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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1412: Sudden Advancement

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Chapter 1412: Sudden Advancement

An uncomfortable Dragonfeather looked back at Trueriver; goosebumps were crawling over the formers body.

“What is it” he asked, baffled.

“Oh, nothing.” Trueriver smiled a very friendly smile.

It wouldnt be long now before Coiling Dragon City “became” part of the Immortal Pagoda. There was nothing bad about that. They would all be one family sooner or later.


The herd of arcane beasts gaped at the pills in Lu Yuns hand, but didnt dare make a single move. All they could do was silently absorb the power of creation from the surroundings.

“Alright, let us continue!” Lu Yun paid no heed to the beasts and refocused on the group of cultivators he was teaching.

The cultivators bent their minds to the proper task at hand as well. Hed robbed all of them, thereby instilling a deep respect for his strength. No other thoughts popped into their heads despite him possessing tremendous wealth and Pills of Creation.

While the arcane beasts stirred restlessly with desire, they ultimately decided against a charge. They were completely enthralled by the pills in Lu Yuns hand and could no longer concentrate on cultivation.

“The kids creating a trap!” Qing Di muttered gleefully to Azureclad. “The arcane beasts now know that hes got a ton of treasures and might try to rob him…”

Azureclad looked at him with surprise.

“The purple crystal veins he got from the auction are the first trap, the pills are the second trap. Who knows what hes trying to reel in Maybe hes got his sights set on a king” Qing Di murmured to himself.

Azureclad trembled with horror; he had no idea what the Champion Duke wanted to do anymore. In fact, perhaps the duke had been setting a devious plan into motion when he unsheathed the Stellar Sword in Cloudexit City! He was already targeting the half step kings then, wanting to hone his cultivation through them.

“But…” Qing Di made indistinct mouth shapes and didnt immediately swallow the pill whole. Rather, he carefully tasted the Pill of Creation like he was savoring a multi-layered piece of candy. “Were not the ones hes targeting. From the perspective of others, us receiving the Champion Dukes pills means that were tied to the Immortal Pagoda. Were all one family now.

“But man, this Pill of Creation is really something. It tastes good too.” A satisfied smile appeared on Qing Dis face.

Though the pill wouldnt instantly increase his strength, it would help him obtain double the results at half the costs. If he could train here for a few days, his strength would advance by leaps and bounds and reach a cultivation realm hed never attained before.

Qing Dis strength was one of the strongest among the cultivators here to begin with. He was second to only Lu Yun and Qing Ting, stronger than Seven Slaughters, Azureclad, Crimsonclad, and others.

“Its not likely hell rob titled kings.” Qing Ting shook her head. “Well probably run into a few more half step kings later on. Ive been getting the feeling that this times Dragonling Assembly is different from previous ones. The Hongmeng is vast and boundless without end. If its open to everyone in the realm, we shouldnt be the only ones here!

“There must be others to come and we havent seen Dragonhollow Mountains own geniuses yet!

“The Champion Dukes surely thought of this too, thats why hes showing off his pills. Since weve gotten one, this is the best time for us to cultivate. We need to make good use of it!” Shed thoroughly analyzed the situation. If her friend was going to rob more people later on, she would definitely be involved as well. Shed rather gotten enamored of robbing others.

“I, I should wait until Champion Duke has time to teach me,” sighed Azureclad. None of his previous self assurance could be found. “Despite being the banner of the younger generation, Ive realized that I am far too lacking. Even though Ive gone through the trials in the Coiling Dragon Battlefields, I remain far behind many others!

“The Bloodclad and Purpleclad Dukes arent here. Neither is the venerated enforcer. If my guess is right, theyve already entered the mountain.”


Seven days.

Lu Yun and the others stayed within the creation rich seventh level for seven days.

Many found themselves unable to settle down at first—especially the arcane beasts shocked by Lu Yuns pills. But as time went on, they were able to calm their agitating minds and wholeheartedly focus on absorbing dragon qi from their surroundings.

Numerous arcane beasts reached a new level of existence. Two faintly golden dragon horns formed on Golden Armors head; its dragon bloodline was beginning to awaken.

The cultivators continuously took in energy under Lu Yuns guidance, and all nineteen hundred and ninety-three of them reached a titled duke level. This was absolutely incredible!

They all possessed the strength of a first step king. Given that there were nearly two thousand of them, a first step king would be hard pressed to defeat these lower level cultivators if they didnt employ their force field.

The Dragonsea city lord and others stared at the group, tongue-tied.

“Although they still arent as worthy as our greatest geniuses, our geniuses would be mobbed to death if all of them charged at once!” murmured the city lord. “Uncanny, this Champion Duke is too uncanny! He isnt that strong or deserving of a spot in the top one hundred of the Dragonling Ranking, even now, but why… why… can he produce a batch of titled dukes”

She looked blankly at the Trueriver King who was perfectly at ease and sporting a mysterious expression.

“Intrance King and Miss Qing Yu, would the two of you accept an offer of alliance from the Exalted Firmament Region” The seventh step king from said region suddenly approached the two.

Qing Yu had only offered her name to the crowd, not her title. “Empyrean King” was just too cocky.

“We would!” Miao nodded and tossed a pill to the king. “Have a jelly bean!”

“My thanks to the Intrance King!” The kings eyes lit up and he hastily stuffed it into his mouth.

Trueriver looked piteously at the little fox.

“In your current condition, youd break through as soon as you ate a Pill of Creation. Ill give it to you after we return to Multitude Region,” chuckled Qing Yu. She also took out a pill and popped it into her mouth like she was eating candy.

The kings present swallowed hard, but didnt say anything.


The void of the seventh floor shook as a door carved from pure purple crystal materialized in front of Lu Yun and the others. As it swung open, it displayed another world to them.

Someone from the wedding tested positive… its been an interesting day. So, does anyone know if reinfection within a week is possible Im supposed to fly back to Taiwan tomorrow… haha…-

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