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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1427: A Big Uproar

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Chapter 1427: A Big Uproar

“Honestly, whats the point of a group of old dragons plotting against two little girls Just gift the azure dragons ancestral blood to you two and help you take form so you can control your true bodies. Wouldnt it be better for Dragonhollow Mountain to ally with strong powerhouses of similar origin” Lu Yun nattered on and on.

“No!!” Dragon Butterfly shook her head rapidly. “Dragonhollow Mountain almost scattered my true spirit once. I will never ally with them, even if they give me the ancestral blood!”

“Me too!” Long Batian said resolutely. “There are no good people in Dragonhollow Mountain!”

“Alright, alright.” Lu Yun shrugged and let it go.

No good people in Dragonhollow Mountain… Be careful of anything from the mountain… The black dragon king had once issued a similar warning as well.

Lu Yun had thought that the black dragon king was the incarnation of Myriad Dragon Valleys big dragon, but Long Batian had overturned that speculation. The black dragon king possessed an even more impressive background.

Though Lu Yun hadnt read any deception in the black dragon kings emotions, he didnt believe the dragons words. He trusted only in his own judgment.

Hed met the lizard-dragon in the world of immortals—a powerhouse from Dragonhollow Mountain. The lizard-dragon now resided quietly in hell, docile and refraining from causing any trouble.

Despite that, Lu Yun remained on guard and didnt levy any restrictions on it; hed only beaten the creature into submission and set the Bridge of Forgetfulness over it. Now that hed sent the bridge to the fourth realm, it would take Lu Yun visiting hell in person to keep the lizard-dragon under control if it decided to go on a rampage.


Lu Yun carefully manipulated their uncommonly small dust particle, drifting toward the passage between the eighth and ninth floors. His previous conjecture was right—there was formation upon terrifying formation that completely sealed off the tiny entrance. There were no cracks available for even a dust particle to pass through.

“If the entrance to the ninth floor is sealed off like this, doesnt that mean the ninth floor is very safe If we…” Dragon Butterfly whispered.

“Youre wrong, this is all a trap to make you think that the ninth floor is very safe. They want you to risk your life and fight to the death at its entrance, so youll try to pass through at the cost of everything else.” Lu Yun continued to rebuff her viewpoint.

He opened the Spectral Eye and noted that there was another ninth step king sitting behind the layers of formations. This one, however, had turned himself into an enormous statue. If it wasnt for the Spectral Eye piercing through life and death to see pulses of vitality coming from the statue, Lu Yun might very well have been fooled.

There were ten ninth step kings on the eighth floor of Dragonhollow Mountain. The tenth guarded the entrance to the next level in the guise of a stone statue. His form was a colossal humanoid figure, appearing to be a towering mountain from the distance. He wielded an immense halberd and completely sealed off the path to the ninth floor.

There were three thousand formations around the entrance; the stone statue was the heart of the formations.

“Can we get past” Dragon Butterfly paled. The three thousand formations were one with the ninth step king—infinitely close to the level of dao rule fusion.

“Yes,” Lu Yun was very confident. “The king turned himself into a statue to better assimilate with the formations, but do any of his senses remain after transforming into stone Hes just a huge blockhead that poses no threat whatsoever.”

Hed easily deduced the proper way to handle this obstacle after digesting the unexpected turn of events.

“Ill rip apart the formations in a bit. But once I do so, Dragonhollow Mountain will know that Im here and the Immortal Pagoda will truly become enemies with this faction.” Lu Yuns projected body reformed into human shape and he looked at the two girls. “I cant help you for free.”

“My Redbud Region is yours after I get the ancestral blood. You can do whatever you want with it!” Dragon Butterfly swore immediately.

“I…” Long Batian stared dumbly at Lu Yun. “I… I just have myself. What if I promise myself to you”

“That wont be necessary, just join the Immortal Pagoda after you find your dao. The Immortal Region is an enemy of my Immortal Pagoda,” Lu Yun countered solemnly.

“Alright!” Long Batian agreed without hesitation. Though she normally appeared dazed and confused, she was no fool. She knew what Lu Yun wanted her to do—take back her true body and Myriad Dragon Valley!

Myriad Dragon Valley was the foundation of the Immortal Region. If it was withdrawn, the faction would fall without a single push from outside forces.




Hazy purple pillars of light erupted from the void, blasting ferociously at the array. What was an incomparably sturdy configuration of formations instantly teetered on disintegration. Fearsome pillars of purple light fired upon their weakest connection points, making them wobble with impending failure.

“What is this!” Confusion engulfed the eighth floor of the mountain and the nine dragons rose from their peaks, looking at the pathway to the ninth floor with alarm. The stone giant roared and waved his halberd around, trying to find enemies that he couldnt see.

“These are the purple crystal cannons of the Immortal Pagoda! They are helping the two girls!” roared the dragon lord.

Purple crystal cannons had become renowned throughout the land after the war of Starspace Region. Countless Hongmeng cultivators regarded them with awe, but the Immortal Pagoda labeled the weapon as a prohibited item and didnt list any for sale.

If they were present at Dragonhollow Mountain, that could only mean that the Immortal Pagoda was helping the two dragon incarnations.

More importantly was that as powerful as they may be, just the cannons alone wasnt enough to destroy a great formation made of three thousand others. Only a supplemental king highly versed in formations could locate the flaws in the arrangement and dismantle it in one move like this.

The number of supplemental kings in the realm capable of such a feat could be counted with one hand. The Immortal King was listed among them.

“Go!” Taking advantage of the continuous cannon barrage, Lu Yun took the two girls through the formations and into the passageway.


An enormous figure appeared in front of the path right after the trio entered. It was a puppet covered in Detonation Talismans and exploded the second it appeared.

The absolute mess of an eighth floor further dissolved into disarray from the detonation; ten ninth step kings snarled in unison.

“Immortal King, Immortal Pagoda, there will never be peace between us!!” howled the dragon lord in a fit of fury. He took human form and shot for the seventh floor, throwing Dragonhollows grand plan out of his mind. Screw the Dragonling Ranking and Dragonling Assembly! All he wanted to do was to crush the Immortal Kings group!

“Dragon Lord, please stay your hand!” called out the other dragons. “The two dragon incarnations wont be able to obtain the ancestral blood even if they enter the ninth floor, the will of the azure dragon has awoken!”

The dragon lord jolted with realization and came to a halt, slowly regaining his clarity.

“Regardless, the Immortal King is our eternal enemy for helping those two dragons!” The dragon lord gnashed his teeth. “We need to teach him a lesson!”-

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