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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1448: Seizing the Blade

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Chapter 1448: Seizing the Blade

The two blows combined in the air as one and redoubled their speed, coming straight down on the Dragonfeather Kings head. He could block the first stroke with his body, but it was impossible to evade or block the second. There was no way out of this other than death, and Coiling Dragon City behind him would also be annihilated by the combined strokes!

No more formations protected the city; desperation and despair dawned on the kings face.

A cold smile played at the Li Kings lips from beginning to end. He grasped his weapon with firm hands and maintained a posture of following through his move. The culmination of his lifes work and cultivation was unleashed today!

On the other hand, Dragonfeather was no incompetent simpleton. If the Li King wanted to kill him and destroy the city, he had to utilize his full strength!

This was an ambush.

Once the Li Clan razed Coiling Dragon City, they would immediately retreat without second thought. Everyone knew to avoid provoking the Immortal King and that the Intrance King of the Immortal Pagoda was a true king. But to idly sit by and watch Azure Dragon Region be unified by another They would never stand for that.

Even if they couldnt change the inevitable, they would raise certain obstacles to make the Immortal King lose face. Perhaps Azure Dragon and Coiling Dragon City wouldnt have the face to conquer the region then.

Situated on the banks of Azure Dragon Lake, Azure Dragon City was strategically located and protected by the natural fortunes of the land. Countless experts abounded within the city, and just someone like the Crippled Dragon King alone wasnt someone that the Li King could withstand.

In contrast, it was far more cost effective to target Coiling Dragon City. That would send a warning to the two city lords and Immortal Pagoda that Azure Dragon Region wasnt a place the pagoda could tighten its grip over.

The corners of Dragonfeathers eyes exploded and bright red blood trickled down his cheeks. Droplets of blood flared with radiant illumination when they hit the ground and nurtured the living beings around it.

His arms were crossed in front of his chest and his flying sword in its true form as a king grade flying sword more than a meter long. It resolutely hovered in the air in front of its master, tiny fractures creeping over the fine weapon and bringing it infinitely close to shattering.

Blood sprayed out of his pores and dyed him red, but a bloody cloud appeared next to him just before Dragonfeather was about to succumb. A blood-red figure walked out of it and grasped the horrifying blade light.

The man gently clenched his hand and crushed what was an invincible attack to Dragonfeather.


The Li King spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Who dares!” he screamed.

“I dare.” It was a tall and slender man dressed in clean long white robes. He wore a tiny purple crown in his hair—a seventh step king. His energy ripples denoted him as having just stepped into seventh step kinghood, but hed dismantled the Li Kings move with a single hand.

“Jin Naluo… Slaughter King!” The Li Kings pupils contracted violently and color drained from his face.

Jin Naluo was one of the most premier sixth step kings in the Hongmeng and stood at the peak of his level. An internal demon resulting from the Luminous—Lewd King labeling him as a bloodthirsty fiend had previously prevented him from breaking through.

Now that the Lewd King swung naked in front of the Immortal Pagodas doors, his internal demon was no more. His cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds and hed ascended to seventh step kinghood not long ago.

In addition, since hed once carried the Bridge of Forgetfulness, hed comprehended the strength of the fourth realm and immediately became a peak seventh step king after breaking through.

His usual form had been that of a ball of bloody light, but now there was no hint of violence to be found anywhere on his being. He seemed just like any other king—this was the level of returning to his original nature.

“How dare you poke your nose in my affairs, Jin Naluo!” the Li King demanded frostily as he forced down his raging emotions.

“Who cares about your affairs” blinked Jin Naluo. “When did the puny Li Clan speak with such arrogance” He looked back at the Dragonfeather King, who was as white as a sheet. A mere Li Clan had almost destroyed Coiling Dragon City!

“Be careful, its very likely that Dragonhollow Mountain is backing him,” Dragonfeather gnashed his teeth.

“I see.” Jin Naluo nodded. “Go take care of those pups in the city. Leave this big fella to me.”

Dragonfeather nodded and soared back in the direction of the city.

“Not so fast!” The Li King started and summoned his black blade light once more, slashing at Dragonfeather.


Jin Naluo kicked out his foot and broke apart the cutting light.

“Your actual skill isnt much to talk about. If it wasnt for the weapon in your hand, one Dragonfeather King could beat ten of trash like you,” sneered Jin Naluo. “Its not the Dragonhollow Mountain behind you either, they wouldnt dare anger the Immortal King. Its the Immortal Region.”

Instead of responding, the Li King narrowed his eyes and began gathering power.

“Ive just become a seventh step king and was looking for a suitable weapon when that little bastard called me here. But I didnt make this trip in vain, your blade fits me very well.” Jin Naluo eyed the weapon in the Li Kings hand. “Its mine now.”


A crescent of black blade light answered him.

The Li King exploded with power and brandished his blade, blossoming with sword light that formed a black tornado.

Jin Naluo warily watched his opponent and rushed forward with nothing but his bare fists.

The Li King was badly surprised by his gesture—he hadnt thought that Jin Naluo would be so insane as to bear the brunt of his attack like this! His target hadnt been Jin Naluo earlier, which was why hed been taken off guard. But now that he was bringing his full strength to bear, Jin Naluo still didnt seem to consider him a serious threat!!

The Li King roared with indignation and condensed his blade light into a huge black dragon, sweeping it down on Jin Naluo.

The Li Clan hailed from Dragonhollow Mountain and possessed the dragon bloodline in their veins as well. The Li King fully activated his and called upon the seven dao rules in his weapon, deploying them as seven dragons protectively circling around his body.

“Hahaha, thats a fine blade alright! I cant hurt those dao rules!” Jin Naluo roared with laughter and blasted forward with a punch, the image of a simple and ancient bridge flashing behind him as he did so.


His fist and the black dragon crashed together. A black light winked in the sky and the Li King was sent hurtling backward.

“Give that here!” Jin Naluo howled and caught up to the king, reaching for his blade.

Busy slaying three sixth step kings in the city, Dragonfeather tilted his head back with shock. Jin Naluo had used only one move to defeat the Li King!-

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