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Chapter 1439: Disciples of the Immortal King

“Nothing, just ordinary wine.” Lu Yun took the wine jug and poured himself a mouthful, smacking his lips afterward. “The Intrance King brewed it herself, its fine wine.”

“Intrance King…” The previous dragon lords expression darkened. That was a terrifying supplemental grandmaster of illusion! Even the Dao Kings foremost disciple—Shenyu—had fallen into her illusions. What could a simple ghost cultivator like him do against her prowess

“Want another sip” Lu Yun offered the wine jug again.

The dragon lord hastily shuffled backward in alarm, not daring to come near the jug.

“Then Im drinking it myself.” Lu Yun poured out the jugs contents and quaffed it with gusto.

As dark as the dragon lords expression was, he swallowed hard. Wine from the hands of the Intrance King was marvelous indeed. Otherwise… he wouldnt have been taken in, not at his cultivation and concentration level.

“Look at that, the two thousand and nine hundred ninety-nine geniuses that I taught have found each other and are starting to rob Dragonhollow Mountain. Tsk tsk tsk, theyve just about robbed all thirty-one hundred Dragonhollow geniuses.”

Of the mountains geniuses, one hundred of them were deemed to be Dragonhollows best and worthy of being top one hundred on the Dragonling Ranking. The other three thousand were either their challengers or battle servant fodder.

Their rules mirrored those for the geniuses from other regions. However, Dragonhollow Mountain seemed a little too arrogant in the eyes of outsiders. Setting just one faction against the entirety of the Hongmeng That was too patronizing of geniuses from other parts of the land!

“Ai… What a pity that Dragonhollow also suffers from fierce internal competition. If our geniuses were able to come together, they wouldnt be in their current straits,” the previous dragon lord remarked with resignation. “Youre already at the peak of the mountain and listed first on the ranking, but your peers still stand united. Why havent they started fighting among themselves The little girl from Coiling Dragon City doesnt have the same kind of charisma as you do.” Confusion flashed through his eyes.

“They do this because they want to, it has nothing to do with me.” Lu Yun shook his head. “When they formed the Robber Slayers in Dragonsea City, they already showed signs of being willing to work together. Ive just shown them that theres greater strength in greater numbers.”

Hed personally taught all of these cultivators and arcane beasts, starting from the rainbow bridge all the way to Dragonhollow Mountain. Theyd sparred and conversed with each other along the way, forming relationships that would exist among fellow peers of the same faction.

When they were last gathered together, theyd joined Lu Yun in robbing the top one hundred geniuses on the ranking. Added to that receiving Pills of Creation in reward—that created a marvelous connection between them.

When they found out that the Champion Duke was the Immortal King, many of them self styled themselves as disciples of the Immortal King. Though most of them hadnt drank from the pots of dragon soup, they still viewed themselves as one of the Immortal Kings. He was like an unfading obelisk raised in front of all cultivators beneath titled kinghood in the third realm.

He was already many peoples idol after displaying his supplemental dao to break the Supplemental Dao Alliances monopoly. His actions at the Dragonling Assembly further raised his reputation to new heights, creating an interesting sense of kinship between those thatd followed him during this time.

This was something that outsiders were unable to perceive. On the contrary, those of Dragonhollow Mountain firmly regarded themselves as geniuses and refused to acknowledge the Immortal King. They wanted to challenge him simply to prove their own capabilities, so they would never ally with anyone else.

Indignation was the most they felt when robbed by the contingent.


“The vicious beasts and ghosts here all possess the power of creation. If we kill enough of them, well be able to use the power to reach the top of the mountain and be listed on the Dragonling Ranking!” Golden Dragon approached Qing Ting.

Hed completely dismissed the idea of vying with Azureclad or Qing Ting. Though Crouching Dragon City hadnt been brave enough to send him to the pots of dragon soup, Golden Dragon still walked with Azureclad and the others.

As strong as Golden Dragon was, he was still second to Azureclad.

“Then go on, go kill vicious beasts and ghosts. I wish you luck in making it onto the Dragonling Ranking.” Qing Di curled his lip at Golden Dragon.

The latter fell silent and rubbed his nose.

“Were the Immortal Kings disciples, does it matter if we rank or not” snorted Seven Slaughters. “The mountain is so afraid of the Immortal King that they directly sent him to the top of the mountain so he could come first.”

“Thats right, while the Dragonling Ranking is impressive, its enough for it to list only the Immortal Kings name,” chuckled Blackclad. “Our mission now is to protect it so that hes the only name listed on it!”

Golden Dragon: ……

“Yeah, thisll be fun!” Long Batian applauded heartily. “I heavily dislike the Jade Dragon Duke. She slipped out of my grasp just now, so you guys help me this time and well rob her together.”

“Ive got it.” Qing Ting walked forward, Azuresky blossoming with scintillating sword light. “They say that the Jade Dragon Duke is the greatest genius of Dragonhollow Mountain and an incredibly accomplished cultivator of the azure dragon bloodline. If I defeat her, thatll be a huge blow to the face of all of their geniuses—“


A small mushroom cloud rose into the air before she could finish speaking. A young man in black had stolen a march on them and was already fighting the duke. What stunned the group was that the greatest genius of Dragonhollow Mountain was no match for the young man!

“Its the venerated enforcer!” someone identified the other.

“Hes so strong… the venerated enforcer is…” Qing Ting stared fixedly at him. “Im weaker than him!”

“What!” Numerous half step kings around her gaped. In their eyes, Qing Ting was so strong that she should be second beneath the Hongmeng kings. First was Lu Yun. But now, she said that she was weaker than the venerated enforcer!

Qing Ting spoke no more. She stared intently at the young man, observing his every gesture, movement, and combat art trajectory.

The venerated enforcer wasnt deploying overwhelming strength—he was just an ordinary titled duke half step king at most. But his technique and combat art circulation method was incredibly exquisite. All of his combat arts reaped the greatest benefits for the smallest price possible.

He beat back all of Jade Dragons combat arts before they had a chance to erupt at full strength.

“Have you noticed that the venerated enforcer fights very similarly like the Champion Duke The Champion Duke rarely uses superior strength to dominate his enemy. He usually makes use of the others weaknesses and openings…” Azureclad suddenly said.

Because Lu Yun had taught them all, their battle styles were undergoing a change and developing in a similar direction. Who wouldve thought that the venerated enforcer—once hailed as the strongest in the realm beneath titled duke—would fight in this fashion as well

“You dont mean to say that the venerated enforcer is also a disciple of the Immortal King” Golden Dragon asked subconsciously.

Why yes, I mean. I do mean.-

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