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Chapter 1431: The True Dragon Lord

A commotion began to build on the seventh floor of Dragonhollow Mountain. The Azure Dragon city lords actions signaled to uninvolved kings that it was time to choose sides.

However, many remained unmoved and didnt immediately express their opinions. As domineering as the Ten Valleys of Evil were, they didnt seem internally unified. After countless eons of suppression from the Immortal Region, theyd almost completely perished in their ancient rivals hands not too long ago.

Winning support from high level kings just by making two dragon kings into soup What a ludicrous daydream!

Although the Immortal Pagoda seemed to be one of Hopeless Majors factions, there was an even more frightening Supplemental Dao Alliance with the Immortal Region. The alliances true strength was several hundred of millions of times greater than the pagoda.

What was a mere Immortal King and Intrance King worth There were more than ten thousand supplemental kings in the Supplemental Dao Alliance!


“You go as well.” The Coiling Dragon city lord kicked Azureclad over. Soon after, Crimsonclad, Seven Slaughters, Blackclad, and others arrived by the soup pots, eating and drinking with gusto.

No one else made a move. If any more went over to drink the dragon soup and eat dragon meat, the remaining seven dragons would surely die of fury.


“Your dao partner has cooked my son.” On the ninth floor of Dragonhollow Mountain, the dragon lord was dressed in azure robes and appeared to be a handsome young man. There were minuscule differences between him and the dragon lord whod appeared in front of the crowd—he seemed more mild-mannered and his eyes were brighter.

Currently, he was dejectedly drinking wine.

“You can send your dao partner to the chaos and cook my son too.” Lu Yun sat at a nearby stone table and picked up the dainty cup in front of him, taking a small sip.

“She cant, your son is too perverse! Hes a hugely perverse genius! When I was a ninth step king, he was a sixth step king. Now I am still a ninth step king, but hes. a. mother. **ing. true king!!

“Youre a perverse genius and so is your son!!” the dragon lord bawled at Lu Yun.


Lu Yun flung his wine cup at the dragon lords face.

“How. the. mother. **ing. ** are you the dragon lord! How much time, effort, and resources have I invested in you! Why the ** are you the dragon lord!” Lu Yun shouted right back in his face.

“Who, who should I be if not the dragon lord” Despite the dragon lords face covered in wine, he wasnt the least bit outraged. He seemed more aggrieved than anything.

“I thought you were the will of the azure dragon.” Lu Yun frowned.

“Will of the azure dragon The ancestor dragon of the dragon race Hes nothing good,” the dragon lord smiled wryly. “if I was the will of the azure dragon, Id make sure to kill you in the world of immortals.”

The dragon lord… was the Azure Dragon King of the world of immortals!

The very one whod been half dead and clung to life through feeding off the Sal Tree of Life and Death. Hed been wholly unwilling to join Lu Yuns camp in the beginning, but eventually bowed his head, joining the Dao Academy with the entire azure dragon race.

After arriving in the Hongmeng, Lu Yun calculated that the Azure Dragon King was closely related with a major faction in the Hongmeng, Thus, hed hauled the dragon king here after entering the ninth floor.

Who wouldve thought that the Azure Dragon King would immediately absorb the power in the surroundings upon emerging from hell and return to his origins as the dragon lord!

Lu Yun was beside himself with annoyance. Hed thought that the dragon king might be the reincarnated azure dragon of the third realm! Not only that, but hed confirmed that Origin World of the Ten Valleys of Evil was the faction that God had established. God had once been a heavyweight of the Hongmeng!

A founder of the Ten Valleys of Evil!

Gods background was the same as Violetgrave—both from the fourth realm and powerhouses there as well.

Dragon Butterfly and Long Batian gaped behind Lu Yun, swiveling between the dragon lord and Lu Yun with disbelief. They couldnt fully wrap their minds around this.

“The azure dragon is nothing good.” The dragon lord gently wiped wine off of his face. “As it stands, Dragonhollow Mountain is under the azure dragons control. The two little girls behind you were purposefully summoned by the awakened dragon will.

“If they really try to obtain the ancestral blood, they will only end up becoming a replica for the azure dragon!”

“Dont trust him!” Dragon Butterfly hastily interjected. “The black dragon king told us that everything from Dragonhollow Mountain is crafty without end. We cant trust anything from the mountain!

“The black dragon The one suppressed by the rules of the Hongmeng Sea” The dragon lords expression shifted and he sneered, “That black dragon… heh. Find an opportunity to cook him too!”

“Wheres the black dragon from” Lu Yun raised an eyebrow.

“Myriad Dragon Valley gave birth to two great dragons,” explained the dragon lord. “Did you note the black dragon when you came”

He looked at Long Batian, who shook her head in return.

Lu Yun understood—hed suspected then that the black dragon hailed from Myriad Dragon Valley, but dismissed the notion when Long Batian appeared. Who wouldve thought that the black dragon really would be a great dragon of the valley!

“Myriad Dragon Valley holds the greatest dragon and greatest mines of the realm, second only to Dragonhollow Mountain. However, Redbud Mountain is listed higher due to the valley being almost completely depleted after birthing two great dragons.

“How else would the Immortal Region let Redbud Mountain go and focus on Myriad Dragon Valley instead” sighed the dragon lord.

Hed spent some time in a world of immortals ruled by the immortal dao. Itd only been six hundred million years since then, a negligible period of time for a powerhouse like the dragon lord.

Everything he spoke of had happened six hundred million years ago. If the same amount of time was expressed in second realm terms, it wouldve been prior to countless chaos tribulations. The worlds hadnt even been born then.

“You are naturally deficient not because of the Immortal Region, but because the black dragon took most of your opportunities.” The dragon lord shook his head. “The black dragon is no kind soul—his true nature is the same as the azure dragons. He chooses who he wishes to eat. He came for the ancestral blood back in the day, but I stopped and sealed him. Otherwise, he wouldve become the azure dragons replica long ago.”

“He said youre the one who killed the azure dragon,” mumbled Long Batian.

“I dont have the capability to kill him… Logically speaking, the azure dragon is my ancestor and the first dragon among the Hongmeng. All dragon bloodlines in the realm come from him, including chaos dragons and other dragons in the worlds. All is due to him, and Id be ending my own ancestor if I really made a move against him.

“The original founders of the Ten Valleys of Evil were the ones who killed the azure dragon. Mm, ancestral villains are what the Immortal Region calls those ten stunning powerhouses,” he paused. “Now, do you still want the azure dragon blood”

Mic. drop. You guys remember this guy, yeah-

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