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Chapter 1430: Upper Rank Dragon Soup From Dragonhollow Mountain

The crowd wanted to squeeze this impertinent girl to death with their bare hands. A pot of golden soup shimmering from the dragon tendon of a ninth step dragon king The other kings wouldnt dare take a sip even if they wanted a bite!

But this brazen wench turned her nose up at it and complained that it lacked flavor

Dark expressions appeared on many cultivator and arcane beast faces.

“Whats… salt” the Yin Yang King asked dumbly with a blank look. How would a character of his level pay attention to such minutiae Qing Yu commanding him to make soup was already a tall order.

Miao held her forehead and carefully retrieved a small bottle of salt from her seed storage, pouring it into the pot in front of them.

“Have a taste,” she said to the Yin Yang King. He summoned a fist-sized ball of soup from the pot and sent it into his mouth while everyone watched.

“Eh Hmm!” His eyes lit up. “So this is salt Its addition does indeed make the soup… soup…”

The Yin Yang King froze in place, not sure of what to say.

“Pfft, how is this a soup when theres no seasoning” the little fox grumbled and fished out a variety of spices that only existed in the world of immortals, dumping all of them into the soup.

What was already an extremely tantalizing pot of dragon tendon soup instantly rose to new heights of allure. Even those of Dragonhollow Mountain were tempted by the fragrance.

“Ill have a taste too!” Qing Yu walked over with a ladle of her own. The two enjoyed soup by the mouthful.

“This goes too far, this is too much!” the dragon lord suddenly howled and reverted back to his true form as a black azure dragon three hundred meters long. Snarling and brandishing his claws, he pounced on Qing Yu and the little fox.


He flew backwards at double speed.

The sneering Yin Yang King stood in front of Qing Yu and Miao. “What kind of trash did that idiot Dragon Lord use for a body double”

His words made eyebrows rise in shock, including those of the remaining seven dragons of the eighth floor.

“The dragon lord is fake” gasped the Night King.

“Of course,” snorted the Yin Yang King. “The dragon lord is highly shrewd and requires careful deliberation before any move. Under his guidance, Dragonhollow Mountain has ambushed countless Hongmeng powerhouses. This is just a pot of scarlet dragon soup—why would he rush over for it like an idiot

“He is immensely capable, but the double hes using is trash.”

The Yin Yang King beckoned with his hand and closed it around the azure dragon. While also a peak ninth step king, he was far inferior to the Yin Yang King. The azure dragon wouldnt even have a chance to respond if the Yin Yang King attacked in earnest.

Dragonhollow Mountain fell silent at last; the seven old dragons didnt dare make a brash move. Since the dragon lord wasnt here in person, they didnt have what it took to battle the Ten Valleys of Evil.

The dragon lord controlled every bit of power from the mountain. Since hed sent a substitute here, then he was surely overseeing something extraordinarily important. Those of Dragonhollow Mountain didnt know what their lord was doing and feared ruining his affairs if a conflict erupted on the seventh floor.

With that, the two sides silently stared each other down, both playing for more time. Only the little fox and Qing Yu stood next to the pot, casually trying mouthfuls made from the dragon tendon of the Scarlet Dragon King.

“Hmm Qing Ting, come here!” Qing Yu suddenly thought of something and turned around.

“Huh” Qing Ting blinked, subconsciously arriving in front of the Empyrean King.

“Try this!” Qing Yu ladled out a bowl of soup, to which the dazed girl didnt know what to do after accepting it.

The Trueriver King stood in front of the Dragonfeather King and gently patted Dragonfeathers shoulder. The latter smiled ruefully, finally understanding what the strange expression on Truerivers face had been for.

This was probably how the Trueriver King had become one of the Immortal Pagodas.

“Ah, yes, you have the bloodline of the azure dragon. Therefore, scarlet dragon soup isnt suitable for you.” A detail registered to Qing Yu and she turned to the Yin Yang King. “Kill the one in your hand too, make soup out of it!”

“……” The kings around them swallowed hard in unison.

This azure dragon was plainly not an ordinary azure dragon—he was the dragon lords body double. Whether in terms of status or bloodline, he was very similar to the dragon lord. How else would he have the right to serve the dragon lord in this fashion

He was very likely the dragon lords son! And now the Empyrean King of Hopeless Major wanted to brew him into a soup!

The Yin Yang King obeyed Qing Yus every command. He snapped the dragon lord substitutes neck as soon as she spoke; life immediately seeped out of the dragons body.

“Hang on!” Miao quickly interrupted. “Start another pot. If you put the azure dragon in this one, the flavors will mix together.”

“……” The kings around them didnt know what to think anymore. Flavors mix together Their brains hurt from the confusion.

Simmering two ninth step dragon kings together would cross contaminate the pot

Was that important at all

“The ten valleys are the ten valleys alright! They came all the way to Dragonhollow Mountain to cook a dragon, and a ninth step king at that!”

The other dragon kings were so furious that they almost spat fire from their eyes. Though they didnt know this azure dragons exact background, they were guessing that he might very well be the dragon lords son.

And yet, they couldnt make any brash moves. The ten valleys were waiting to pounce on them at any time. In the dragon lords absence, they might all end up in soup pots if further conflict broke out.

The seven old dragons also had a vague idea of where the dragon lord was—the ninth floor of the mountain!

If they allowed the completely unbridled Ten Valleys of Evil to reach the ninth floor, not only would that wreck the dragon lords business, but it would also be a devastating blow to the mountain.

Once the dragon lord returned upon concluding his task, he would sweep away these ten valleys, Empyrean King, Profound King, Night King, and other rabble so easily that it would be an afterthought.

The Yin Yang King did as the little fox said and started another pot, placing the azure dragon inside. Qing Ting accepted another bowl and mechanically fed the sparkling golden soup into her mouth.

“You go as well.” The Azure Dragon city lord suddenly kicked over Qing Di beside him.

“Ah I…” Qing Di didnt know how hed arrived before the soup pot and looked helplessly at the two stunning ladies.

“The Azure Dragon city lord is a sensible man,” smiled Miao and handed an empty bowl to Qing Di. “Eat with us.”

“Ah… sure.” Qing Di wasnt an idiot, he immediately realized what drinking the soup signified. Azure Dragon City was officially breaking off relations with Dragonhollow Mountain and joining the banner of the Ten Valleys of Evil—or the Immortal Pagoda!

“So good!” He ladled a large bowl for himself and drank with gusto.

Alliance via soup, nice.-

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