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Chapter 1437: First of the Dragonling Ranking

“So you did come after all,” a slightly gloomy voice sounded in Lu Yuns ears. A ghost that was the previous dragon lord materialized by his side.

“Did the azure dragon send you to keep an eye on me” Lu Yun regarded his new shadow with resignation. “It looks like the rules arent fully in charge here.”

“The ancestor dragon… is the rule,” nodded the previous dragon lord. “Everything here is under his determination. This occasions Dragonling Assembly involves the future of the Hongmeng and the great ancestor dragon is one of the ancestor gods of the realm. Though he has his own ambitions, he will not interfere in this gathering.”

“So what are you doing here” Lu Yun grumbled. “Im not yet a titled king, just a half step king. I am fully qualified to participate in the Dragonling Assembly. Arent you already interfering by coming to me”

The previous dragon lord blinked dumbly at Lu Yun, not sure of what to say.

In everyones eyes, Lu Yun was at least as strong as a high level king, perhaps even as strong as a ninth step king. But in reality, he hadnt even set foot into titled kinghood yet.

Theoretically speaking, supplemental kings werent real kings. They hadnt coalesced dao rules within their bodies and didnt possess their own force fields. They only possessed a title bestowed by the Hongmeng Tower.

Supplemental grandmasters used their arts to forcefully enhance their battle strength so they could quickly ascend to kinghood. There werent many half step supplemental kings in the realm. If it wasnt for Lu Yun needing to form the hellfire of order, he wouldve broken through a long time ago instead of spending so much time in this cultivation realm.

“What do you think” Lu Yun asked again.

“No no, you cant participate in the Dragonling Assembly or the battles of the Dragonling Ranking. That will ruin the equilibrium!” The previous dragon lord suddenly muttered with dissatisfaction and waved his hand, making the world spin around Lu Yun.

When everything calmed down, he discovered that he was already at the peak of the mountain. There were three great rankings in front of him.

The Dragonling Ranking!

The Soaring Dragon Ranking!

The True Dragon Ranking!

A name glittering with purple-golden radiance had appeared at the top of the Dragonling Ranking—Champion Duke!

Champion Duke was listed first on the ranking!

Lu Yuns jaw dropped and he stiltedly turned around to stare at the previous dragon lord.

“Im not cheating and havent interfered in the assembly. Youre the strongest out of all the half step kings to begin with,” mumbled the previous dragon lord as he plopped down next to Lu Yun.

“And ah, there are some parts of the cultivation method that you gave to the ancestor dragon that I dont really understand…” He looked up at Lu Yun with a hint of anticipation.

Lu Yun grinned ruefully. He hated that the azure dragon had kept things from him, especially regarding the Azure Dragon King, but he also knew that the azure dragon meant him no harm. He wouldnt have taught them the cultivation method of ghost dao otherwise.


“How is this possible!! How was he so fast!” An outcry rose from the mountain when Lu Yuns name appeared on the ranking. Many half step kings roared with indignation—theyd been fully confident of placing first, but the Champion Duke had quietly made it to the peak!

“Heh heh heh… the Champion Duke is the Immortal King, he mustve used supplemental dao to easily climb the mountain. Theres nothing to be concerned about. Once the ranking is finalized, we still have a chance to challenge others. Ill challenge the Immortal King then!” sneered a young woman with a jade-green dragon scale embedded between her brows.

She was the greatest genius of Dragonhollow Mountain; her title was the Jade Dragon Duke. This title had been personally bequeathed by the ninth step dragon kings and dragon lord substitute. A frosty expression filled her face as she ground her teeth—shed already earmarked the first spot on the ranking for herself. To think the Champion Duke would appear at this time!

“Come, let us make it up the mountain at top speed. Kill anything we run into that is not native to the mountain.” She turned to three battle servants by her side.

“Understood!” They were also Dragonhollow geniuses with the strength of a titled duke.

Ghosts and vicious beasts abounded on the way up, but these obstacles were nothing to a powerhouse like the Jade Dragon Duke.

“Werent we going to go up together What about our grand robbery enterprise” Qing Di was gathered with Qing Ting, Azureclad, and Crimsonclad. He gaped when he saw the name on the ranking.

Qing Ting, Qing Di, and Azureclad had their own ways of communicating with each other since they were in the same clan. Azureclad and Crimsonclad were essentially dao partners, so the quartet found each other with the fastest speed possible after the mountain scattered them apart.

“Hes the Immortal King. If he ascended the mountain with us, hed break the equilibrium and eliminate many geniuses that should appear on the ranking,” Azureclad coolly analyzed the situation.

“What about robbing others if the Champion Duke isnt here” Qing Di fretted.

“Hes not here, but I am!” Qing Ting brimmed with confidence. She puffed her chest out and declared proudly, “Im the one who robbed everyone in Dragonsea City!”

“Id always thought that the Champion Duke led you astray, but it looks like youre the one who dragged him into robbery,” Azureclad expressed his displeasure.

“Cut the nonsense, theres someone over there headed to the mountain top. Hes got battle servants, so he should be a Dragonhollow genius. Lets go rob him!” Crimsonclad interrupted.

“Lets go!” They moved out without hesitation. They sprinted toward the target, their primary motive to rob others instead of climbing the mountain!

“Roar!!” A giant black dragon-shaped beast burrowed out of the ground and opened his maw at Qing Ting.

“Piss off!” Qing Ting shouted and kicked the huge beast. It yelped with pain and ran off.

“Hold on!” A new thought occurred to her. “Theres the power of creation within those beasts! Well get it if we kill the beast!”

“What!” gasped the other three. “These violent beasts have creation inside of them”

Up until now, theyd stayed as far away as possible from those groups, avoiding exchanging any moves with them.

“Mmhmm.” Qing Ting nodded and shoved a creation pill into her mouth. “But we dont lack for power of creation either.”

Her latest batch of pills had come from Qing Yu yesterday; Qing Ting didnt know why the Empyrean King would give her so many. However, she didnt turn the gift down.

“Forget them for now, we already nurture the cycle of creation within us. What we need to do instead is to rob all of the Dragonhollow geniuses to increase our confidence and foundations!” Qing Di immediately raised.

“Then forget about them!”

“Yup, lets go hunting!” Azureclad and Crimsonclad both chimed in.-

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