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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1447: The Li Kings Blade

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Chapter 1447: The Li Kings Blade

Li Zhen was an absolute genius who would receive special attention in any faction, even Hopeless Major. His future was bright with no limit in sight.

But in the Li Clan, he was suppressed and targeted by everyone; his potential nearly smothered in the cradle. No matter what his father had done, the blood of the clan still flowed in Li Zhens veins. Their purposeful targeting of him illustrated how short sighted they were.

Lu Yun didnt think that such a clan would amount to anything. Having enjoyed the protection of Coiling Dragon City in the past, the Li Clan wouldnt survive for long after turning on their benefactors.

“Ah yes, who set up the formation in Coiling Dragon City” A sudden question occurred to Lu Yun.

“The Fish King,” answered a puzzled Qing Ting. “We hired a supplemental king after the monopoly was lifted. The Fish King is highly versed in formations and he reorganized the entire citys formations after the Dragonling Assembly. …wait.

“Didnt you just say that these formations are paper to you” She stared at Lu Yun with wide eyes.

“Id thought that a formation grandmaster had set them up… Theyre pretty enough on the outside, but completely rotten inside.” Lu Yun frowned. “Wheres the Fish King now”

“My father and the city lord of Azure Dragon decided to attack Crouching Dragon City before I entered closed door cultivation. The Fish King is with them,” Qing Ting responded absentmindedly, then jerked her head incredulously at Lu Yun. “You dont mean—”

“The Fish King” the young man snorted coldly. “He better not do anything out of line, or hell be dead meat—dead fish.”

The two city lords had openly joined the Immortal Pagodas banner. They were now one of his and Lu Yun hadnt really left after taking an ultimate treasure of the realm. Thatd just been a show; hed given them some lifesaving measures in return.

Boom boom boom!

Coiling Dragon City shook violently amid a series of loud explosions. A chain reaction filtered through its formations and dismantled all of them, leaving the city completely exposed to the Hongmeng.



“Kill!” Battle cries charged with fervor rose into the air as squadrons of cultivators rushed into the city from all directions.

Coiling Dragon Citys main forces were already attacking other cities. The only things left supporting the city were the formations that the Rain King had claimed even tenth step kings wouldnt get through.

But now, they laid in shattered pieces!

“Destroying his city will make the Coiling Dragon city lord nothing more than a stray dog. Daydreams such as conquering Azure Dragon Region should remain just as dreams!” roared a man dressed in black who wielded a heavy black sword.

“How dare you attack Coiling Dragon City, Li King!”

Piercing dragon croons rose from the city as an azure dragon covered in feathers rushed out of it, shooting straight for the black-clad man. This man with the heavy blade was the ancestor of the Li Clan, named the Li King.

Rumor had it that the Li Clan had been known by another name many years ago, but changed it when one of their kings received the title of the Li King. It was the Li King and multiple other Li powerhouses attacking Coiling Dragon City!

The Dragonfeather King had almost turned himself into a dragon in his haste to rush out of the city. He grasped a sword that he leveled at the Li King.

“How dare trash like you attack me, Dragonfeather!” The Li King laughed uproariously and swung his blade downward. Everything it passed by was scored by heavy marks, as if its sword light was as indomitable as a mountain.


Blade and sword connected with each other. Dragonfeathers breath was knocked out of him and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Youre a seven step king too!” Dragonfeather set his jaw and glared furiously at the Li King. Dragonfeather had purposefully held back because hed reached seventh step kinghood a long time ago and thus outstripped his opponent. But hed actually lost to a single move!

The Li King was also demonstrating power on par with a seventh step king!

He was stronger than Dragonfeather because, in a moment of distraction, Dragonfeather barely evaded being stabbed to death.

“Complete trash!” The Li King chortled and swung his blade again, dense sword light bearing down with irresistible momentum on Dragonfeather and the city behind his back.

It wasnt a fast attack and Dragonfeather easily had enough time to avoid it, but the move was incomparably brutal. If he dodged the blow, the city behind him would bear the brunt of the stroke and be cleaved into two.

Yet, with Dragonfeathers strength, he would be grievously injured or even dead if he met it head-on!

Eyes wide with indecision, Dragonfeather stared fixedly at the terrifying sword light.

“The blade in your hand… is made from the dao rule of a high level king…” Dragonfeather shuffled backward. He was biding his time and accumulating energy; now was the time to focus on his opponent.

“Thats right,” the Li King responded readily. “All of the dao rules from a seventh step king were refined into my blade.

“I hacked apart a city with one stroke on a particular occasion and slaughtered all three hundred and ten million beings living inside it. Today, you will be the first king to wet this blade!”

The sword light still proceeded at a glacial pace. To ordinary kings, it came very quickly indeed, but to high level kings, this was nothing. What was agonizing about it was that Dragonfeather had no choice but to allow it to land on him!

If this stroke landed on Coiling Dragon City, more than half of the population would be decimated!

“Charge!!” Dragonfeather tried for the best response he could offer. He pointed with his fingers and split his flying sword into rays of sword light, blasting away at the black radiance from the blade.

Unfortunately, his attacks were as weak as an uncooked egg and didnt shake the blade light one bit.




Rumbling emitted from his body as seven azure dao rules three hundred meters across materialized next to him.

“His Majesty Dragonfeather is putting everything on the line! We need to go help!” gasped Coiling Dragon heavyweights entangled with Li cultivators. They immediately shoved their opponents aside and rushed up into the sky, wanting to help their king.

And so, the fighting grew ever more harrowing and gruesome.

“Hahaha!! Scum of Coiling Dragon City, did you actually think you were our savior and master We were just putting on an act when we bowed and scraped to you! You can all die now!!” A Li powerhouse brayed with laughter and decapitated a first step king with a smooth stroke of his longsword.

Dragonfeathers furious attacks still couldnt shake the blade light, and the Li King followed up with a second stroke that was even more dreadful than the first.-

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