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Chapter 1420: No Wonder Hes My Martial Grandfather

The venerated enforcers face spasmed. Hed always been slightly contemptuous of his young martial grandfather, feeling that Lu Yuns only momentous feat was to have sired the Purple King. So what if he was a supplemental king and had broken the monopoly exerted by the Immortal Region and Supplemental Dao Alliance There were many who could do the same in the Hongmeng, they just didnt want to make enemies out of the two factions.

But Lu Yuns actions now completely exceeded the realm of regular understanding. Judging from the current situation, it seemed that hed robbed every single cultivator and arcane beast thatd leapt through the dragon gate.

They wanted to ensure that others were also robbed so it felt like it balanced out their own losses, didnt they

Yet, one or two people robbing nearly a thousand cultivators and arcane beasts That was a little too ridiculous!

Despite how incredulous it seemed, Lu Yun, Qing Ting, and their host of accomplices did indeed go on to rob all top one hundred geniuses of the Dragonling Ranking and claim all of their treasures. Naturally, there were many cultivators and arcane beasts who refused to comply; they were stripped naked and hung up for all to see—exactly according to whatd been threatened.

Arcane beasts were even worse off for their defiance. Their claws, fur, scales, and any horns on their head were stripped and turned in to a merry Lu Yun. He shared nothing with anyone else. Even Qing Ting could only look on with unanswered eagerness.

All of the top one hundred possessed stunning backgrounds—Purpleclad and Bloodclad included. Claiming any part of this loot would bring trouble down on the instigators head.

The operation thus concluded, Lu Yun openly took out pills from his seed storage and distributed them.

“These are the jelly beans that he spoke of!” Bloodclads jaw dropped. What jelly bean! These were Pills of Creation exuding the rich power of creation!

“Mmhmm, these jelly beans.” Qing Ting nodded and brought one out from her robes, delicately placing it on her tongue and closing her mouth around it like she was savoring a piece of candy.

The top one hundred geniuses swallowed hard. Theyd arrived at Dragonhollow Mountain more than half a month ago and absorbed a decent amount of creation, greatly enhancing their strength. However, the amount theyd absorbed didnt seem to amount to a hundredth of a single pill!

Envious, jealous, and highly discontent after losing all of their possessions, these geniuses almost had their cultivation spontaneously deviate.

“What if we claimed these geniuses as our battle servants” Qing Di suddenly raised, quickening the breathing of his comrades and sending a variety of emotions through the top one hundred.

If they became battle servants, then they would well and truly be jokes forever nailed to a pillar of shame. They were supposed to be the peerless geniuses of the realm, third step kings at least when they ascended to titled kinghood.

But if they were the battle servants of the latecomers instead, their dao hearts would certainly collapse and they might not even ascend to kinghood! Since theyd lost all of their weapons and other treasures, the band of new arrivals absolutely outmatched them.

“Dont push your luck, they still need to battle the geniuses of Dragonhollow Mountain and cement the true Dragonling Ranking. Weaklings like us should refrain from participating,” objected the mysterious girl Long Batian. “Or do some of you actually want to fight that group of perverse geniuses”

“I do!” Qing Di took a deep breath. “The geniuses of Dragonhollow Mountain wont lack for the power of creation—theyre the true elites of the realm. I would have no regrets in life if I could battle them, even if I lose.”

“The true elites of the Hongmeng” Dragon Butterfly leaned against Long Batian and mumbled, “You might as well challenge the Champion Duke and Qing Ting.”

“Forget I said anything.” Qing Di shut his mouth.

“Stay away from me, why are you always hanging around me” Annoyed, Long Batian narrowed her eyes at Dragon Butterfly. The latter was currently in the form of a beautiful young man—a pleasantly agreeable complement to the girl. Dragon Butterfly also liked staying physically close to Long Batian, a preference that was very awkward for the girl.

“Ill tell you this, were the only ones here who havent been robbed by those two devils. Therefore, we need to team up. What if they change their minds and try robbing us Well be able to help each other!” Dragon Butterfly chuckled next to Long Batians ear. “And, your Long surname is the character for dragon. My surname is dragon—maybe we were part of the same family fifty billion years ago!”

Long Batians ears turned red and she surreptitiously shifted to the side.

Things finally settled down. The top one hundred geniuses sat sullenly off to the side, cultivating without uttering a word. Activity buzzed with the other group—the arcane beasts from the rainbow bridge sidled up to Lu Yun after taking the Pills of Creation and shamelessly requested him to instruct them in cultivation!

Well, not cultivation, since arcane beasts couldnt cultivate. They wanted Lu Yun to give them pointers in their combat arts and battle methods.

He agreed after a period of contemplation. The remaining arcane beasts and cultivators actually sat down together, conversing with enthusiasm and verifying each others cultivation reflections. After robbing the top one hundred together, it felt like they were all in this together. Any conflict thatd existed on the bridge had long been expunged by the Pills of Creation.


The top one hundred raised eyebrows at each other to see cultivators and arcane beasts sparring and debating each other in high spirits.

“Since when did cultivators and arcane beasts get along so well” Purpleclad asked with some incredulity.

While the top one hundred clearly distanced themselves from the later arrivals, they didnt sit with each other either. Cultivator and arcane beast still looked warily at the other.

“Wait, look over there!” Bloodclads eyes widened. “That green snake has reached a titled duke level!”


“That fast It had a long journey to make before it reached that level of strength. Even if its taken a Pill of Creation, it would need a certain amount of time to digest it…” Shock and unease rippled through the top one hundred.

“Its the Champion Duke,” sighed the venerated enforcer. “Hes teaching them how to easily digest the energy within the pill. These cultivators have probably all made it to the titled duke level thanks to his instruction. Hes different, alright.”

A strange expression floated onto his face. This was his second time meeting his little martial grandfather and it hadnt taken that long for Lu Yun to reach such heights himself!

“No wonder hes my martial grandfather and sired someone as incomparable as my master,” he breathed inaudibly.

Thats right, whos yo daddy!-

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