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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1449: Greeting Gift

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Chapter 1449: Greeting Gift

Jin Naluos seventh dao rule was a bit fragile since it had just taken shape, but his counterblow defeated the Li King nonetheless.

This was too shocking to entertain!

When ones seventh dao rule was yet to be perfected, that meant ones true cultivation realm wasnt truly at seventh step kinghood. Thus, Jin Naluo fluctuated between sixth and seventh step. He was so infamous throughout the Hongmeng that cultivators paled at the mention of his name. At his incredible level of strength, even his peers had to call him Jin Naluo since he didnt wish for others to use his title of the Slaughter King.

However, he was nothing compared to seventh step kings—especially particularly strong seventh step kings. What he was doing now completely upended Dragonfeathers knowledge of the world.

Was this possible simply because he was a direct ally with the Immortal King

Dragonfeather had been disgruntled that his city and Azure Dragon City had so easily fallen under the Immortal Pagodas banner. But now, his mentality was beginning to shift.


Up in the air, Jin Naluo grasped the hilt of the heavy blade; seven black dragons rushed out of it to tear at his body.

“The seven dao rules come from a black dragon king, and the dragon king was tortured to death!” His eyes widened with surprise. “This density of overpowering resentment… freeze!”

Color drained out of his face as the heavy blade in his hand shook. It wasnt trying to free itself from his grasp—it wanted to turn on Jin Naluo and devour him!

“Hahahaha!!” The Li King threw his head back with laughter. “Idiot, you want my blade Die!”

He took advantage of the opening to slam his palm down on Jin Naluos forehead.

Dragonfeather suddenly appeared in front of Jin Naluo and thrust his palm out. The Li King found out to his great dismay that the Dragonfeather hed almost killed earlier could now defeat him with one move! He had to flee for his life now!

“Jin Naluo spoke truly, youre nothing without that weapon.” Dragonfeather blinked upon realizing what had happened. He turned back to Jin Naluo and didnt set off in immediate pursuit of the running king.

“Forget the Li Clan, take care of the troublemaking scum in the city first.” Jin Naluos face was almost as dark as the black dragons from the dao rules. Theyd fully sunk into his body and he was being overcome by boundless resentment.

Thankfully, his Blood Sea Method was connected to the Sanguine Hell. Any other seventh step king wouldve already been eaten by the malicious dragons. Despite that, he was struggling immensely to hang on. The master of the seven dao rules had been much stronger than him in life!

“Then you…” Dragonfeather trailed off worriedly.

“What, you want to help me” Jin Naluo flicked a sideways glance at him before sinking down to cross legged position in the air. He closed his eyes and said no more.

A confusing mix of anger and sadness hit the Dragonfeather King. Jin Naluo plainly didnt think much of him, but it was true, there wasnt anything he could do. He couldnt even come within thirty meters of the other king for fear of the dreadful resentment invading him and turning him into something that was neither here nor there.

After some indecision, Dragonfeather ultimately ground his teeth and returned to the city, hunting down the Li experts thatd invaded his domain. Theyd all gone into hiding after the Li King left. Trying to escape the city at this point would just be courting death.


Jin Naluo sat cross legged in the void, seemingly coolly composed like an old monk lost in meditation. But in reality…

“HELP ME!!” Jin Naluos voice reverberated in Lu Yuns ear. “Im dying!! Come save me!!”

“But I cant show myself right now.” Lu Yun spread out his hands with resignation. “If anyone learns that Im in Azure Dragon Region, a dozen ninth step kings will pop out in the next second to kill me.”

“You had me come here to help you and now Im dying!” Jin Naluo raged. “IM GOING TO DIE!! You cant do this!!”

“Alright, alright,” Lu Yun sighed. “Ill teach you a portion of a certain scripture. Silently repeating it to yourself can dispel this resentment.”

He promptly taught the Scripture of Salvation to Jin Naluo. The scripture could ward off the ill will from the rotten flesh of many lives, to say nothing of the accumulated negativity of a seventh step king. [1]

Though the rotten flesh of many lives was a creation from the world of immortals and couldnt be compared to a seventh step king, resentment existed in both the world of immortals and Hongmeng. The incredible malice and bitterness that the flesh had contained absolutely outclassed what was present in the seven dao rules.

The seven dao rules had belonged to a seventh step king whod been tortured to death, how could that compare to all those souls thatd been stripped of their life force and hearts blood

Jin Naluo refocused his concentration after obtaining the scripture and recited it silently to himself. Yellow-orange light speckled with golden radiance rose from the back of his head and condensed into nine halos.

Whenever towering resentment from the blade touched the halos, it vanished like snowflakes in the sun.

Serenity gradually returned to Jin Naluos mind and the blade with a violent air began to lose its black coloring. It took on a golden cast instead.

“This Scripture of Salvation is incredible.” Jin Naluo opened his eyes and gaped at the weapon in his hand. “But this isnt my dao, so… scatter!”


The golden radiance building on the blade suddenly burst apart and its previous air of dark violence reappeared. This time, eerie sparkles of red shot through it.

“Now this is my dao,” Jin Naluo grinned. He jumped into the air and vanished without a trace. Lu Yun had asked him to come here for an emergency; he himself didnt care about what happened in Coiling Dragon City. Now that he had a fine weapon in hand, it was time to go back and refine it so he could meld it with his own dao rules.


The crisis of Coiling Dragon City had been resolved, but the Li kings left in the city would be a latent source of ongoing trouble. Theyd come prepared and were uncommonly familiar with the city. Even Dragonfeather couldnt find them, and they might come out to wreak havoc at any time.

“Place this formation disk beneath the Firmament Pavilion.” Lu Yun handed a formation disk to Qing Ting. “Remember, dont let anyone else know that Ive come. Err, dont stare at the disk either. Theres a million and two hundred eighty thousand formations in it. Youll get lost in them.”

He jumped with alarm when he saw Qing Ting was about to project her consciousness into the disk and quickly took it back from her.

She shook her head gently. “Id forgotten that youre the Immortal King, so any random formation disk you take out is a priceless treasure.”

“This is my greeting gift to Coiling Dragon City,” Lu Yun chuckled ruefully. “The Intrance King and I forged this together. Not even ten ninth step kings will be able to bring it down.”

“Not even ten ninth step kings!” Qing Tings jaw dropped and she quickly ran off with it. This formation disk was very important to the city!

1. The Scripture of Salvation and rotten flesh of many lives appeared in chapter 466. ☜

Im sorry my dear Jin Naluo, that was a bit funny.

And heres the link to 466, to when those two things were last mentioned. https://www.NovelFull.com/novel/necropolis-immortal/necro-chapter-466-

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