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Oh, how the humiliated Exalted Immortal disciples wanted to dismember Lu Yun, then find a hole in the ground to hide in! 

There was already a mortal feud between the governor and their sect after Lao Nuo made his report of the events inside the pill fairys tomb. Lu Yun knew the sect was convinced thePanorama of Clarity was on him. Rather than wait for their inevitable attack, hed chosen to strike first in a ruthless assault instead, catching them on the back foot.

Zhao Tiefeng no longer dared speak up after having grasped how his misstep had roused the crowds ire. But secretly, he now saw Lu Yun as someone he needed to kill at all costs.

As for Lu Yun, he regretted being unable to complete his sword art in the arena. Facilitating the comprehension of all those present wouldve surely earned him a great deal of goodwill for sal tree fertilizer.


Enjoying unstoppable momentum after four successive victories, he defeated the next six challengers as well, his ten successive wins shaking all onlookers. 

After all, his true cultivation was only at the origin core realm. Almost all of the challengers thus far were peak spirit realm cultivators. Even sealed back to the golden core realm, they were far above ordinary core realm cultivators in their mastery. Moreover, thered been several world-renowned geniuses among the six defeated challengers whod simply been overpowered by the governor.

After creating theVast Dragon Seaturner, Lu Yun didnt use Violetgrave, resorting to ordinary spirit weapons and flying swords instead.

“The governors potential is truly fearsome! No wonder the Nephrite emperor felt confident in letting the entire world challenge him!” many gasped, frowns of dismay deeply etched into their foreheads.

“Didnt they say he was a wastrel who couldnt cultivate only half a year ago And that hed only started cultivating after hed repaired his constitution with an Aurum Openia Pill”

“It must be a diversion from their celestial emperor. He misled us on purpose.”

“That wont do. This Lu Yun is too uncanny, we need to get him off the stage first!”

Ten wins were a far cry from a hundred, but Lu Yuns performance had caused general uneasiness in many.

Up on the stage, Lu Yuns breathing was calm and steady, no hint of weariness to be found after six consecutive bouts. He quietly stood there and waited for the next challenger. Engaging with the most celebrated geniuses of the immortal world had also resulted in extreme improvement for him.

Although Aoxue was powerful, she was only a single person when all was said and done. Fighting ten different people in a row and absorbing their battle styles had further broadened his horizons.

“Beigong Yu of the North Sea court. Please offer your instruction, Governor!” a man clad in black peacefully declared after taking to the stage.

Monster spirits had finally entered the ring. True enough, they werent prohibited from the Coretrial Arena. Any cultivator of any race or tribe in the immortal world was welcome in Dusk Province to try their luck. The Beigong surname was the name of North Sea royalty, but this Beigong Yu wasnt a blackwater snake. He belonged to another species.

“Beigong Yu….” Lu Yun frowned slightly at the man, a strange expression crossing his face.

“It really is Beigong Yu! Thats the greatest manslayer of the North Sea. Theres got to be almost a hundred thousand immortals whove died at his hands!” an immortal cried out with shock.

“I heard his true body is that of a divine kunpeng. [1] The North Sea Emperor specially conferred the surname Beigong upon him. This the foremost monster spirit king under the North Sea Emperor that were talking about!”

“Hes fought in the battlefields of the North Sea for a thousand years and slaughtered countless immortals during his time. His infamy is known throughout not only Nephrite Major, but also other territories bordering the North Sea, like the Primus Major and Witherdew Major.”

“Isnt he a peerless immortal Why can he enter the Coretrial Arena”

“Thats right, hes a mighty peerless immortal! From what I heard, hes only a step away from the dao immortal realm. Whats someone like that doing on the stage!” A clamor arose as soon as people connected the dots.

“Why can I step into the arena” Beigong Yu smiled slightly. “Because I severed my own cultivation and cleaved away my peerless immortal realm. The Beigong Yu you see now is merely a transformed spirit cultivator.” [2]

“What He severed his own cultivation” Many were taken aback by the explanation, but even more swore at him for being shameless.

The Coretrial Arena could seal the cultivation of any cultivator or immortal. Whether theyd truly ruined their own cultivation or not made no difference. However, Beigong Yu still possessed the mindset of a peerless immortal, as well as the requisite fighting experience and strategy, and even some of the combat arts. For him to step into the arena was simply bullying the weak.

But many still felt hopelessly resigned.

He wasnt the first immortal to think of severing their realm to compete in the Coretrial Arena. However, few possessed the required courage. Someone like Beigong Yu, whod been willing to give up on all itd taken to reach peak peerless immortal, was truly one of a kind.


Qing Han stood up, a little ashen as he looked uneasily in Lu Yuns direction. Sensing his gaze, the governor turned back and smiled brightly at his friend. The imperial envoy blinked, but immediately understood Lu Yuns state of mind: he was supremely confident against Beigong Yu.

Therefore, Qing Han immediately declared, “A peerless immortal is an immortal no longer if he discards his cultivation and falls back to the transformed spirit realm. This does not violate the rules of the Coretrial Arena. The two combatants may begin.”

The words sent a ripple of astonishment through the crowd. Wasnt this imperial envoy supposed to be extremely close to Dusks governor Did he actually want to send Lu Yun to his death instead

Zhao Changkong also looked askance at Qing Han. He thought the envoy wouldve wanted to thwart Beigong Yus intentions. The crown princes forehead creased slightly; this outcome was truly unexpected. He glanced at Lu Yun from time to time, interspersing his glances with gazes at Qing Buyi and Chen Xiao.

Can these two troublemakers have been the ones who fostered Lu Yun he wondered suspiciously.

“It seems the ancient lords legacy is going to fall into the hands of the North Sea monster spirits,” many secretly rued.

“Thats not certain yet! Beigong Yu might be strong, but there are geniuses who can defeat him! Primus Majors number one genius Dongfang Hao, Thundergale Majors Zi Chen, Lazuli Majors Mo Qitian, all of them are here today as well! They‘re the cream of the crop among the geniuses of the world!”

“Thats right, these supreme geniuses are absolutely invincible at the same level. Even a peerless immortal wouldnt be their match after sealing their own cultivation!”

“Theres also Wu Tulong of the Martial School in the Enlightened Major. They say he once defeated a dao immortal whose cultivation was sealed when he explored an ancient tomb!”

A spirited discussion flared up between nearby cultivators as they suggested one earthshaking name after another.

As for Lu Yun, no one was particularly optimistic about his chances. The governor wasnt bad, but he was still some distance away from these outstanding evildoers. Someone like him couldnt possibly overcome an obstacle like Beigong Yu.


“A peerless immortal who severed his own cultivation” Lu Yun narrowed his eyes as he looked at Beigong Yu.

“Dont worry, I wont kill you.” The latter nodded gently. “I will extract your living soul and forge it into an immortal weapon. A weapon made from the soul of a genius cultivator is twice as strong as an ordinary weapon of the same level.”

His tone was mild, like he was offhandedly commenting about the weather, but those who heard him had their blood run cold at his words.

Forging a weapon with someones nascent spirit was an absolute taboo among immortals all over the world, but human taboos meant little to monster spirits. When monster spirits and human immortals warred, the immortal prisoners usually ended up eaten, or refined into weapons or other treasures.

Of course, immortals also used the flesh of monster spirits to refine pills and weapons. Each race simply viewed issues from their own standpoint. There was no right or wrong, the strong simply preyed on the weak.

“But I will kill you!” Lu Yun responded earnestly.

Dense karmic debt lingered all around Beigong Yu. War followed its own set of rules. No matter the number of victims, to kill enemies during battle was the vocation of a soldier. Hence, good karma usually offset the bad of violence. 

But Beigong Yu brimmed with so much negative karma that it was on the verge of materializing tangibly. That was clearly the mark of an indiscriminate, bloodthirsty butcher of countless innocents.

This monster spirit had the blood of innumerable humans on his hands.

“Kill me Hahahaha—” Beigong Yu laughed heartily, like hed heard the greatest joke in the world, but suddenly cut it short with a powerful pulse of an overpowering, murderous aura.

A giant, incorporeal beast that seemed to be both fish and bird, but at the same time neither, emerged from his shaking frame. A terrifying energy exploded from him and expanded in every direction. 


All of Coretrial Arena shook heavily, tiny cracks appearing in the surrounding curtain of light.

“Die.” Beigong Yu stretched out a finger and pointed at a spot between Lu Yuns eyebrows.

The audience below the stage held their breaths. Even Qing Buyi and Chen Xiao wore grave expressions, while Qing Han was on his feet, staring fixedly at Lu Yun.

The moment the governor showed signs of being overpowered by Beigong Yus attack, Qing Han would immediately fly to his friends rescue, even if he had to throw caution to the wind and expose the Scroll of Shepherding Immortals and Imperial Star.

“You are the one who should die.” Suffocated by the monster spirits formidable presence, every bone in Lu Yuns body groaned painfully.


“Of Life…

“Or Death,” he gently uttered five words.

1. This is an animal in Chinese mythology that is a giant fish in the sea, and a roc bird in the air.

2. @(#!*$ Peerless immortal is the highest of the immortal realms!-

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