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Chapter 1424: Immortal King or Champion Duke

The golden-eyed youth looked down at Lu Yun from above and assessed him with great assurance.

“I see… and here I thought the Immortal King—or rather, the Champion Duke—really did possess stunning ability enough to rob all top one hundred geniuses in the Dragonling Ranking. So he was just making others do his work!” the white-haired elder laughed heartily.

The crowd around them breathed out with relief to hear this. As the Immortal King was not yet a titled king, it would be beyond terrifying if he could already rob all of the half step kings in the top one hundred of the Dragonling Ranking.

“Its true, I saw it with my own eyes how the Immortal King took out enough Pills of Creation to bribe more than two thousand half step kings. It was due to pressure from the others that we handed over our storage seeds and all of our treasures!” the golden-eyed youth forced out through gritted teeth. His eyes glowed with a sheen of uncanny golden radiance at the same time.

It was quite aggravating to have to speak of this. A group of ants had forced him to hand over his personal weapon! If he had a chance to do it over again, he would absolutely… still hand it over. There was nothing for it—he would rather die than be stripped naked and hung up for all to see.

“Refining Pills of Creation… the Immortal King does indeed lay good plans. Winning over others, robbing the top one hundred geniuses of the Dragonling Assembly, trying to devastate their dao hearts… Tsk tsk tsk, this level of cunning and these methods…” the white-haired elder tutted with wonder.

“Level King, speak directly of whatever you wish to say. Dont beat around the bush like this.” The Coiling Dragon city lord suddenly appeared on the scene and frowned at the elder.

“Hahahaha!!” the elder threw his head back with laughter. “My son spoke directly enough. He wants to fight one-on-one in a fair battle against the Immortal King!”

The golden-eyed youth flicked a look of towering battle spirit at Lu Yun. This was the Immortal King!

A personage almost deified by the realm and one that many high level kings listened to!

But he, Jin Yue, son of the Level King, would challenge such a character in broad daylight. He was throwing down the gauntlet to a mythical being of the Hongmeng!

Jin Yues blood boiled at his grand magnificence and extremely lofty sentiment rose from his heart.

“Thats right! I wish to fight one-on-one in a fair battle against the Immortal King!” he shouted.

All of Dragonhollow Mountain quieted down and countless minds focused on this particular residence. Everyone knew that Jin Yue, son of the Level King, was treating the Immortal King as a stepping stone to glorify his own name.

He was sure to ascend to titled kinghood after this fight, regardless of what the outcome was. If he won, then his momentum would build to an ultimate apex and he might break through as a high level king.

Everyone held their breaths and gave way to Jin Yue and the Immortal King. These two were the true protagonists of the gathering.

“Oh” Lu Yun lifted his head and calmly addressed the youth up in the air. “Are you challenging the Immortal King or the Champion Duke”

“Is there a difference” Jin Yue sneered.

“Of course there is.” Lu Yun nodded. “As a supplemental king, the Immortal King can kill hundreds of idiots like you with a single glyph. If you want to challenge the Immortal King, I will meet you in battle as a supplemental king.”

Jin Yu turned beet red and opened his mouth, but didnt know what to say.

“If you challenge the Champion Duke, I will fight you with only battle strength. Youll quickly see why the Champion Duke could rob his way from Dragonsea City all the way to Dragonhollow Mountain.”

He raised his right hand and placed his thumb and forefinger together. A talisman sparkling with purple light collected over his fingertips. It emanated terrifying power ripples and would annihilate even sixth step kings if he brought it down.

“You said earlier that I used supplemental dao to rob those one hundred baby geniuses. If I really did so, would you still be able to stand here and run your mouth” Lu Yun snorted dismissively.

“Immortal King…” the Level King hastily interjected.

“Shut up.” Lu Yun flicked him a sideways glance. “A mere seventh step king has no right to speak here.”

Color drained from the Level Kings face.

“In that case, I challenge the Champion Duke!” Jin Yu set his jaw. “Ill spar with the Immortal King after I reach titled kinghood!”

“Very well.” Lu Yun nodded and twitched his fingers, dismissing the domineering talisman that hed formed.

Watching from the shadows not too far away, Shenyus pupils contracted violently. He was the Dao Kings disciple and a strong supplemental king himself, but his command of the supplemental arts was far from such an adept level.

“Youve taken my personal treasure…” Jin Yue flushed red again.

“Dont even think about it.” Lu Yun shook his head. “Im not letting go of any treasure that found its way into my hands. Since youre not using a flying sword, I wont use a flying sword. Well fight with pure strength. Dont tell me that you cant project your internal force yet.”

Jin Yues jaw clenched and two radiant beams burst from his golden eyes, shooting at Lu Yun with such speed that the two cutting rays of sword qi were almost an ambush.

“What incredible potential!” Lu Yun started. He hadnt thought that this Jin Yue would possess such strong innate talent. This combat art was almost on par with the arcane beasts natural talents.

“You said it, Immortal King! No supplemental dao and no treasures!” shouted the Level King.

Lu Yun couldnt be bothered with the old fogey. He shifted slightly and vanished on the spot, reappearing in the air.

The two uncommonly sharp beams of light continued straight toward Qing Yu and the little fox. Just when they were about to touch the two girls, they dissipated in the air.

No one knew whether Jin Yue had dismissed his attack himself, or if one of the ladies had done so. And no one cared.

A ray of silver sword light shot out from Lu Yuns fingertips the moment he reappeared.


The move struck Jin Yue with a piercing dragon howl. There was no Stellar Light Magneticus or any accompanying supplemental dao—just pure sword dao!


Jin Yues eyes turned a pure gold and energy burst out of them, so dense that it was almost a tangible sword.


Black lightning seemed to strike from the sky as Jin Yues radiance was shattered almost as soon as it appeared. Lu Yuns silver sword light firmly stopped half a millimeter away from the center of Jin Yues forehead.

It would take only a twitch of Lu Yuns fingers to claim his opponents life.

“Should we continue” Lu Yun dismissed his sword light.

“I yield.” Cold sweat beaded Jin Yues forehead. The Champion Duke wouldnt need a second move to kill him. “…am I stronger, or Zhan Lingge stronger” He was suddenly curious since Qing Ting had defeated Zhan Lingge in open combat.

“Zhan Lingge,” responded Lu Yun.

Well, the kids got a strong mental, Ill give him that.-

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