yun scanned the expressions around him. “If you guys want these jelly beans—er, Pills of Creation, all you have to do is represent your faction and ally with the Immortal Pagoda.”

None of the cultivators said anything to that. Though they were their factions treasured geniuses, they couldnt make this kind of decision on their factions behalf. It seemed entirely reasonable why the Champion Duke possessed Pills of Creation. Hed robbed all of Dragonsea City and suppressed six thousand arcane beasts by himself, forcing them to eliminate themselves from the competition.

Such a heaven-defying character would naturally be highly valued by the Immortal Pagoda!

“Our Dragonought Lake has already allied with Coiling Dragon City… ahem, that counts as allying with the Immortal Pagoda, right” Leng Che asked carefully.

“Here you go.” Lu Yun tossed him a pill. “A mans wealth is his own ruin by causing anothers greed. All of you should eat the pill as soon as possible.”

“What about you” Qing Ting asked subconsciously.

“I have nine million premium crystal veins and more pills on me. Im a walking treasure chest! I rather look forward to someone trying to rob me,” Lu Yun cackled.

Shudders traveled throughout the crowd. Crimsonclad bit her lip, but didnt ask for a pill in the end. Despite that, Lu Yun still gifted her one.

Such Pills of Creation were extremely precious to the cultivators at their current stage of accomplishment. They wouldnt raise ones cultivation level or increase potential, nor would they immediately propel someone to titled kinghood. However, they could form the power of creation within the cultivators body and nudge them into a more optimal state of being.

Qing Yus ninth dao rule had immediately recovered when she took eighteen Pills of Creation. Her state of being had been elevated to a more rational state—such were the effects of creation.


The Trueriver King scanned the Dragonfeather and Torch Kings with a strange look. He seemed to be viewing another version of himself, people who would slowly become one of the Immortal Pagodas.

Lol yep, theyre not gonna have a choice.

I didnt expect to die off a cliff the last couple of days ‍♀️ So sorry, everyone. That is the last bridal party appearance ever in my life, thankfully. I also just stepped off a plane four hours ago and will be flying back to Taiwan in two more days. Id like to sleep from the Primordial Age to Primeval Age now.

In the meantime, chapter. -

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